Official US Xbox Magazine gives GTA IV 9.5/10 reports: "Another review has just made itself known to my email inbox. Jack Rosberg sent along some (very small) images of a new review of GTA IV from the USA's Official Xbox Magazine.

They awarded the game 9.5 out of 10 for its "wonderful environment", "deep multiplayer" and for offering over 90 missions in single player. They say that multiplayer includes a 'Party Mode' where you're free to switch among gametypes with friends without having the game disconnect or split players up.

They say that you'll also be able to progress through eleven different ranks online and that it's possible to call the other team using the game cell phone during multiplayer. The only problem which the magazine feels the game has is that it has too many "filler missions" which don't develop the story at all."

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Jason 36O3893d ago

Received a 10/10 from the OPM?can someone verify this for me

PirateThom3893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

OXM and OPM in the UK gave it 10/10.

OXM in US are clearly dumb.

sonarus3893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

NO they aren't. You can't go off tossing 10's anyhow it reduces the value of most games. Its getting to the point that only AAA titles get 10's its fvkin bullshit. Kudos on Xbox mag for having the ballz to point out a flaw and doc the review accordingly.

Pain3893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

Xbox Mag gave it a good score funny.... i thought this games was crap.... anything below 9 for this game no matter the console = moronic.

crck3893d ago

I don't think they have much credibility as a hard reviewer though.

sonarus3892d ago

In my eyes Halo 3 didn't deserve most of its ratings. I have played the game and i really cannot see how that game can get a 10. However its the Xbox Magazine and they were simply supporting their big game. I can see how Halo 3 could get a 9 or i can sort of look past a 9.5 but way too many undeserved 10's for halo 3. But that really is the problem with tossing 10's around. By giving halo 3 a 10 and not GTA4, they are insinuating that halo 3 is better than GTA4.

uxo223892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

Well being that gta iv isn't out yet whose to say it is better than halo3. I mean, they have obviously played the game. Unlike anyone else on this site at the current time. Perhaps these comments should be reserved at least until you have actualy played the game.

Just a thought

I'm astounded at the number of people saying xbox mag has no credibility because they game GTA IV a 9.5 and Halo 3 a 10. Especially when some of these people have never played either game.

Hiresdes3892d ago

I don't understand, maybe they only give 10's for first party titles, but Halo 3 definitely had its own fair share of flaws, but somehow it still received a 10. I don't even think you can rate GTAIV on the same scale as other games, even with a few bugs and a few subpar filler missions this game is still looking to be the best that has been released thus far this generation. You could as far as to say that next gen, will become this gen when GTAIV releases. The same way GTAIII ushered in a new generation.

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St03893d ago

Only 9.5!?!?

*cancels pre-order*

TheHater3893d ago

it not a AAA game game anymore :)
I cannot wait until next Tuesday to pick this baby up. I might be able to get it on Monday if am I luck :)

chaosatom3333893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

guess halo booked a spot for 10 already. :(

oh i get it. It's xbox magazine! They give 10s to exclusives only.

Hagaf223893d ago

there goes the perfect score for metacritic the worlds gunna end now...

-EvoAnubis-3893d ago

Good review. Party mode sounds really interesting, and that's probably where I'll spend the majority of my online time.

The Closing3893d ago

At least one source is semi honest.

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