Battlefield 4 developer blog details the game’s rank progressions, assignments, more

In this episode of ”The Road to Battlefield 4”, learn how we are guiding players to great team play, rewarding skill and dedication with ribbons, medals, Assignments, and more. Prepare 4 the biggest collection of rewards in a Battlefield game yet.

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SuperBlur1497d ago

would people play less if there was no ranking system ?

Viking_Socrates1497d ago

Knowing a lot of people, the answer is a tragic yes.

JKelloggs1497d ago

Tragic? No. It gives incentive to play, to earn more items, guns, attachments etc.

JoGam1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

Yes! More like Hell Yes! Trophies/Achievements/Ranking systems all give games replay ability.

Skate-AK1497d ago

If I feel like there is no more progression to make, I stop playing the game.

SuperBlur1496d ago

meh , the games i buy i do so because i enjoy them , progression or not. In some games , the progression make it feel like such a grind that i give up , uninstall/trade it in and move on. I hate grinding , i hate playing mmos for that very reason , im grinding my arse off everyday with work , when i play it's to have fun not to work a 2nd job

SIRHC131497d ago

Still the same XP-based BS. I'd like to see a fresh new ranking system among FPS games. Something more rewarding and a little more difficult to achieve.

Majin-vegeta1497d ago

Well in KZ:SF you have to do challenges to gain XP.

Detoxx1497d ago

No hating here but, having to do challenges in order to gain XP limit's your play style

colt-of-tipton1497d ago

Not sure if I like the idea of a kill-assist being classed as a kill .

Last_Boss1497d ago

I actually like the kill-assist, cause awards those for saving a player, and shows teamwork.

supes_241497d ago

Nothing new here. Played the beta and it felt just like BF3 with new maps. It amazes me how people buy the "new" BF or COD for $60 and all it has is new maps. Sucks that games like this make a ton of money because I'd like to see more innovative ideas for gaming. I prefer TLoU, uncharted, frontline was cool, heavy rain, idk? I'm just tired of the same ol shooter I guess.

Hufandpuf1497d ago

I guess player based destruction and maps that can change play styles on a map with 64 players complete with land air and sea battles is just like every other shooter then /s

Seriously, do you want to go back to playing corridor shooters or games that let you play any style you want?

supes_241497d ago

I agree to a certain extent. During the beta it didn't feel fresh. Also if something is destructible that's the first thing people go far and it got really old really fast knocking down that building. And so want about the vehicles, it's been done four times already in the series. More players means more cluster on a map and less people trying to accomish a goal. Maps that are destructible don't change play style, they just make you go around the object like you were doing before and it becomes so common the destruction takes place within the first 5 minutes of the game and you spend the next 20 minutes playing on the destructed map. Not too great at that point. Maybe I was wrong about "same as every other shooter". I meant same ol BF stuff. Nothing bad by it, if you like it by all means enjoy it.