GameTrailers: Tales of Vesparia Interview

Experience the same music and lyrics whether you are playing the English version or the Japanese version.

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KingKirchner3892d ago

Too bad for me this game is timed exclusive for 360. Would have loved to get it day 1 (loved ToS on Gamecube) but I guess I'll have to wait a few months for it to come to PS3.

jadenkorri3892d ago

namco sucks for delaying this game for ps3, im losing faith in their just sick in tired of this retarded so called console war and games being delayed or timed exclusive to 360...if your going to make the ps3 version, release same day cause you want to make the most money off of it, then release the game same day as 360...i f*%ing hate MS for doing this crap.....exclusives i don't mind, i understand that much, but timed or delayed exclusives just makes me hate MS..i prob would a bought a 360 if MS didn't do this, but since they do it i ain't supporting looks kewl thou im sure i drooled on my keyboard...ill just have to wait for the ps3 version, or even the Wii...if possible :)

Palodios3892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

Its really getting ridiculous how Microsoft is buying out all the companies that make rpgs. Tri-Ace, Eternal Sonata, Sakaguchi and now this? I can understand for a game like Bioshock, or Crackdown, but what does Microsoft have to gain from this? Its obviously not working, they aren't even touching the Japanese audiences, even with a huge hit like Lost Odyssey. Two years in a row the 360 will have rpg of the year with Mass Effect and LO (unless ofcourse Fallout of WKS can top it, but I'm starting to doubt them coming out in 2008). And yet, it sells like a B game, instead of like the A games they are because of the console.
Seriously Microsoft, why bother? Once the ps3 rpg drought ends, this won't make a difference anymore. You want to push money around to get games that Japan likes? Fine, but try getting something like Dragon Quest next time, okay?

Big Jim3892d ago

The visuals have me a bit worried.

ruibing3892d ago

Last Tales I played was Tales of Abyss, it was pretty good in terms of graphics. Besides, JRPG was never completely about graphics.

I'll enjoy Disgaea 3 just as much as Valkryie of the Battlefield when they come to NA, despite their difference in graphics.

games4fun3892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

or does this game seem like the gameplay from kingdom hearts was stolen? still the game looks like it might be fun to play

nevelo073892d ago

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ustayclassyn4g3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

but hey its only a few months right?no worries.we used to waiting by now anyways. ya gotta admit though,at the moment 360 is becoming home to alot of pretty good rpgs at the moment, sony has to step up its game