Mark Cerny wants you to give Knack to your little sister

GamesRadar - "No, Knack’s knack is not raising yaks. But it is to smack, thwack, and whack quacks that interrupt his track. Ok so that might have been a little painful to read, but we promise playing Knack is nothing like that rhythmic attack. We had the opportunity to get a hands on with the game, and are pleased to say that it plays just as it looks."

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Lalanana1496d ago

I won't be buying i but i'll try to play it at my cousin place. Looks interesting nonetheless.

abzdine1495d ago

i'll start giving it to myself :)

howittsdone1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

That's what she said. Haha!

AngelicIceDiamond1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

We need more games like these but I disagree with Cerny pushing this game in the for front of A to AAA category.

But then again Spyro, Crash Bandiccot were very popular games back then thanks to there innovative 3d level designing.

But that was along time ago and the market has changed, and its changed allot since then. Its all about the greatest graphics, biggest worlds, and bigger MP count.

Knack for me personally is PS+ free download. Though I'm sure its fun.

3-4-51495d ago

It will be the game all family members could play and enjoy though.

StoutBEER1495d ago

Hahahaha! Majin that is classic. Damn it i wanna watch old Spongebob episodes now!

Jazz41081495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

Nothing wrong with a family game at launch. I quite enjoyed Kameo on the 360 from Rare.

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Xsilver1496d ago

”Wouldn’t it be nice to have something for the rest of the family to play?” Mark Cerny, the famed Director of Knack (as well the lead system architect for the PS4) said to us in our interview, “We’re trying to make a game that anyone could play to completion...if they play it on easy.” And it showed. The game was hard. On normal. We were disgraced by how often we died. It’s so reminiscent of the good ol’ Spyro and Crash days, where normal was a challenge and hard was ridiculous. Yet on easy, it’s a much easier game, and exists for the younger audience (as well as non-gamers) to be able to play and feel accomplished while playing the game.
Read the whole article didn't see the little sister part>_> others site say the game can be difficult so ill play it on the hardest difficulty for a real challenge :D

cleft51495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

Exactly, it's important to note he never mentions gender and Games Radar should know better then to put a gender specific comment like this in their title. People are still on warpath and others would love to find anything to hate on Sony or Mark Cerny for saying or doing.

ILive1495d ago

The title supports what the article is trying to explain. The game is not made for the hardcore audience alone, but for everyone. If your sister wants to play, she can. Though cerny did not mention what the title says directly, it does embody what cerny was trying to explain.

-Foxtrot1496d ago

Who would most likely scratch the disc or manage to mess up my save file...I don't think so

darthv721495d ago

bluray discs are quite scratch resistant. way more than dvd but as to the save file...yeah my son has done that to me on many occasions with different games.

Blackdeath_6631495d ago

you can play games of the hard drive can't you

Campy da Camper1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

Lol bubs for funny. My grown ass adult friends are not even going to be allowed in my living room without first removing shoes then they will be escorted to the guest recliner. I feel like getting museum glass and lining my entertainment center with it so their grubby mitts don't get near my soon to be raison d etre.

ZBlacktt1496d ago

Games not exactly easy. She would rage quit.

GarrusVakarian1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

Nice to see you back, ZBlacktt. ;)

ZBlacktt1495d ago

lol, yeah.... thank god I mod a site where I can take charge of the knuckleheads that come it's way.

Cryptcuzz1495d ago

Where the heck have you been buddy?!

My sister is only into mobile games on smart phones, so it would have to be me that would be rage quitting, but with a grin on my face ;)

GarrusVakarian1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

My little sister is 20 years old so i don't think that's going to work. XD.

But i will rent it for myself, most def.

cleft51495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

If you read the story you will see that he never says "younger sister". He says younger audience. I thought that title seemed a little out of character for Mark Cerny so I checked the story and sure enough he never mentions gender, but rather a younger family member.

ZBlacktt1495d ago

She might like it then, lol. It's not as easy as it may look. :D

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