Xbox One Headset Adapter Won't Ship Until 2014

Hoping to use your current-generation gaming headset with the Xbox One? You'll have to wait until next year. According to a press release issued by Turtle Beach, Microsoft's headset adapter won't ship until "early 2014." The adapter, which was announced earlier this year, will allow users to connect headsets that use the Xbox 360's chat cable to the Xbox One controller's proprietary digital audio port. Without the adapter, players will still be able to access in-game audio via the console's optical digital audio port, but chat audio will have to be routed through the Kinect.

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GiantEnemyCrab1676d ago

Luckily they include a headset with the system so you can just use that until the adapter is available.

Lalanana1676d ago

Yea no doubt, People can wait. No biggie

nick3091676d ago

Fanboys will find a biggie in each side of their camp.

XB1_PS41676d ago

My Ear Force X31's could use an upgrade anyways. I've had my eye on those Ear Force XO Fours.

Codey471676d ago

Or should that be "my ear on those"

UltimateMaster1676d ago

They should have just included it with the console and make it compatible.

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corvusmd1676d ago

Exactly...the guy that wrote this didn't really pay attention did he??? "chat audio will have to be routed through the Kinect." No it won't...that's an option, but you can use the basic headset that routes through the's just if you want to use your current-gen high end headset you have to wait....

sigfredod1676d ago

Thanks to sony tha MS include one

malokevi1676d ago


...body cares.

tee hee!

I'm going to yell at Kinect for all my communication needs.

andrewsqual1676d ago

They want to make sure enough people buy the Play and Charge Kit that everybody will need (even if you don't think they do here, 97% of people buying an Xbone are gonna buy one for each controller)

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4logpc1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

I literally never thought about the Kinect being the Mic with my turtle beach. I mean...thats really cool as long as the quality is good.

My buddy has one of those wireless headsets but the chat part is wired. He will be happy to see this.

tigertom531676d ago

Or you can get a nice new gamer Headphones that will take full advantage of the new audio hardware..

gamertk4211676d ago

I'd prefer the adapter so I can use the same headset for my 360 and XB1.

Deadpoolio1676d ago

Yes you could just throw away that $75-$100 you may have spent on a 360 headset to purchase another $75-$100 headset instead of waiting till 2014 to buy the probably $50-$60 adapter

tigertom531676d ago

I would be surprised if it's over 20 dollars.


that's what they want you to do...ummmm nope.

Crazay1676d ago

BAH! That's a pain in the ass. Guess Xbox One goes in the living room instead of the man cave for the time being.

Pogmathoin1676d ago

I'd go in the man cave with your avatar...

UncleGermrod1676d ago

Not a terribly long time to wait. At least I can still use my a50's for audio and the kinect for voice if i choose. I think i'll generally use the included headset for chat until then though

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