Kingdom Heart III Theme Song Creator UN-Confirmed

Teruzane has Un-confirmed their involvement in KHIII

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Gasian1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

How could he make us so happy and then crush our dreams
. Shame on you Teruzane :(

EXVirtual1372d ago

C'mon bro. Lol. How can there be confusion with the question: 'Is your daughter involved with the soundtrack of Kingdom Hears 3?'?

SE probably got angry and was like: 'We were gonna save that till the announcement of the release date!' She'll be in. I promise you.

FogLight1372d ago

Excuse me everyone, I am just going to stay in that shadowy dark corner and wait until I turn into a heartless... :'(

"Goes to the corner sobbing heavily"

Skate-AK1372d ago

All she said was that it is undecided. I am sure she sing the theme to KH3.

Pozzle1372d ago

Hopefully that's true. If the game is still in early development, Square Enix might not be thinking about making the theme songs yet.

Chaos_Raiden1372d ago

Ah, man... I really hope she will sing the theme song for KHIII. Utada Hikaru is a part of Kingdom Hearts magic just like the developers themselves who made the games as well as the brilliant composer Yoko Shimomura.

iMaim1372d ago

Utada unconfirmed?!
I can't breathe ... I'm gonna fai....

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