European / Others Hardware Charts for Week Ending April 19th, 2008

VGChartz estimates that the European / Others hardware charts for week ending April 19th, 2008 was as follows:

Total Hardware: (IN brackets is last weeks #)

DSL: 192,596 (174,031)
Wii: 168,819 (157,294)
PS3: 90,605 (97,006)
360: 72,000 (73,305)
PSP: 60,143 (61,963)
PS2: 51,620 (48,874)

UK Total:

Wii: 65,920 (57,157)
DSL: 54,760 (47,677)
360: 23,462 (25,172)
PS3: 23,241 (25,713)
PSP: 9,202 (9,812)
PS2: 7,560 (7,596)

France Total:

Wii: 42,047 (41,175)
DSL: 35,319 (31,384)
PS3: 13,045 (13,416)
PSP: 6,804 (7,352)
PS2: 5,012 (5,002)
360: 4,880 (4,844)

Spain Total:

DSL: 14,128 (12,508)
PS3: 11,048 (12,709)
PSP: 10,079 (10,142)
Wii: 8,655 (8,517)
PS2: 7,752 (6,488)
360: 2,905 (2,945)

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LightningPS33804d ago

VG chartz doesn't agree with them. I mean if that's double the sales, then what would 360 sales be like without the price drop?

Cyrus3653804d ago

It just meant before 360 in Europe was around 35-40 K range pre-price drop, and now it is where it is, and now it's alot closer, however PS3 is winning, which chart track (Europe NPD's has confirmed).

Time Lord3804d ago

This from Kotaku

"Last week, Microsoft announced that sales of the 360 in Europe had doubled since the introduction of recent price cuts . No doubting the accuracy of their claims, but without actual sales figures for the 360 or its competitors, we had our doubts as to their importance. Doubts that are looking fairly justified today, with both SCEE and ChartTrack confirming to Reg Hardware that while 360 sales have indeed doubled over the past four weeks, it hasn't meant much in Britain, with the PS3 is still outselling it, something it's been doing so for the past 15 weeks. They then go on to say that even if you combined 360 and PS3 sales the Wii would still be "healthily" ahead on sales, but that's something you probably could have figured out on your own"

sonarus3804d ago

The price cut was weeks ago. The effect of a price drop eventually goes away.

sammy_mantra3804d ago

why are u posting in GAme ZONE

OPEN ZONE that way------------------>

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TheEndzor3804d ago

Good Job to Nintendo & Sony in Europe as usual

The xbox did get a noticeable sales boost especially in the UK

In Spain and italy the PS3 outsold the Wii (its a start) =)

Sir Ken Kutaragi 13804d ago

Total Hardware: (IN brackets is last weeks #)
PS3: 90,605 (97,006) ;-P
360: 72,000 (73,305) ;-D

+France Total xBox 360's 4,880!!! ;-D (PS3 13,045) ;-P

+Spain Total xBox 360's 2,905!!! ;-D (PS3 11,048) ;-P

sammy_mantra3804d ago

MCV UK confrimed that PS3 has been outselling x360 for the last 15 weeks

even during the PRICE CUT week PS3 outsold x360 in UK.

How on earth would x360 outsell PS3 in UK when even CHARTTRACK is confirming that PS3 outsells x360 handily every week in EUROPE

""Even this [price cut] hasn't been enough to put them ahead of UK PS3 sales," he said.

But Chart Track’s confirmed to us that Xbox 360 UK sales did double in weeks 12, 13, 14 and 15, when compared to weeks 8, 9, 10 and 11.
Related stories

UK console sales monitor Chart Track confirmed that for the past 15 weeks the PS3 has largely kept ahead of the Xbox 360. However, a spokesman admitted that the two machines' units have been "extremely close" in some weeks. "

Shaka2K63804d ago

No price drop is gonna save ya microflops hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

chaosatom3333804d ago

Ps3 is going to be in the lead all year, it's as simple as that.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 13804d ago (Edited 3804d ago )

Looking good for my Baby;)PS3;)

Voiceofreason3804d ago

Dont you mean Wii? It is clearly the current gen leader.

Warbletot3803d ago


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marichuu3804d ago

I can't believe the PS2 is actually still selling this much... something must be wrong >_>

cmrbe3804d ago

Believe me when i say that third world countries are only now just starting to get into Last gen. PS2 might not be revelent much more in Developed countries but its still very revelent to third world countries. Sony understands this and is why they keep supporting the PS consoles. This is something most x360 fans don't get with the 10 year cycle Sony supports. It a big big world and not everyone can afford to upgrade every 4 years, cares about online because they can't afford it or don't have the ISP.

TruthBTold3804d ago

Lots of amazing games to play GOW,GOW2 and next Im playing Shadow ofthe Colussus.

marichuu3804d ago

Yea that explains a lot.
I'm just surprised that it's such high numbers just for one week.
I have a PS2 myself, and I'm not saying it's bad or anything. (If you were refering to me as an 360 fan)

thePatriot3804d ago

like they dont track xbox or gamecube. That day wont come for another two to three years. and once it comes,It will feel like something is missing. and the ps2 will be at 200 million sold.

cmrbe3803d ago

I am not replying as if you are an x360 fan. I was just trying to explain why the PS2 is still selling alot to answer your question. Because its dirt cheap and with a huge selection. Also the market for it is quite huge because Sony is still supporting it and as such it has a huge following in third world countries which means it still sell alot.

marichuu3803d ago

The PS2 isn't that much cheaper in Denmark compared to a 360 for example... I guess that's why I'm a bit confused since I don't know the prices worldwide.

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TheHater3804d ago (Edited 3804d ago )

In no way I am saying these numbers are correct. But I am just want to know what are the "other" countries?

Edit: @Cyrus365
it seems even fail at identifying which country belong to which continent :)

Cyrus3653804d ago

My guess is Others refers to theser regions Parts of Africa (like south africa) which is considered to PAL Region, as well as regions like India (Which also falls under PAL region), Hong Kong, Korea, Parts of eastern europe, russia, etc.

India, and HK, Korea, etc. should fall under ASian terrorities (And be combined with Japan, but it isn't.)

Cyrus3653804d ago

No that's how it is reported by chart track, etc. Europe is like basically everything that is PAL region pretty much (I know Japan is also PAL, but for some reason it's always be seperated, and only that region), you would think they'd have 1 region for NA, 1 for Europe, and 1 say for Asia (where you'd lump Japan, HK, Korea, India, etc.).

mindedone3803d ago

(National TV Standards Committee) The committee that developed the television standards for the U.S, which are also used in Canada, Japan, South Korea and several Central and South American countries. Both the committee and the standard are called "NTSC."

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