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Knack Won’t Have a PS4 Demo at Launch, Currently Runs “Between 30 and 60 fps all the way Through”

Now that we know both Killzone: Shadow Fall and Knack will definitely be releasing alongside the PS4 next month, we can rest a little easier, and you can even check out Knack in demo stations rolling out across the United States (with Canada coming soon). - PSLS (Knack, PS Vita, PS4)

nick309  +   684d ago
Again with the no demos.... Sorry sony but i cant buy a game without testing it myself. No ps4 kiosks where i live. Why cant they upload the demo for everyone? I say the same for ms if their ganes wont have demos.
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Lukas_Japonicus  +   684d ago
YouTube gameplay video's?

Usually helps me make my mind up.
Lalanana  +   684d ago
Eh. Demos are always best but then again why no demo for it? Is it bad or something?
Xsilver  +   684d ago
the force unleashed 2 demo was awesome but when the game came out it was bad so demos don't tell the whole story so dont know where you're getting at. and they are a ton of great games with no demos i see having one bubble does not contain your ignorance.
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darthv72  +   684d ago
"Currently runs between 30 and 60 fps all the way through."

And yet if they delay it, it could be polished to run a solid 60 all the way through.

But DC being delayed is already one to many for the PS4. This game should be fine even if it was 30.
FamilyGuy  +   683d ago
Sorry but are people forgetting that the PS4 has game play streaming, video and picture sharing at its core???

That said, just watch a friend play or follow the gameplay of a broadcaster.

Simple solutions people.

Demos take a while to make and they'd prefer a demo of the final build so it makes sense to get the game completely finished before making a demo. I expect this to just be a launch title thing as all PS4 games are to have demos, we'll probably see the Knack demo a month or two after its launch.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   684d ago
hopefully there won't be a review embargo on everything until launch. A man may want to check out reviews to see which game to order along with KZ
Codey47  +   684d ago
I don't care about any launch embargo, because .....We have the Yanks to be our Guinea pigs for two weeks.
Spinal  +   684d ago
Demos don't tell the full story. Dragon age 2 demo was amazing. The game itself sucked balls.

It's actually better to watch in depth gameplay vids where they play more of the game than just a demo. That helped me decide to buy Dishonored an the game is amazing.
nick309  +   684d ago
Da 2 was amazing. Just not well received by some fans. Like FF xiii
DOMination-  +   683d ago
It was a good game but by bioware standards it wasn't.
scott182  +   684d ago
I prefer to try games I am on the fence about first... I will read some reviews to decide when it launches.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   684d ago
As long as there aren't review embargos...
Eh a man was going to ask for this for Christmas anyway IF he gets it (may be on Plus later)
creeping judas  +   684d ago
It took me a few seconds, but I see what you have done here Jaqen Hghar. Valar Morghulis!!
Dlacy13g  +   684d ago
My advice to Sony, if you cant get it to 60fps consistently then lock it at 30fps for the whole game. Varying between 30fps and 60fps would seemingly make the game feel less smooth with the uptick in frames. I would rather see games locked at 30 then jumping between 30 and 60fps.
3-4-5  +   684d ago
How can you complain that the game will run AT LEAST as good as this gen, and most of the time better?

People like you would still complain if you won $5 million dollars because it wasn't $10 mil.
Dlacy13g  +   684d ago
Not a complaint really... its great that they will at min. have it at 30fps. I am just saying if you cant get a smooth 60fps then pull it back to a smooth 30fps.
3-4-5  +   684d ago
K I get what your saying. Rather have consistency.

I can respect that.
MidnytRain  +   684d ago
Dlacy13g is right, you know. Varying frame rates feel and look worse than a consistent one, even if it's a lower consistent frame rate.
HighResHero  +   684d ago
I guess he's not complaining, so you must be used to the countless complainers on here who are never satisfied.
Anyway Knack looks great and I'm glad to find out that it will supposedly present a challenge!
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NaAsAr  +   684d ago

i agree. the varying fps takes away from the experience.

Sony, lock it at 30 or 60 please.
BLow  +   684d ago
Well, GOD of War 3 had a variable framerate between 30 and 60 and the experience was fine when I played it. If this is the way this generation is going to be with the nitpicking then I might stay off these sites. Well, at least not read the comments. When is it going to be about the games again. I miss those days....
NaAsAr  +   684d ago

immersion has become a BIGGER part of gameplay compared to the older days.
BLow  +   683d ago

"immersion has become a BIGGER part of gameplay compared to the older days."

All I'm saying is when I played GOW I didn't even notice the difference. If it doesn't hurt the immersion, then what's the problem. Are you telling me IF you played GOW 3, when it switched to 30fps it completely pulled you out of the experience. Really??

All I'm saying is play the game first before making assumptions since immersion has become a BIGGER part of gameplay. I'm done with this topic as I know here on this site people's mindset are hard to change. Have fun with the framerate analysis.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   684d ago
Can a dev "lock" the framerate? Isn't it always fluctuating due to the amount of stuff happening on screen?
nick309  +   684d ago
Possible. If they cant its just bad optimization. Google 60fps locked games theres a few
wolokowoh  +   684d ago
Not exactly what is meant by locking. Even if you're not doing anything in Knack parts are still moving on the the screen and a video running 30-60fps is being shownand is fluctuating. You're correct in that assumption. However, developers can lock the framerate to a certain range. Locking at 30fps does not mean it run at exactly 30.0000fps. It would be something like in between 29.5 and 30.5. Because the speed isn't varying greatly, the video image appears more smooth second to second to the human eye. For instance, if a game goes from 20 to 90 fps the next second and back down the next second, you'll notice the discrepancy. It takes about half a second (this varies person to person) for any visual stimulus to enter consciousness so we consciously notice differences in half second chunks which is why a really small change over 500ms appears as no movement at all, slightly larger(about a 100-400ms range) but consistent changes in place appear as smooth movement, and large change(less than 100 ms) will seem like "teleporting". This is based on that a study involving dots but the same phenomenon shown in this study applies to why differences in fps in games are noticeable as well. There is also the micro-stuttering defect to consider
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CrossingEden  +   684d ago
Yes, framerates can be locked.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   684d ago
Thanks for the replys guys and to the disagrees a man apologizes for asking a question
NaAsAr  +   684d ago
yes, it's called vsync. locking in sync with 30hz or 60hz
LonDonE  +   684d ago
agreed the drop from 60 to 30 can be jarring and will create judder, it will ruin the experience, trust me, its better to have it locked to 30 or 60!

maybe they mean that the cut scenes will be 30fps while the game play will be 60fps! that would be great, but if it is 60 with constant dips its not worth it! better to have it locked to either!

What i dont understand is knack is cartoon like, and so realy should be 60fps, hell if my wii u can run games at 1080p 60fps, with cartooni art style, then i know for sure that ps4 can run games which are not technically as demanding at 1080p 60fps!
Xsilver  +   684d ago
does Mark Cerny of Sony Japan Studios have a twitter if so lets get some clarification.
dantesparda  +   684d ago
I agree with Dlacy13g
TwistingWords  +   684d ago
A new console launch should have as many demos as possible.

You want to show off your new tech and what your new gen game can do, most people only buy 1 or 2 games at launch due to the game prices and scarcity so its the perfect time to strut your stuff and make people want to part with their cash for your game in particular.
sdozzo  +   684d ago
Can people tell 30fps vs 60fps?
HeavenlySnipes  +   684d ago
Rubberlegs  +   684d ago
I can easily tell the difference but I also play mostly on the PC. Most current consoles games don't go anything past 30fps but its still easy to see the difference when playing any of the CoD's that run at 60fps and then switching over to just about any other fps on the consoles.
wolokowoh  +   684d ago
Yes but only because it's consistent and a big propotional difference in fps. The human eye doesn't really have a knowable limit on how many fps per se. It's more about the variation/consistency and not being able able to discern differences when they are too small. The larger the difference the more likely you are to notice it. A game running at 60 fps consistently is going to look better and more smooth than one jumping between 70-100 fps. Higher framerate doesn't equal smooth image quality unless it's consistent. There is lower and upper limit on our ability though. It's much harder to notice a 1fps variation than a 10fps at any level we currently use in any regularity. However it's harder to notice a 10 fps if the numbers were 120 to 130 than it would 10 to 20 due to the proportion difference
HighResHero  +   684d ago
Some people but depending game it doesn't necessarily make a difference to many people
Like the guy below who is used to 60 FPS might notice a difference.
Some people don't really notice a major difference but like to nitpick though.
30 FPS for Uncharted 2 (locked) single player was more than enough for me because it worked with the controls, gameplay, etc.
For games like counterstrike or killzone Shadow Fall Multiplayer I would prefer 60 fps though.
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Deltaguy  +   684d ago
Knack looks like total shit, how the hell is that bland uninspiring game not 60fps?
KingTrash  +   684d ago
Haha, my thoughts exactly! The mighty PS4 can't run this mid-level current gen game at 60fps?!!? Kameo, a launch 360 game, looks graphically better than this game!
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Xsilver  +   684d ago
do you guys ever think logically bigger games on the PS4 are running at 1080p and 60fps and knack doesn't so either it wasn't a concern for them or the game was made in a short amount of time? its possible you have seen NFS rivals it runs 30 fps on next gen pretty sure with more development time it would of been 60fps. so because games like KZSF can run 1080p with amazing graphics and bigger locations with hectic Multiplayer at 60fps(drops Sometimes) but knack varies from 30fps to 60fps makes the console less powerful that makes no sense what's so ever.
Cryptcuzz  +   684d ago

Really? I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I certainly respect that, but when you say a game like Kameo looks better than Knack, I would have to say your opinion on this game is by far the King of trash.

If you really believe what you say that Kameo looks better graphically than Knack, http://gematsu.com/gallery/...

You should be commenting on forums about the following topics: "Why not to look directly at the Sun" "First signs of delusion" and "A knack for extreme fanboyism"
Eldyraen  +   684d ago
Probably physics when Knack grows, explodes, etc that makes for inconsistent fps.

I don't agree about it looking bad though. I like the way it looks although agree it at times lacks flair (Ratchet for example does it better IMO). Its just way it's designed though as Ratchet has always been a little flashy.

Knack ATM though doesn't look quite as good (ignoring basic poly/res/etc which next gen allows) but still looking forward to it. I'm curious about the story though as want to see where it goes as most vids have focused on same basic areas.
Soldierone  +   684d ago
To be honest, I'm a little disappointed in Knack. When I heard Crash Bandicoot, I was like "awesome, can't wait to play this game!" Standing in line, a lot of people didn't even finish the E3 demo because it was kinda bland.

Thats probably why there will be no demo. I don't know if this game opens up and has a bigger scope down the road or what? I was hoping along the lines of Ratchet and Clank..... instead got Skylanders.
Sketchy_Galore  +   684d ago
Wow, the start of next gen is getting less and less exciting for me. I thought I would at least be able to download some demos or free versions at launch to show off the fancy next gen stuff to the non gamers I know. Looks like it will be Killzone Shadowfall and literally nothing else for months. This is looking to be a truly poor launch. I'm talking about the PS4 of course, I don't know the launch line up of the Xbox one, it might be better but I have zero trust of them as a company so I can't consider investing in their console, not yet anyway.
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drsfinest72  +   684d ago
Wth if this game on ps4 hadware cant Maintain 60fps...then I'm really disappointed by next gen..
pyramidshead  +   684d ago
Planning on picking this up. I put in the same bag as games like Alice: Madness Returns and Puppeteer. Which reminds me I still have to buy the Puppeteer, the demo was awesome. There's never an age where you stop liking games like this, ask Nintendo fans, they know deal xD.
Ron_Danger  +   684d ago
Puppeteer is one of my favorite games this year. If you have a 3D tv, I'd say it's the best 3d game around.
BABY-JEDI  +   684d ago
Maybe Mark should take a break from the grand tour of promoting the PS4 & ensure Knack runs at 60fps.
Animal Mutha 76  +   684d ago
I thought this was reported to be a 1080/60 game. Amazed if not as I saw it at Eurogamer and wasn't impressed at all. PS4 should be able to eat this game for lunch and then ask for seconds...
kewlkat007  +   684d ago
Yeah a simple game having issues at steady fps...really
bigcupofSTFU  +   684d ago
KNACK demo will be available at demo kiosks in stores , from what i read from blog.us.playstation.com, cant post direct link (stupid vita )
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Ron_Danger  +   684d ago
It's the old E3 build though
solar  +   684d ago
Supercharged PC
TechMech2  +   684d ago
Looks like Xbox one and ps4 power differences aren't that far apart....
Deadpoolio  +   684d ago
LOL yes actually they are...It will show more once developers actually have a year or two with the new consoles. Somehow I don't think you grasp how much stuff is going on in knack and any given time....

Unlike some other companies who have trouble getting a D grade developer to get a FIGHTING GAME anywhere near 1080p.....

Do we even need to get into the FACT that any and all Multiplat games are shown on PS4 hardware and the majority of these multiplats hide the One80 versions
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TechMech2  +   683d ago
Whatever floats your boat. It's your opinion.
buynit  +   683d ago
Ssoooo.... Its not 60 fps all the way Through?!
koolaid251  +   683d ago
What happen to all the power that the Ps4 is said to have?

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