DICE: "Elevators Were Never Designed to Act as a Catapult"

USG - "Although an interesting concept, elevators were never designed to act as a catapult or teleporter," wrote DICE's Vincent Vukovic in a dev blog post yesterday. "The bug where the elevator button would catapult you up into the air is fixed for the final game. But we did enjoy all the crazy videos you've posted. Thanks!"

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Hufandpuf1617d ago

I think Battlefield has the best/funniest beta bugs as of late.

JoGam1616d ago

Elevators are killzones. Think twice before going in one.

malokevi1616d ago

Gotta have a buddy, cover both doors... and pray.

clmstr1616d ago

Yeah, I loved to teleport up in the air and then fly down while searching for enemies and finishing them with a knife lol

redknight801616d ago

haha that sounds so awesome, too bad I didn't come across this bug in the beta.

Kleptic1616d ago

did you guys see the boat bug? roof top at Arcade, 64 player conquest large...fairly regularly a friggin' patrol boat would just start dropping on the glass from the would then blow up, and another one would just drop in its place...We flew a helicopter in the area to see if the boat had clipping and did, it killed us...

no idea...

SnakeCQC1616d ago

lol thats my quote of the day