Turtle Beach Announces Extended Partnership with Microsoft

Turtle Beach expects to launch the XO FOUR and XO SEVEN headsets for the Xbox One console in the first quarter of 2014. Microsoft has informed its partners in the Xbox One console launch that the Xbox One Headset Adapter, being built by Microsoft and provided to Turtle Beach for inclusion with new gaming headsets, will not be available until early 2014.

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dethpuck1645d ago

That blows. I was looking forward to having good audio day one. Guess ill stick with the garbage pack in mic at launch.

StoutBEER1645d ago

That definatley blows. I still have my surround sound as backup, but that still sucks. Sucks and blows

Lalanana1645d ago

Yea sucks alil but..way to go MS

UltimateMaster1645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

Apparently, the Turtle Beach Headset for PS4 will work at launch.

Either way, Microsoft should have place the wireless (That the 360 had) inside the console rather than having an adapter that you have to pay extra to play the headset you already own.

Both wireless are own by Microsoft. How hard would it have been to make them retro-compatible? Blue-Tooth does it with each new versions, again, why no Blue-Tooth support? It's universal.

But, that's just me.
Feel free to disagree if you think you should not have gotten more for your money at 499$.

3-4-51645d ago

uhh Turtle Beach isn't the only good brand.

People get too attached to a name and then act like that name is the only good thing.

UltimateMaster1645d ago

We know, but until that adapter comes out, we can't play any of our 360 headsets.

Animal Mutha 761645d ago

Er what?

I want a bloody adaptor to use my existing TB at launch. I don't want to be forced to buy a new headset.

That would really piss me off.

Whitefire1645d ago

You won't be able to buy either at launch according to this. But at least it isn't canceled.

Ripsta7th1645d ago

Use the one ms gives you

Animal Mutha 761645d ago

Oh yes sure but nothing helps in cod or BF like a well adjusted TB. Nobody sneaks up on me :)

Deadpoolio1645d ago

You grasp that it's just a CHAT headset right? It's not a surround headset

DialgaMarine1645d ago

That's fine. I'll stick with my superior Pulse.

sovietsoldier1645d ago

omg turtle beach is like one of the shittiest products out their. do your self a favor and buy a high quality headset.