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VGW's Will Harrison finds that Vanillaware's Dragon's Crown is all style and little substance.

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miyamoto1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

I am 60 hours on this game and I finished 1/6th of the game but I am still going. lol

will probably play this game for another 240 man hours more...
the online co-op is so much fun!

one of the greatest games ever made.

Odoylerules0001680d ago

"The skill system becomes redundant once players realize that upgrades do nothing to change the way each character plays in a meaningful way." (sigh) Reviewer either played the game for an hour or didn't play at all.

"Why bother when you can just as easily progress through dungeons by standing in one spot and pressing the attack button ad nauseam?" If you stand still and spam "attack" you die pretty fast unless you're playing the first level. I think we played a different game...

Anyways, I don't care that the author didn't like the game but at least tell the truth in the review.

despair1680d ago

didn't read the review and if that was in it then I'm pretty sure its not the same game.

Kingthrash3601680d ago

lol man no i wont comment on bs

MatrixxGT1680d ago

Not sure if this is click bait. Its not perfect but the amount of support vanilla ware has given this game in post launch patches and improvements I would sure buy another game from them.

stavrami1680d ago

this reviewer has no clue about gaming. the only way to resolve this is take him the way of old yellow

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