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Nvidia announces GTX 780 Ti

During day two of Nvidia’s Montreal 2013 event, the GPU maker has announced a new GPU – the GeForce GTX 780 Ti. (NVIDIA, PC, Tech)

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Nocando  +   280d ago
And if you think this one is powerful, wait a few months...
boeso  +   280d ago
Gaming is a whole lotta money in this day and age
Roccetarius  +   280d ago
Well, when you have people spending money on 2 - 3 Titans at a time, yeah it's a lot of money. :P

I can afford their hardware, sure, but not that many.
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GodGinrai  +   280d ago
was lloking to upgrade my ASUS 560TI OC in the spring. I may just go for ONE of these! I should have both X1 and PS4 by then, so it will be the right time, for me, I think.
CapsLocke  +   280d ago
Getting 2-3 titans, as you said, for todays crappy games, is like boiling eggs for breakfest in a pool.

People not only reach, but sometimes incredibly misinformed and stupid.
jeffgoldwin  +   279d ago

By spring time, youll want to get the 800 series, not this. Supposedly it will be a significant upgrade.
TacticAce  +   280d ago
People don't understand that there is no need for all of this unless you are spending 16k for a 4k TV/monitor. A 680/7970 should be enough for this entire generation because they are both more powerful then what's in the next gen consoles. And developers are always going to develop with consoles in mind.
MidnytRain  +   280d ago
Can't tell if serious, but FYI, you can get a 4k monitor for just under 4k.
jeffgoldwin  +   280d ago
Ya $4k for a high quality brand like ASUS, but Ive seen cheap Korean made 4k monitors that are starting to flood the market for around $2k. Personally I don't think I could trust those.

MuhammadJA  +   280d ago
You don't need this card or a strong one to enjoy gaming on a PC since most games are ports from consoles, a good card will do you just fine for at least 5 years.

Unless you play at a resolution higher than 1080p, then you need a stronger GPU to get a decent FPS.
ATi_Elite  +   280d ago
Nvidia's WHOLE company mantra is "we have always got to have the fastest GPU"

They sat back and launched the GTX780 and held on to the GTX780ti just so they could ONE-UP AMD.

Will AMD release a R9 290x Gigahertz Edition? Who Knows?

But a this point I'm more concerned with PRICE versus do I have the Fastest GPU?

A GTX780 is a FRIGGIN $650, Titan is $1000, and that's ridiculous because it makes Mid range cards expensive too.

SO I DO NOT care about fastest GPU I only care about Price. GPU's are way too expensive now a days. Nvidia and AMD need to get a handle on this before we all begin to just HOLD on to our current GPU's for longer period of times thus slowing down the power curve like when everyone held onto their GTX8800 and HD4000 series cards because everything else was TOO GOT DAM expensive.

Besides I'm not buying a New GPU until GDDR6 arrives in 2014. To hell with these current Overpriced refreshes. Nvidai-AMD Lower your Prices. No one cares about Speed when it comes with a $1000 price tag.
jeffgoldwin  +   280d ago
That's why both amd and NVidia have different tiers of gpu's. If you don't care about speed, then you shouldn't be looking at the the fastest and latests cards, obviously they gunna be absurb in price.

Sounds like your a budget gamer and need to look and mid to low end cards because you said you only care for price not the fastest one. Problem solved : )
ATi_Elite  +   280d ago
Which is Why I usually go for Mid tier GPU's and buy two of them.

I'm a PROUD sponsor of CFX and SLI

My HD7970GE CFX is 30% better than Titan and cost me $300 less than a Titan.

My GTX660ti SLI set-up is NO joke either and was around $600 total

Buy one now then buy another one down the road for Ultra GamePlay.
jeffgoldwin  +   280d ago
Well see there ya go. U already had the answer. I agree on the refreshes. Im waiting for next year for the nvidia 800 series and too see what amd will come out with.

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