Nvidia announces GTX 780 Ti

During day two of Nvidia’s Montreal 2013 event, the GPU maker has announced a new GPU – the GeForce GTX 780 Ti.

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Tzuno1496d ago Show
Nocando1496d ago

And if you think this one is powerful, wait a few months...

boeso1496d ago

Gaming is a whole lotta money in this day and age

Roccetarius1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

Well, when you have people spending money on 2 - 3 Titans at a time, yeah it's a lot of money. :P

I can afford their hardware, sure, but not that many.

GodGinrai1496d ago

was lloking to upgrade my ASUS 560TI OC in the spring. I may just go for ONE of these! I should have both X1 and PS4 by then, so it will be the right time, for me, I think.

CapsLocke1496d ago

Getting 2-3 titans, as you said, for todays crappy games, is like boiling eggs for breakfest in a pool.

People not only reach, but sometimes incredibly misinformed and stupid.

jeffgoldwin1495d ago


By spring time, youll want to get the 800 series, not this. Supposedly it will be a significant upgrade.

TacticAce1496d ago

People don't understand that there is no need for all of this unless you are spending 16k for a 4k TV/monitor. A 680/7970 should be enough for this entire generation because they are both more powerful then what's in the next gen consoles. And developers are always going to develop with consoles in mind.

MidnytRain1496d ago

Can't tell if serious, but FYI, you can get a 4k monitor for just under 4k.

jeffgoldwin1496d ago

Ya $4k for a high quality brand like ASUS, but Ive seen cheap Korean made 4k monitors that are starting to flood the market for around $2k. Personally I don't think I could trust those.

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