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NVIDIA G-Sync Technology Unveiled – An End To LAG, Stutter and Tearing For PC Gamers

NVIDIA G-Sync, the new technology to end LAG, Stutter and Tearing in games as we know it has been unveiled by NVIDIA. With the help of a G-Sync Module and NVIDIA’s Kepler graphics, all your games would run with less lag and virtually no stutter or tearing at all which is the probably the greatest news for PC gamers. (PC, Tech)

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Pain_Killer  +   623d ago
Damn, an end to the worst problems i as a PC gamer know. Good job NVIDIA, bloody good job!
ATi_Elite  +   623d ago
IDK I never really had this problem so I have NO idea about this.

I mean Seriously LAG and Tearing are correctable in the settings and stuttering has been fixed Permanently by Nvidia/AMD drivers.

I think Trying to run Crysis in 2007 before an upgrade was the last time I suffered Tearing!

I suffered very Small amounts of Micro-Stutter when i first installed my HD7970GE CFX cards but a driver update cured that.

LAG LMAO not since switching to 5MS or less monitors.

Plus all this CRAP has never happened on an LED monitor I own.

Seems more of a Gimmick to me so Nvidia can jack up the prices of monitors and earn some cash.
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starchild  +   623d ago
Freaking amazing news. This is a megaton. I can't even keep up with all the good news in PC gaming lately.

Being able to have BOTH low latency and a total lack of stutter and screen tearing is like a dream come true.

Way to go Nvidia! In a way, I can't believe somebody didn't think of this before...syncing the display's refresh rate to the frame rendering times of the GPU. Brilliant!
Erdrick  +   623d ago
seems kinda gimmicky - any lcd monitor with a 5ms response time isn't going to be much of a bottleneck, those issues should be fixed with a decent graphics card/ internet connection...
CGI-Quality  +   623d ago
Graphics cards and internet connections can only take you so far.
Pandamobile  +   623d ago
That's not what this is. Read the article.

This is basically a new version of vertical sync. With Gsync, the GPU controls the monitor's refresh timings so that it never delivers a torn frame.
Erdrick  +   623d ago
yeah i read the article. vsync is a gpu software feature, this g-sync thing involves a physical addition to the monitor. i'd say this is more like getting a physx card in addition to the gpu, or a sound card - both additions are relatively pointless imo since rather than getting an extra device you can just put that money towards upgrading the gpu/ mobo which would solve any related problems.
Pandamobile  +   623d ago
Or wait for a few years for this to become a standard feature in monitors. You don't have to jump out and buy this immediately if you're not that interested in it. It'll just factor into your next monitor purchase. I know it will for me.
meetajhu  +   623d ago

Gpu doesn't control monitor refresh rate. Instead the gpu delivers frames at different refresh rate and monitor adjusts accordingly to avoid screen tear. Best thing about it is it has no input lag.


You have absolutely no clue what your even talking about.
Pandamobile  +   623d ago
True, but in a sense, the monitor's refreshes are still indirectly controlled by the GPU's output.
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Roccetarius  +   623d ago
Seems even more awesome to be PC gaming these coming years.
Computersaysno  +   623d ago
It's all good. It's all useful. It just adds to the consistent way we want our games and makes PC gaming that little bit easier and less annoying. Anything that does that is huge win.
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_QQ_  +   623d ago
This is "Next Gen"
Vithar  +   623d ago
i was always a fan of ATI but if g-sync stops stuttering, i'm jumping ships. Been having stutter problems on and off and can't fix it no matter what i do. Really annoying
Letros  +   623d ago
That's pretty awesome, now just give me a 120Hz monitor with this.
Jovanian  +   623d ago
interesting, but I wonder if this accounts for input lag when using options like vsync
Pandamobile  +   623d ago
The whole point of this is that. Now that the GPU can control the refresh timings on the monitor, you don't have to compromise between snappy input and screen tearing. The GPU will only send the update signal to the monitor when the frame has been fully rendered - thus eliminating the tearing without affecting the gameplay.
CaulkSlap  +   623d ago
Sounds nice but I'm not gonna buy a new monitor for it. Well at least until there's a resolution boost for the mainstream priced monitors.
MuhammadJA  +   623d ago
Anyone know if the 24 PlayStation TV would support this new G-Sync technology?
ATi_Elite  +   622d ago
Ghee Whiz someone just had to bring up that DARN PS TV. j/k

No The PSTV does not currently support this because there is a Special Nvidia chip that has to be INSERTED into the TV.

Now later on down the road SOny can insert the chip but as of right now only Certain Monitors will have the Chip and the HIGHER Cost to consumers.

Me myself I'm still laughing at this because I haven't had these problems in a long time. I just don't get it.
aLiEnViSiToR  +   623d ago
Finally !!!

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