Rockstar Fixes Bike & Car Selling Glitch in Latest Title Update to GTA Online

In their latest title update to GTA Online that went live today, Rockstar has finally fixed the vehicle selling glitch that has allowed many players to cheat their way to millions.

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TesMgsFan1461d ago

NOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooo!!!!

Septic1461d ago

My friend made a million doing this yesterday.

I don't see the point of it really but oh well, we can chill in his pad. GTA is all about making all kinds of illegal gains....alll kiinds...

DirtyLary1461d ago

Well now he can go outside and enjoy the sun again.

Blacktric1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

More importantly; they halved some of the best mission payouts. Out Of Court Settlement now pays 4.5k instead of 9 and Base Invaders now pays 12.5k instead of 25. I guess they underestimated how much people could grind by playing those missions repetadely.

HugoDrax1461d ago

And next Rockstar will have to fix another glitch, and another glitch, and another glitch. Once an exploit is patched, someone will find another means to getting millions quick.

Audiggity1461d ago

You are correct. That is the price we pay to play something that is actually unique.

If people want millions and millions of dollars by exploiting glitches, great! That doesn't make me any less dangerous.

I get satisfaction from earning legitimately. I wouldn't be surprised if these exploitative players get dumped into the cheater pool that R* is developing. Love that idea. Let the cheaters and the thieves battle it out until they shape up.

R* should offer them a one-time chance to stay if they give back the ill-gotten cash. If not? Boom, into the cheater pool you go!

Bring on the glitches and the patches! A small price to pay for the first unique MP gaming experience in many years.

Seraphemz1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

"Cheaters" ??? F that!! Exploit all day. If someone can BUY money, just so Rockstar makes more money.. i say EXPLOIT if you can.

If Rockstar didnt try to sell currency I would say that exploiting would ruin the game.

But soon, people will be able to buy all the money they want. NOT "EARN" IT.

Audiggity1461d ago

@ Seraphemz - I'd have to disagree. Your argument would indicate to me that you are perfectly happy with the tax loopholes available to the top 1% wealthiest US citizens, paying a lower percentage of taxes than their landscapers do.

How'd I make THAT jump?

You are condoning the exploit of a system - either by taking advantage of a tax loophole or by discovering some ridiculous way to spam fake cash in GTA Online.

You aren't paying what you should in example A and you aren't earning what you should in example B.

Buying money from Rockstar is perfectly fine. You are willing to spend the money you EARN in real life, on a game, fine. You're still earning it though. Time = Money and Money = Time.

Exploits and Loopholes = Bull$hit.

Toss em' into the cheater pool.

gametipcenter1461d ago

@Audiggity Well said. He's saying (like many others) that the system is broken because money is available to purchase, therefore exploits are justified. To me that's like trying to justify robbing someone's house because you can't afford the nice stuff they have. I didn't mind people grinding missions because that was a game mechanic, but the vehicle dupe thing was just completely broken.

We rarely hear people complaining about these types of things in other games with "pay to get stuff faster" mechanics, so why is GTA so plagued with it right now?

HugoDrax1461d ago


"R* should offer them a one-time chance to stay if they give back the ill-gotten cash. If not? Boom, into the cheater pool you go!"

hahahaha, that would be pretty cool. Although, I'm kinda all for the exploit since R* have deduced the payout of missions so players are more enticed to go to XBOX/PSN store and spend real $ for fake $ GTA dollars. I'm so against R* trying to nickel and dime everyone with micro transactions. An example of them doing this is lowering the payout for the Violent Duct mission.

Anyhow, to each is own. I just find it funny that a game where the sole purpose is about ROBBERY/EXPLOIT/EXTORTION would want to toss people into a cheaters pool because guess what they are doing? ROBBING/EXPLOITING a loophole in their code. The irony......

Seraphemz1461d ago

Comparing glitching to real life situations is stupid. Sorry to be blunt, but it is.
This is a VIDEO game people!!

Buying money does NOT equal earning it in the game, just cause you worked in real life for it.

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Hazmat131461d ago

Rockstar: must fix every cash glitch so they can spend real money on our credit card system on PStore!

Audiggity1461d ago

Or... to prevent people feeling like the money they earn is diluted by a bunch of morons with nothing better to do than spam virtual money.

gametipcenter1461d ago

Money is not that hard to get. Races, survival, missions. Yeah you won't get millions per hour from these, but you're not supposed to.

What's the point of glitching your way to millions when you still need to rank up to buy the good stuff anyway?

Audiggity1461d ago

Agreed 100%... I made $25k in 3 minutes last night... it was a rare and hilarious combination of winning a big race followed immediately by killing someone for a huge bounty.

Epic. The chaos that ensued right after this all went down... was just poetic.

Saints941461d ago

Glad to see that people can buy your money. Now.... about the character deletions.

Sayai jin1461d ago

What frsustrates me is that they can fix something like this so fast, but still have not fixed the things that screw the gamers....character deletions, not being sable to connect to online, lost money (some in the millions), etc.

Audiggity1461d ago

Agreed, but, they also announced that those were impossible to fix. Lost forever. Confirmed by R*...

I think they spent a lot of time trying to fix it. But, sadly, it's all gone.

KonsoruMasuta1461d ago

This new update was targeted at those things.

They did more than patch glitches in this update.

dmeador1461d ago

The things like this are relatively easy to fix compared to the other things. Its a very specific thing to recreate, so they know whats "broken". The other things def need attention, but if they can take care of these things in two seconds I say let them

Seraphemz1461d ago

Fixing this is more important...since it will cost them money. people making millions is bad for them, since they want to SELL you those millions..

gametipcenter1461d ago

I'm sure that's partly a motivation behind it, but that glitch was ridiculous. $4 million per hour if done right? That's just too much. The mission replay was one thing, a couple hundred grand per hour. The bike/car glitch was just way too broken.

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