Official The Legend of Zelda Clothing Line Launches

Two new clothing items featuring artwork based on The Legend of Zelda have arrived at retail stores today. The hugely popular videogame franchise is branching out into brand new areas with a hoodie and tank top.

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WilliamH1611d ago

Unless there is full green tunic with Navi included, no sale.

Are_The_MaDNess1611d ago

well i got to say that this hoodie looks modern and can be worn outside with, you know.......people. while still being nerdy.

link2Dpast1610d ago

Lol yea that was my first thought. It doesn't look like cosplay. I wonder where we would be able to purchase it?

Are_The_MaDNess1610d ago

really hope will have it or something. highly doubt it that stores here in Norway will have them in stock.

link2Dpast1610d ago

Does anyone have an idea or any info of where we can Purchase it?