Playstation 4 HDD Specs Revealed: HGST 2.5", 5400 RPM And More

Right now German Magazine ComputerBild is deeply analysing debug unit of Playstation 4 that they received just a day ago. Thanks to this analysing process, tons of new details about PS4 has arrived.

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Majin-vegeta1517d ago

Time to buy a harddrive ;).

zeal0us1517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

Took the words right out of my mouth. 5400RPM in 2013 is laughable though I'm pretty sure if Sony had use 7200RPM or SSD the cost would be higher.


GarrusVakarian1517d ago

So would we be able to swap out the HDD with one that has 7200RPM or an SSD?

SnakeCQC1517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

It really isn't laughable. The difference the higher speeds equate to isnt much and the extra vibration heat etc isnt really worth it. Plus 7200rpm are standard for 3.5 inch mechanical drives not 2.5!

ssds and faster hdds are always an option and if an extra 5 seconds is really(yes ssds would give much greater performance but isnt really worth it when most people simply buy blu ray games)

@ =lucas yes i have replaced the hdd in my ps3 for a whisper quiet wd blu 5400rpm drive

Irishguy951517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

So this is where Sony cut corners to cut the cost, 5400RPM is just pathetic for a next gen console. Oh well, it's easily upgradable yet annoying at the same time. How much does a 2TB 7200rpm cost? Considering the size games will end up being this gen

Also do we know the size of the Harddrive yet? 500GB's? a TB?

Nah GT it's "Give them a **** harddrive, with the option to upgrade"

KUV19771517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

I think there is no 2TB 2,5" HDD. 5400rpm is absolutely sufficient. 500GB is the size of the inbuilt HD.

GTgamer1517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

Give people a swappable hard drive and they still complain -_- can't win with you guys.
Edit: @irish its a hard drive stop being so damn picky would you rather if it was built in then i bet you would cry even more so be quiet.

ThunderSpark1517d ago

Did you guys see what actually holds the HDD in place?? Mind Blown:

Computersaysno1517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

As much as I would love to shove an SSD in there I couldn't justify the cost of it to get a size I could live with. Because of the size of the installs, you know a bunch will end up 20gb+ you will want at least a 500gb drive. You are talking over 200 pounds for a decent one at that size still. That's 2/3 the cost of the console itself! A PC where everything pulls off the drive, or where you can have multiple drives then yea it's worth the outlay but not a console.

Ideally I think most people are going to want 1tb drives and possibly more before long because those massive games and probably decent sized OS are going to chew up space real quick.

A 1tb mechanical drive will offer plenty good enough performance for a games console and plenty of space for a much more reasonable outlay.

scott1821517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

What does 5400 rpm for an hdd effect? I have no idea how hard drives work and what not, are there any benefits to buying a faster one? And is it even worth it?

shoddy1517d ago

People complain abouy swappable hhd.
I wonder if they complain about non swappable hhd

tiffac0081517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )


7200 rpm drive should help with faster loading and installations. If you are going to upgrade the HDD then of course you should get the faster one.

scott1821517d ago

Is there a risk of the hdd getting too hot if I get a faster one?

nunley331517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

Edit: ps3 hdds need 9.5mm thick 2.5 drives but ps4 allows up to 12.5 mm ones which is great news since this will allow moredrive to be compatible with the ps4. There are 2.5 inch 2tb drives but they won't fit since they're too thick and need to be 9.5mm thick,these would be 15mm and even some at 12.5mm though. Maybe by the time i get one around the first of the year there will be one that is ps3/ps4 compatible.

Deadpoolio1517d ago Show
Tsar4ever011517d ago

Maybe cuz a 7200rpm hdd probably would run TOO HOT for ps4's compact frame build. My question is what does HGST stand for? And also, will it support SDD & HDD/SDD hybrids hdd like the PS3?

zeal0us1517d ago

HGST is the brand of the harddrive

badz1491517d ago

as expected, really. oh well, 500GB is not going to last long with PS+ anyway! 1TB at the very least, ready to be install day 1 here!

dantesparda1517d ago

Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (HGST) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Western Digital

And to Irishguy, what do you think the X1 is going to have? I'll give you a hint, it aint going to be a 7200rpm drive and its non-removable.

and 80 to 100MB/s isnt terrible, i have a WD 7200RPM 2.5" HDD in my laptop and that does 120MB/s at the outer layers/beginning of the drive to 60MB/s towards the end of the disc/inner layer. So im assuming they are saying that the PS4 HDD does 100MB/s at the outer layers of the HDD while hittinbg 80MB/s towards the end of the disc/inner layers.

Red_Devilz1517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

SSD = Higher cost

7200rpm = Higher temperature and (may be) noise

5400 = Sweet spot

If you are concerned about latency, buy a hybrid drive (e.g. 1TB 5400rpm 64MB cache). Problem solved :D

P.S. - You might consider waiting for Black Friday deals to shop for HDDs. I'm pretty sure you can find 1TB - 1.5TB drive at awesome price.

FamilyGuy1517d ago

5400rpm drives aren't as hot which probably helps with reliability more than being a cost related choice. If speed was all that mattered they could have just tossed in some SSD that was much lower in Gbs. Or even created their own flash based support seeing as this is Sony, you know, they do make their own flash media, HDDs and SSDs among many other electronics.

Nafon1517d ago

"yes ssds would give much greater performance but isnt really worth it when most people simply buy blu ray games"

Aren't HDD installs required for all PS4 games?

bujasem_891517d ago

Amazon link please! if possible :)

Dasteru1517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

They use 5400RPM HDDs to keep the heat down. The difference in read/write speed between modern 5400RPM HDDs and 7200s is like 5% anyways.


There are only a few 2TB 2.5" HDDs on the market currently, all are still 5400RPM and they start around $180, that is nearly half the cost of the entire PS4.

UltimateMaster1517d ago


Exactly, 5400RPM is pretty much minimum standard these days.

Again, Sony will make newer models of PS4 as time goes by with more HDD space and possibly faster speeds too.

I wasn't too sure between going 7200RPM or Hybrid HDD/SSD. Because I've tried both but there wasn't that much of a worthwhile difference. Considering the game only loads once and you'd be saving a few seconds each time, but for that price? Ain't too sure about that. I might not go with Hybrid another time.

I sure won't be getting a 5400RPM for the price difference unless I find some huge bargain.

MazzingerZ1516d ago

I just care you can swap it for a bigger one...don't get people inspecting the teeth of a given horse

guitarded771516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

The difference between a 5,400rpm and 7,200rpm is exponential. For example: When writing/reading small amounts of data, you shouldn't notice any difference. but when reading/writing huge amounts of data, the difference gets larger as the amount of data increases (even then it depends on the internet speed).

5,400 rpm is perfectly fine for gaming. The loading and storing of data to/from the hard drive to the next level of memory is very small amounts. The place it becomes noticeable is when you're downloading/writing a 50gb game to the drive.

One difference is that 7,200rpm drives usually run hotter than a 5,400 rpm drive (may not always be the case, but typical), so check to see what the operating specifications are before operating to a faster hard drive. This goes for PS3 and PS4... they can accept higher rpm drives, but you don't want to add more heat to the system. They are designed for OEM parts.

mmj1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

"So this is where Sony cut corners to cut the cost, 5400RPM is just pathetic for a next gen console."

You say that as if you believe Microsoft are using more expensive components, they aren't!

Xbone uses cheaper components than PS4 (eg. GPU, DDR3 RAM), they've skimped on the console massively to allow them to bundle in Kinect without it carrying a ridiculous price tag.

gamer78041516d ago

There are benefits to 5400rpm, they typically have a longer lifespan, which is why you see a lot of bsckup drives as such.

blackmagic1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

HGST basically has 2 series of HDs that are 500GB and 5400 rpm, the 750 series and the 500 series.

And you can look through all of HGST's laptop drives, they are all rated for 600,000 load/unload cycles regardless of whether they are 5400 or 7200rpm

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Kingthrash3601517d ago

funny i was just thinking i might need to replace the hard drive w at least a 1tb. i may do that sometime next year.

guitarded771516d ago

I have a 1tb in my PS3 and I have 50gb left. I'll definitely upgrade my PS4 later, but I'll ride the 500gb drive as long as I can. Hopefully when it comes time to upgrade, there will be a 2tb++ drive available in that size (there may already, but I haven't seen any ~ haven't checked in the past year).

get_real1517d ago

Actually 5400rpm drives are better at storing large files like movies and games. Also they run cooler and use less electricity. 7200rpm drives have more chances of a failure in the long run due to their higher speed and hear generation.

vigilante_man1517d ago

Not true. I have put 7,200 HDD in my PS3 and it runs faster and quieter. Never had a problem. Buy good drives and they will last.

tordavis1517d ago


Do you know anything about HD tech cuz you are completely WRONG! 5400rpm drives are SLOWER at storing large files, not better. 7200rpm drives and 5400rpm drives usually have the same MTBF. You don't know what you're talking about.

hobohunterz1516d ago

Heat generation is barely an issue tests have been done on the ps3 and the 7200 rpm drive only ran 1to3 degrees hotter. The heat thing is waaay overplayed

novcze1517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

yep, I'm going to buy WD Blue 1 TB ... with all that PS+ content and digital distribution 1 TB is minimum for me, 5400rpm is not problem, all games will account stock HDD which is also 5400 rpm and with all that available RAM, games will most likely use some clever buffering ... of course SSD is superior, but price is still high for big capacity and we don't know if PS4 supports TRIM command or and more important question is if performance of the SSD isn't hampered by slow en/de-cryption system.

and for stock PS4 HDD ... there is always space in my PC for another HDD

3-4-51517d ago

7200 has been the norm for a while now.

novcze1516d ago

Is it? I don't see many laptop drives that are 7200 rpm these days

andibandit1516d ago

On regular laptops made for office work, you wont, but take a look at the gaming laptops.

If your intent is to use the ps4 for office work, just ignore my comment.

Beastforlifenoob1517d ago

Replace with a beutiful solid state...
OMG solid state ps4

smokeyjoekenobi1517d ago

I'd hold off buying SSD to be honest, PS3 shows negligible improvement with solid state (I've tried). If the PS4 is anything like its predecessor it's not worth the extra cash. I'm going to wait until other people try it out before I even contemplate it.... That's just my advice of course.

Nafon1517d ago

ssds would make loading times faster, but unless cash isn't an issue or you have an extra laying around, i don't think the cost would be worth it for the slight performance increase for most people.

Gardenia1517d ago

So basically if upgrading don't get the 7200 because it can overheat

vigilante_man1517d ago

No, no and no again!

This is just a silly myth. I have a faster 7,200 in my PS3 and it runs faster and is even quieter. Never had a problem with heat or anything else.

And to re-iterate. it is faster!!

DarkZane1517d ago

This is 2013, 7200 RPM do not generate more heat anymore. Maybe like 5-6 years ago that was the case, but now there is no difference.

iiwii1517d ago

I put a 500GB Western Digital Black 7200 in my PS3 and didn't see a difference in heat or noise. It did seem a bit quicker at some things.

ATi_Elite1517d ago

So basically a LAPTOP HARDDRIVE!

Now if you could go out and install a Real HDD like a Western Digital Velociraptor 3.5" 10,000 RPM HDD or a Corsair SSD then that would be AWESOME flexibility to customize your PS4 and give it a higher performance rate.

2.5" 5400rpm is LAPTOP specs for ALL those who do not know and 80 to 100MB per seconds is low compared to 300MB per sec minimum on 3.5" HDD.

PS4 does have to adhere to a 300Watt Cap so not much you can do. Still the PS4 is a Good design for the Price and hardware.

I repeat "Still the PS4 is a Good design for the Price and hardware." for the Idiot fanboys who wanna RAGE DISAGREE!

Most will not even read this far before RAGE DISAGREEING. LOL

KwietStorm1517d ago

Use more caps so I can hear you clearly!!!!

dantesparda1517d ago

ummm, you do know that you can probably put a SSD drive in there, right?!

Nafon1517d ago

300MBps minimum on a standard 3.5" HDD? lol no. maybe 300Mbps...

Rageanitus1517d ago

were gonna see this for the whole system just look at the size, its truly is laptop components including the GPU and CPU.

Notice how PC gaming machines still need alot of power and alot of space.

JOHN_DOH1516d ago

A velociraptor won't even do 300MB per sec minimum. And they're actually 2.5 inch drives in a heatsink that makes them fit 3.5 inch hard drive slots. They're taller than 9.5 mm though.

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Guwapo771517d ago

I am sick and tired of reading this misconception about 7200RPM drives creating more heat. It's about the power consumption of the drive itself. There are some 5400rpm drives that require more power to operate. Check out the link for info.

blackmagic1516d ago

It's true that some 5400rpm drives gobble up power but the HGST drive is a power sipper and in general, faster rpm means more power consumption (heat). See pic below.

Guwapo771515d ago

To further cement what I was trying to say in my original post.

You'll be able to see in this review some 7200 rpm drives that run cooler than the 5400 ones. The only thing I'm trying to convey to everyone is, do your research and pick a HDD that works for you. Don't automatically buy a 5400 and think it will keep your temps down. It could make things worst.

Anarki1517d ago

Will their be a size limit in the PS4? and is there a size limit in the PS3? Want to buy a really big hard drive for my PS4.

Rageanitus1517d ago

don't know why ppl saying there is not much difference between 5400 vs 7200. ITS BIG difference, just do a test when transfering files between folders on a PC on a 7200 vs a 5400.

It's sufficient if consoles don't have much game installs and under 4 mb save files... but as you can see consoles games are becoming a bit more complex vs the past consoles.

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Mikelarry1517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

has to be with the some digital games coming in at 50gb 1TB is a must going forward, so glad they gave us the option to upgrade the hard drive

@ xsilver

from the below it seems 2TB just to be safe :)

Xsilver1517d ago

@mikelarry well in that case 2TB anyone :)

superterabyte1517d ago

I have a 1TB on my PS3. Thanks to Playstation plus that is already nearly full and most off my games were bought on disk whereas next gen I'm buying all my games digitally.

phallusitator1517d ago

Agreed and I have the same issue. I think it'll be easier/faster/better this time with Galkai. Deleting and reinstalling a game won't be such a pain. So maybe 500Gb's- 1 TB will be ok. I don't file any movies or music so I don't need the room for that.
I also wonder how much space they set aside for your possible 'future' games to be stored in memory.

Fireseed1517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

I wonder how it would react if you put a SSD into it? Would greatly improve memory read times if it's compatible.

No FanS Land1517d ago

putting an SSD in a PS3 was pretty useless as the motherboard did not have the bandwith to take advantage of the technology, let alone a 7200.

But I'm guessing this time around sony has made sure it would be worthwhile to put in an SSD.

Fireseed1517d ago

If so then it might be more advantageous to put in a smaller SSD rather than a MASSIVE HDD.

Bathyj1517d ago

Actually I read an article that did comparisons and 7200 had a big increase in installation and load times. Hybrid and ssd were slightly better in some cases than 7200 but not really worth the extra cost and drop in size. I'm going the 7200.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1517d ago

5400rpm is horrible for nearly a 2014 console. Should've been 7200rpm.

nick3091517d ago

7200RPM heats faster, wouldnt recommend it.

Thehyph1517d ago

Yes. If you're going to upgrade the HDD, then you should stick to another 5400RPM or an SSD just to be completely safe of operating temperature.

Bathyj1517d ago

Well at least we have the option to swap it.

Interesting that it