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Submitted by thegreatmacro 843d ago | article

Community reaction: PS4 game delays

Playdar takes a look at the reaction to recent PS4 game delay news in the only way she knows how. (Culture, Driveclub, Industry, PS4)

xHeavYx  +   843d ago
It seems that the only people "reacting" are fans of the competition who would rather play an unfinished game
GarrusVakarian  +   843d ago
Yep. Think about it, they KNEW it would make the PS4 launch line up even weaker than it is but they still chose to delay it rather than release an unfinished game, i can respect that.
shoddy  +   843d ago
I'm ok with the delay.
It save me money.
I'm too busy with gta5, ghost, battlefield, killzone,

Each game would take at least a month out of my life
darthv72  +   843d ago
Delays happen. to think reaction is coming from the competition is stupid. If you are a fan of gaming in general you understand that delays suck ass but they happen.

the nature of the delay is what should be the focus. If the game is delayed because it is getting much needed polish then let it take its time to be ready.

if the game is delayed due to porting issues (not that would be the case here for DC) then it makes people pissed because it could be ready for their platform but they have to wait for it to be ready across the board (cough.. rayman legends..cough)
black0o  +   843d ago
I think this is healthy for the xbone fanboys/gals they have been spinning all summer with M$ 180s then dGPU, hidden power, xbone being incapable of 1080p .....etc
and calling cute-s an actual gameply .. pathetic! they even made Gifs just like the deep down once except one is an actual Gameply

so they finally got a chance to downply the ps4 so let them let all the stress out they may feel better and stop spinning fact for change
Gamingcapacity  +   843d ago
The way people reacted as if it had been cancelled altogether. It's a delay, it happens.

It's getting stupid because it's a constant back and forth between the fanboys. One set of fanboys say they do it to get their own back but dont realise that it's been going back and forth for a log time. Not since the MS DRM, not since Move and Kinect, not since the PS3 launnch but from the start.

Why cant people stop trying to one up each other because it's not going to end. You might feel like you're doing something but youre not. Theres always something new to find but its getting silly. Game delays, PS4 not support external DVR at launch, cloud will never work (it will), PS4 freezing (it didnt), my console will have better games (first round it even and it's very subjective, how indies all of a sudden mean jack shit (Theyre the soul of the industry).

The only thing that deserved to be made a fuss over was the MS DRM but they fixed it. Even if the X1 is weaker it doesn't matter to the scale people argue blindly over it every day, kept it in theyre back pocket and troll ready.

This goes to both sets of fanboys. I just even seen MS trolls in the RYSE articles derailing their own comments section goading Sony fanboys. Nice One!
FamilyGuy  +   843d ago
I was really looking forward to DriveClub, the game looked great to me already, didn't care much about its ailising or it being 30fps.
The only concern I DID have was that none of the demos showed multi car races, only racing against ghost cars.

I'm not against the delay, there had to be a good reason to delay a launch title so I fully support it but I'm still bummed out. Still plenty of other games to play on PS4 and GT6 on PS3 will be great anyway.
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-Foxtrot  +   843d ago
PS4 delays

They mean DriveClub...the others being multiplatform games which are on both consoles.
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Mikelarry  +   843d ago
Some fans are so fickle was it not just recently everyone was up in arms about gtaV crashing and losing character etc. the game developers are trying to take time and polish the game rather than release a buggy mess and they complain. no wonder the industry sometimes don't take gamers seriously
s8anicslayer  +   843d ago
In reference to Driveclub, We can only blame ourselves fort he delay because of our constant expectations of 1080p 60fps. For Watchdogs it was more of a decision to delay because of all of the other games being released in that time frame. Ubi wants it to be released with little competition so they can continue the franchise.
avengers1978  +   843d ago
That maybe the case, but watchdogs was doing pretty well in preorders, and really pushing it to next year doesn't stop it from going up against other big games. Infamous, TitanFall, dying light, evil within, and destiny are all out next year in the same time frame as watchdogs.

Hopefully they are taking time to make the game a lot better
s8anicslayer  +   843d ago
Indeed, but in terms of Ubi competing with themselves with the likes of AC IV and the after effects of GTA V which is still a factor going into the holidays they feel much safer next year in terms of sales.
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123pol  +   843d ago
yeah it seams that the people whose quotes were written were from people who was going to buy a xbone or just didnt like ps4
ShinnokDrako  +   843d ago
Exactly, i don't even know why they care since they're not going to get a PS4 (and they don't even care about the game).
I admit it was a sad news for me, i was really waiting to play it with my PS+ but... well, if it gets better, it's ok. BUT i want to see it on PS+ when it's out ;P
yellowgerbil  +   843d ago
Not very happy about it. Watchdogs was the only game I was going to buy. None of the others really appealed to me. Driveclub was cool because it was free, not a racer fan but at launch am more open to things. I likely won't even download it in the spring because by then games I ACTUALLY want will be out like Infamous.
I wonder if they will add a new free game now though
JimmyLmao  +   843d ago
they are... Contrast and Resogun free on day 1 :)
then plus the 7 other free games on day 1 :P
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yellowgerbil  +   843d ago
Contrast is free now?!
That was the one downloadable game that really looked good.
BTBuck1  +   843d ago
lets face it, we're all going to have plenty to play as it is, i for one am glad they're spacing it out a bit. I may have otherwise completely skipped over some of these titles.
Consoles4kidz  +   843d ago
Watchdogs was delayed because the ps4 version isnt ready, its ready on xbox. Ps4 in general is having red line of death issues, you can watch it on youtube.
Majin-vegeta  +   843d ago
Lol that just happens when it gets to hot.Once they pulled it out it went back to normal.
Kingthrash360  +   843d ago
lol this im not gunna bite.
rrod= the actual DEATH of you console
red line of "death"= hey idiot, your overheating me by locking me in a closed box. (console dosent die)

so sick of xb fanny boys trying to lable the ps4 w the same hell the 360 had.

ot i hate the delays...but better games happen..they seen the problems and want to fix them rather than let it release broken.
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SCW1982  +   843d ago
Your name should be comments4kids because that was the stupidest pile of shit that just came out of your tiny brain.
tracyllrkn  +   843d ago
You made me laugh. That was funny.
cell989  +   843d ago
Watchdogs was ready on xbox? where did you read this? the PS4 is holding development back? where did you read all of this, point me out please
thejigisup  +   843d ago
Perhaps devs realized they shouldn't holds back one console bc of another consoles limitations. And in general I used to put my xbox in a plastic bag to see If it wouldn't over heat
CRAIG667  +   843d ago
Doesn't bother me, I'm not buying a PS4 until next year anyway...
saggysack79  +   843d ago
is it now confirmed driveclub is delayed?
True_Samurai  +   843d ago
Mikelarry  +   843d ago
@ saggy

official confirmation about drive club situation
Viking_Socrates  +   843d ago
Watch Dogs delay is a more serious delay when compared to Drive Club, as I knew a lot of people who planned to get it for the PS4 but now they're unsure as to what to do.

The Drive Club delay is rather disappointing and I planned it to be my subtle alternative to GT6 or Forza 5 and I hope they keep the free version for PS+
Hazmat13  +   843d ago
if killzone SF gets delayed im gonna beat their dicks off!
thegreatmacro  +   843d ago
I'm using this in the follow up article
Stakalee  +   843d ago
I hope your a woman
Hazmat13  +   843d ago
oh so i gotta be a girl to beat a man dick off!? #hater #SWAG
True_Samurai  +   843d ago
UnHoly_One  +   843d ago
That is without a doubt the strangest "threat" I've ever seen.
darren_poolies  +   843d ago
You not seen 21 Jump Street? :P
UnHoly_One  +   843d ago
No I have not.
thejigisup  +   843d ago
Interesting choice of words.
ssj27  +   843d ago

I'm just playing kz2 online and I had to go to my old japon account because there is some kind off error network today for my american account and I have been playing from rank 1 and wow the tension yhis game has my heart is bumping like crazy its amazing!

No bot no spexial abilities .. juat pure raw gun and custom rules in kzsf will allow me to create this experience! I can't wait.. I actually can kz2 is still amazing
Hazmat13  +   843d ago
dont make this into a normal conversation or ill beat your dick off too!
Stakalee  +   843d ago
How did this go from a couple of games being delayed to a ps4 red line of death rah rah just asking I know Sony and Microsoft will work out the kinks before launch.
GTgamer  +   843d ago
Less stress on my wallet atleast KZ isn't delayed then i would really throw a fit
snp  +   843d ago
Not gutted, but a little disappointed. Although in saying that for me it was more a 'download, and if i like it.. possibly buy'. It was never a sure thing.

I'm actually probably more likely to buy it if the delay benefits it enough to peek my interest (not a huge racing fan), but admittedly in terms of pushing for Christmas mind share (for the console) the delay isn't ideal.
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Gore-Content  +   843d ago
playdar... CO UK. Says it all.
pete007  +   843d ago
When a developer delays a game 10 years on the making........
On the supposed easiest platform, where games would take3 Weeks to be finnished.
bsquwhere   843d ago | Personal attack | show | Replies(1)
LEOPARD1030  +   843d ago
I prefer a delayed game , with full HD 1080p and 60 FPS than an incomplete game at 720p ( Killing Instinctive), 900p ( Ryse) or a simulator without climatic change o day-night cycle ( Forza 5). XD
pete007  +   842d ago
If you prefer full hd/60 fps buy a pc. Less than 1% of ps4 games will perform it. Soon even a wrist watch will play better games than ps4.
Classic game business model is doomed. And to avoid suicide they went all cheappo.
Seraphemz  +   843d ago
There is no question now that the Xbox One lineup is better right now. But thats because M$ abandoned the 360 all this year. Sony is still supporting the PS3.

I have no doubt that in the long run, PS4 will have the better console exclusives.

I really wanted to play Watch Dogs, but now i will focus on Assasins Creed 4 and KZ4. And wait for the amazing exclusives that are yet to come.
liquidsnake  +   843d ago
To be honest, non of them are that great. There are 1 really awesome game on each platform, one being Forza and the other being KZ:SF. Ryze has mostly gotten negative feedback so far, you can't deny that. So if anything they are on par. The good thing with PS4 is though, that you'll have tons of free games to play until things will be serious.
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JackVagina  +   843d ago
Anyone thinking about jumping ships is making a huge mistake

The Order 1886
Deep Down
Naughtydog has 2 teams making games
SSM has 2 teams making games
Media Molecule: Unnanounced PS4 game
QD: Unnanouced PS4 game
GG: Making a new PS4 IP
Japan Studio: Last guardian PS4
Polyphony Digital: GT7
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liquidsnake  +   843d ago
Lol easy, people wont cancel their preorders just because DriveClub got delayed :).
yanikins111  +   843d ago
How do you figure. SS is, if i recall correctly, the only one of those games with a release window. Everything else, you're probably looking well into 2014 and for the stuff not even announced, 2015 and beyond.

Personally i'm not a Micro fan and won't be getting a Bone, but I dont see how some one delaying their purchase of a ps4 to buy a bone is making a huge mistake. It has more games at launch and in the launch window.

I mean unless you just want a pretty console under your television.
yanikins111  +   843d ago
Eh. Im most likely cancelling my preorder. I was looking forward to watchdogs, drive club and Shadow fall. Now its just shadow fall. And im not spending $550 on a console, $100 on a game, $80 on ps+ for a console with one major game and a few indy titles. I'll wait until some other games come out first.
LEOPARD1030  +   843d ago
I'm a big fan of PS4 but....

not Watchdogs + Not Driveclub + Not Battlefield 4 + Not Helghast campaign in Killzone :(

I'm not sure to buy PS4 first day, maybe I'll wait until Infamous.
HeavenlySnipes  +   843d ago
Battlefield 4 isn't coming to the PS4? What?

How do you know you can't play as a Helghast in KZ SF?
LEOPARD1030  +   843d ago
The Helghast are amazing, but GG is so stubborn to make a game with them, they prefer a boring ISA campaign,with bland story and nasty characters ( Templar, narville, rico).

Maybe Echo could be a good opportunity to play for the Helghast side, but this is very unlikely.

Shadow Fall looks incredible, but I give up,I don't have any hope for the long awaited Helghast campaign.
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Brix90  +   843d ago
It was almost delayed for PS4 and Xbox 1 but it's still coming to both consoles.
DOOMZ  +   843d ago
History repeats itself, oh man....
#18 (Edited 843d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Brix90  +   843d ago
Honestly who cares if it was delayed only people complaining about this never intended to buy a PS4. I mean for crying out loud there giving you a free version of this game for PS plus members. Killzone and Knack still look good and I garantee the a majority or next gen sales will be 3rd party games anyway. Delay doesn't mean it's bad means there trying to make a good game regardless of console. I mean we spend months anticipating games we constantly get teased for its part of being a gamer so if its as a good as some people say I'll wait.
thejigisup  +   843d ago
Dafuq did I just read?
Liestation  +   843d ago
Oh dear oh dear!!! Lol!!!! Whats with all the Sony worshippers trying to twist the delays into a good thing. Thought the ps4 was easy to develop for. They havent even finished the free game driveclub or half a game should i say. Sony lies FACT!! Just look at the claims they made when ps3 came out. Nevermind, cry on. Deep down u know its not looking good so keep lieing to youselves.

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