Kombo: Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Hands On

Kombo writes: "This past Tuesday, Kombo (and by extension I) was invited to the top floor of the Marriott Hotel located in the heart of downtown San Francisco in order to try out an as-of-yet unreleased game, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. To be honest, I went into the event with only a very basic grasp of the game (Wikipedia is your friend) despite it seeing a release on the PC over half a year ago. What I came out of the event with, however, was a firm idea on what the game is about, how it plays, and why it should prove to be a worthy purchase on its May 27th release date.

Let's start off with the basics: Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is a strategic first-person shooter that depicts the battle between a team of fighting humans, the Global Defense Force (or GDF), and the cybernetic alien race that's invading Earth – the Strogg. Set before the events of both Quake II and Quake 4, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars gives you the option to fight as both of these teams, who each offer noticeable differences in gameplay. Generally, the goal of each match revolves around either capturing enemy territory through achieving various objectives (blowing up key structures, etc.) or stopping the opposing team from doing so by defending said structures. These objectives are fairly straight-forward, but each player can help to achieve them in a different way through use of the game's class system."

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