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Weak Sales Reason For Need For Speed: Rivals Skipping Wii U And PS Vita

TSA writes: "Speaking to TSA about NfS: Rivals, following our hands on time with the game, Creative Director Craig Sullivan answered our question as to why Rivals would not be seeing a release on Wii U or PlayStation Vita, when Most Wanted had reached both." (Need For Speed: Rivals, PS Vita, Wii U)

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snitch_puck  +   679d ago
Not surprised. It's a new studio. Obviously, they'd aim for higher sales for their first game while maintaining resources. Although, a portable version for this would be nice in the future.
Vitalogy  +   679d ago
The Vita install base its bigger than it was when MW was released, I know it isn't an enormous gap but still my point still stands, there's more Vita's out and I'm sure a Vita owner would like to buy this game for it. I know I would buy it.

They talk about MW not selling well on the Vita but they didn't even supported the game after launch. No DLC's, no bug fixes, patches, nothing.

Just give Rivals a chance on the Vita and then we'll see if it does or not sell well, which I believe it would sell like hot cakes.
psDrake  +   679d ago
As much as I agree with you, I still think it's on Sony. They MUST release a Gran Turismo game specifically designed for Vita by using optimized GT 5 engine...That would be amazing.

I understand all 1st party studios are working on PS4 games but c'mon. I got nothing to be excited for next year other than Borderlands 2
MatrixxGT  +   679d ago
MW on vita is still best racer so far. Wipe out is good but its a different style of racing.
imXify  +   679d ago
MW on WiiU sold 5k only and MW on Vita sold 400k, a little more than the pc version.

I just don't understand why no Rivals on Vita.
rambi80  +   679d ago
400k not including digital sales and most likely undertracked by vgchartz. Whatevs
tehpees3  +   679d ago
Its probably something to do with building a new engine or something. EA don't make sense to me anymore. They are sending Fifa to die on the Vita and they know it.
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gpturbo81  +   678d ago
5k? get the fuck outta here. for real?
MNGamer-N  +   679d ago
Meh who cares, WiiU already has an awesome racing game Need for Speed Most Wanted U, I don't need another racing game already anyway.
LOL_WUT  +   679d ago
Yea but you guys didn't buy it and the reason why they next game won't come to the Wii U. ;)
MNGamer-N  +   678d ago
I bought it. It's all I can do.
gpturbo81  +   678d ago
i bought it , did you wii u owner lol wut ;)
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Chrischi1988  +   677d ago
I bought it, too. But actually I am not very happy with that game. Ok, it was not a bad port, but only online multiplayer? Thats for peole who have no friends, other than online ones, which you never saw for real.

This is why I am waiting for Project Cars, because that at least will offer you offline multiplayer.

If I want online multiplayer, I play on a PC, not a console.
AJBACK2FRAG  +   678d ago
Most Wanted is crazy on the Wii U!
PopRocks359  +   678d ago
Don't listen to LOL_WUT. He's a liar and a troll. He claims he owns a Wii U then bashes anyone and everyone who is a Nintendo fan when games like these don't sell well whether or not they actually bought the game.
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Amigaengine  +   679d ago
"It didn’t really sell that many, in terms of the Wii U market. I would love for it to have, because we put so much effort into that, trust me. I’d love for it to be way bigger than it was, and the same for the Vita"

Shocking to hear ;)
leahcim  +   679d ago
fair enough
Kirnisorey  +   679d ago
If it on the ps4 won't we be able to play it on vita any way
MilkMan  +   679d ago
The game was pretty good on WiiU, but the steering was touchy as fuck!
Ran silky smooth. Too bad though, maybe another time.
I only buy games for the WiiU and PS3 now, preferably WiiU.
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gedden7  +   679d ago
Stupid devs and article... You can't release a port on a new system when the actually game was released on other systems months and months before... OF COURSE ITS NOT GONNA SELL..
rambi80  +   679d ago
yes this is what devs should do. Don't invest in any platform. Wait for a large enough base and then adopt the namco approach and release 4 (Tales of) games in a little over one year and hope for the best.

If it doesn't go well for SOME reason find a way to blame gamers.
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a_adji  +   679d ago
you can't release an old game that majority have played on their 360/ps3 and expect them to buy them on wii U also a year later.
TheLastGuardian  +   678d ago
Maybe if you would have put the Vita version on sale last black friday, I would have bought it instead of the PS3 version.
ragincajun77  +   678d ago
This is BS. NFS:MW sold over 400,000 physical copies. I bought my copy of the PSV version digitally as I am sure many others did. Supposedly a third of games are bought digitally. Using a conservative figure of 20% that would mean an additional 80,000 copies were sold. I think 480,000 copies sold warrants bringing the sequel onto the same platform. This number single-handedly beats the number of PC copies sold, yet Rivals is releasing for PC. So don't feed me that crap sandwich about PSV sales.
Riderz1337  +   678d ago
Lol what? It sold like 400K on Vita not including Digital...

SMH EA wants 1 mill + sales for a game to be considered successful lmao. Get some real expectations you idiots.
AKR  +   678d ago
Criterion did an awesome job with Need for Speed: Most Wanted U. The problem is that instead of trying to release it closer to launch; they released it over 6 MONTHS after the other versions - specifically: FOUR other versions. Players more than likely already owned it/played it on other platforms. Not to mention they charged full-price for it.

Oh well, I bought the game; that's all I can do.
dcj0524  +   678d ago
Stupid. 400K+ on a install base of 2.5 million (6 million now) is amazing. Thats moreb than the PC that has WAAAAAAAAAAY more players. Yet it still releases on PC not VITA. Retards.
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iR_phantasm  +   678d ago
Me and 4 of my friends got MW on our Vitas, me on PS3 as well. Loved it. Shame were not getting a Vita Rivals =[
iceman600  +   678d ago
weak sales? weak game, and the only real need for speed game were the first 3 on pc.
teflontactics  +   678d ago
That's too bad they're not releasing it on Vita, I guess they don't want my money then... I'll have to save it for a better racing game. ;)
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MajorGecko  +   678d ago
I still need to pick up Most Wanted for my vita its only 15$!!!!
porkChop  +   677d ago
Huh? The Vita versions sold very, very well. Wtf was EA expecting? 2m sales? 400k physical, and a lot more digital copies. That's fantastic for what was a brand new handheld at the time. What happened to the EA from 2008? I want those guys back.
a_adji  +   675d ago
EA and other third parties trying to resell old games like nFS, deus ex or whatever it's called and delaying rayman can go and blow, look what gamers done to Microsoft with Xbox one. You give shit you won't get shit. Pure and simple. Fuck EA, pricks.

Keep your old ass games. How about you release on every system and hen look at numbers. Fuck ea again lol
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