Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe Impossible on Wii?

Kombo reports: It would appear, for the moment, that Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe will not be receiving a Wii iteration. Why? Epic's Unreal Engine 3.

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PS360WII3892d ago

I really consider this a win for the Wii honestly

sonarus3892d ago

lol i guess they didn't get the ps3 visuals can be done on wii memo

Odiah3892d ago

Wow, Epic are kinda snobbish these days.

Still, UT3 isn't doing as hot as it should be so I guess karma is giving them a wee bit o' payback.

Leathersoup3892d ago

the number of titles using the Unreal Tournament 3 engine is insane. The problem with this whole issue is that the number of things that would have to be removed to get the game to run on the Wii would end up ruining the title for most people if they were to compare.

This is the price that Wii owners are going to have to pay for going with the "fun" "low cost" console.

kadosho3892d ago

Wait, wasn't there a port of Armageddon on the Wii. Midway is causing hysteria on their part, if they're backing out like this. If there are limitations, they should address them in a positive manner. Fan-ish poking will definitely be apparent the next few hours, if not minutes.
Is Midway really in control of their games anymore?

M_Prime3892d ago

sounds cheesy..

and whats the big deal about UNREAL ENGINE 3, not many companies actually make great looking or great games with it with the exception of a few.. now do you think that the MK vs DC will be good?

i mean the last few MK games were a bit.. Lackluster in my books.. i never played armageddon but i played almost everything up till there. and still the best of the best was MK2 or MK3 (some may argue which one is better)

and there have been reports of UNREAL 3 being scaled down to wii and such..

so i don't see the big deal with Unreal 3.. other then GEAR OF WAR.. which looked awsome. but then again it may be that i have little faith in this game.. I mean i like the DC part.. but the MK part worries me.. but then again when was the last time there was a decent DC game?

can anyone say SUPERMAN 64?

(Lego Batman does not count, as we know LEGO is just awsome)

3892d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.