On the Frontlines: Battlefield vs. Call of Duty

Critically Sane takes a look at what makes Call of Duty and Battlefield two completely different animals. Despite being the two top FPS franchises, and having copied a lot of each other's ideas, there still are some key differences. Don analyzes them here.

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NYC_Gamer1618d ago

I was always crappy when it came to playing shooters like BF and COD online

napoleon10661618d ago

I always have a couple bad games, a couple good games, one great game, and then I'm terrible forever.

Something tells me matchmaking plays a part in this.

Nocando1617d ago

I am consistently terrible at both games, not sure why I keep playing sometimes. I have gotten to where I just stay out of combat in BF3 and spam ammo and med packs.

Gozer1618d ago

The games are two very different beasts. A person can enjoy both, because they are so different.