Batman: Arkham Origins' Wii U and physical PC versions will launch later in Europe

Warner Bros. has told Eurogamer that Batman: Arkham Origins' Wii U and physical PC versions will arrive in Europe on 8th November, a fortnight later than the game's launch on other platforms.

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hollabox1678d ago

I don't get launching games on certain platforms later than the others. It only makes sense when you have new consoles launching later than the game release date. I don't know if its me but seem like half the time publishers are stepping on their own toes when it comes to releasing titles on the Wii U and PC. I know the sales will be lower but its not going to help sales when all the people who want to purchase this game and don't feel like waiting buy it on other platforms. If its a bad games not too many people are going to waste their time buying it later, overall hurting the publisher bottom line.

MilkMan1678d ago

So it is coming out on time for the WiiU in North America on October 22nd right?

Adexus1678d ago

EU gets shafted yet again! Thankfully I'll be getting the digital PC version.

RadioActiveTwinky1678d ago

Is this game coming out on next gen consoles?
Cause if it is, Ill just wait for that version.

lodossrage1678d ago

This is very messed up on Warner's part. The Wii U version already won't have the online that the others have. Now a EU delay.

I know the Wii U sales aren't what they want them to be. But deliberate things like delaying their version and excluding content only perpetuates the problem.