Third time is the charm: Talking 'GTA V' with voice of Franklin, Shawn Fonteno

Of the three main protagonists in Grand Theft Auto V, Franklin has got to be the one that is the most sane out of the bunch, which while it doesn't say a lot, it is apparent and perfectly presented by the man who brought Franklin to life, Shawn Fonteno.

For Shawn Fonteno this was the third project he's worked on, with the last one coming in the form of the 2001 film The Wash. Since then, he hasn't been involved with any projects and that only makes his performance as Franklin all the more impressive.

Shawn spoke exclusively with Examiner about his work and experience as playing the character Franklin in Grand Theft Auto V.

He first talked with us about how he could relate to where Franklin was coming from and that jumping into any given scene was a simple task for him to do.

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