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Are you ready to be a superhero? In LEGO Marvel Super Heroes you'll be able to play as one of your favorite Marvel characters of all time.

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TheEvilWithin1613d ago

After seeing the gamestop black friday add for Lego Marvel for $29.99 I will be ready then.

Captain Qwark 91613d ago

i played the demo on 360 last night. nice graphics, story seems cool, same boring tired gameplay as all the other lego games. other than their look and occasionally holding the b button to watch something get built, the games ave nothing to do with lego and rather shallow gameplay. they should take a note from minecraft or banjo nuts and bolts and make a real lego game just seperate yourselves from the other two by keeping the charm and story

TwilightSparkle1613d ago

they never really showed what the vita version is like no screenshots or anything. at least i haven't seen any

italkgame1612d ago

I also wonder what the Vita vwesion does. If it is good and only takes a slight hit in the visuals department I might pick this one up

GoPanthers9991611d ago

Great kids game, looks to be the best of the Lego games.