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Submitted by jcnba28 772d ago | opinion piece

Hey Ubisoft, How Did Delaying Rayman Legends Work Out For Sales?

Playeressence - I hate to say I told you so Ubisoft, but……I told ya so. I wrote a article back in February saying that Ubisoft is sending Rayman Legends out to die. And by the looks of things, I was dead right.

Here is a snippet of my article I wrote the day Ubisoft decided to delay Rayman Legends on February 7th:

“Mark my words ‘Ubisoft will regret delaying Rayman Legends on the Wii U’ its going to come back and bite them in the ass. There is too much competition out there for Rayman Legends to succeed in September. GTA V, Mario, Zelda, and new consoles will overshadow it.” (PC, PS Vita, PS3, Rayman Legends, Ubisoft, Wii U, Xbox 360)

4logpc  +   772d ago
I don't think delaying it was the wrong choice.

Ubisoft, like many others, expected there to be more games from Nintendo to move Wii u units, when that didn't happen, Ubisoft had to make the choice.

If Legends was released only on the Wii U, it would of bombed hardcore.

Legends problem is the price. I am not saying its not worth the $60, but it is a hard sell for any full priced 2d platformer unless you name is Mario.

Ubisoft should of released it at $40.
Megaplaynate  +   772d ago
Wasn't it MS fault? I read something about requiring same day release on multiplats. Or maybe it was just Ubisoft trying to get more sales. Anyway my brother really loves this game.
csreynolds  +   772d ago
If memory serves, didn't Legends come with Origins' levels for free? Providing I am not wrong, I think $60/£40 RRP for two great platformers is perfectly reasonable...
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gpturbo81  +   771d ago
correct. there is more than enough content to warrant the price.
MONKEYDLUFFY  +   772d ago
It was. Many people would have bought it in February when they had nothing else to play.
4logpc  +   772d ago
Wonderful 101 begs to differ.
jcnba28  +   772d ago
"If Legends was released only on the Wii U, it would of bombed hardcore."

How does that make any sense when the Wii U version sold more copies than either the PS3 or 360 version?

Wii U has an install base of just under 4 million, PS3/360 have 80 million and the Wii U version still sells more copies.
4logpc  +   772d ago
I don't believe ubi has released any sales numbers besides, "missed target"
4logpc  +   772d ago
Nice,but i still dont think releasing it any earlier would of changed a thing. Rayman Origins didnt take off untill its pricecut happened.
3-4-5  +   772d ago
How much game are you getting in Rayman legends vs an RPG for the same $60 price?

2D platformers aren't games you can play 3-6 hours a day for weeks at a time and not get bored.

We need price regulations. $60 for games that pack a ton of quality content.

2D platformers and other games I can beat in 5 hours shouldn't be allowed to be more than $40.
Deadpoolio  +   772d ago
Oh for the love of Christ quit trying to use the stupid wah wah RPGs have more content....Not everyone plays those ya know....
Munnkyman  +   772d ago
I dont think it would have bombed hardcore. At the time everyone that had a wii u was waiting for it.(since their were not other games out) like lego city it would not have bomb because it had no other games to compete with. Delaying it put it in a bad month to come out and also gave wiiu owners a reason not to get it.
rainslacker  +   771d ago
I actually brought a Wii U mostly for this game. I know another person that did the same. At the time it was going to be released, there was nothing else to look forward to, and it would have come after a fairly heavy post launch software drought.

I ended up getting it on the PS3 because that's my preferred system, but Rayman Legends was a highly anticipated game for the Wii U before it's delay, and it still sold half decent when it finally did launch.
syne49  +   772d ago
I am sad this may be it for Rayman in the traditional platform sense. That being said this game was amazing and made more amazing by the delay. Sales be damned if it helped a products quality increase as much a it did. As long as you enjoyed it thats all that matters.
_QQ_  +   772d ago
The sales gave us rayman orgins levels. It didn't improve much quality. It was a great game but they certainly messed up by delaying it.
syne49  +   772d ago
Look we have had this conversation before. Do i really need to list all the stuff it added? Sure why not.

Kung Foot Mini Game
Invasion Levels led by Dark Rayman
3D Boss Battles
The 40 origin levels
And of course extra polish.

Yeah though by all means only acknowledge the origin levels.
_QQ_  +   772d ago
Release wiiu version in feburary, Release other versions september with extra content and give the wiiu version an update.
harrisk954  +   772d ago
Even it it "underperformed" just because it doesn't appear on the NPD list, how many of those retail copies were sold on the WiiU? I would venture a guess that the delay helped sell more copies on the PS3 and XB360. Yeah, I am sure that Ubisoft is hanging their heads in shame that a small, unknown blog is saying "I told you so." Really? Think much of yourself that you had some sort of vision based upon your intimate knowledge of the gaming industry, development, marketing and the inner workings/financial status of Ubisoft?

Honestly, Rayman Legends is a great game that will likely sell well during the holiday season as it is a great stocking stuffer for parents looking for quality games for their kids and something that they can enjoy with their kids together, as well.

By the way, I bought 2 copies: one for my son's PS3 and one for my PS3 so that we can play together when he is over my house. Those are 2 more sales that would not have happened if it was only on the WiiU.
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_QQ_  +   772d ago
It would have sold at least 2X as much during the wiiu drought period. or just during a slow month for games in general as most wiiu owners own multiple systems and were buying GTA.
Gemmol  +   771d ago
your missing the point your two sales do not make up for developing and transferring everything to work on ps3 and 360.......basically they end up making a lost trying to port the game to system that did not even want it.....if they had left it Wii U alone they would not of lost much money
Amigaengine  +   772d ago
This is a fantastic game on the WiiU, for the life of me dont understand why "gamers" are hating on this one ?

WiiU has very few games in general so it makes no sense for nintendo based websites to condone boycotting games when you know it only hurts Nintendo in the long run.
Dunban67  +   772d ago
Rayman would have sold far less if they released as planned- all the author had to do is look at sales of all wii u games w the exception of Nintendo Land and Mario U- nothing has sold well- look at Wonderful 101 - great game -sold like sh--.

I hope Rayman, W 101 and Splinter Cell all get a sales boost over the holiday-

I am sure Ubisoft is regretting their support for the Wii-U to date- they get nothing but flack from many Nintendo fans yet they supported the Wii U when Nintendo would not
mydyingparadiselost  +   772d ago
Legends sold better on Wii U than 360 or PS3.
jcnba28  +   772d ago
Then how do you explain the fact that the Wii U version of Rayman Legends sold more copies than the PS3 or 360 version?
RedSoakedSponge  +   772d ago
i bought this on Vita when it released and i thought it was amazing! still waiting for the missing levels we were promised though in a future update.... thought they would be out by now.
Dlacy13g  +   772d ago
Given the support most 3rd party games have gotten from WiiU owners I am sure the delay worked in their favor even if the game didn't do great in sales opening month. Probably performed far better than it would have have just on the WiiU.
monkey602  +   772d ago
Im buying this tomorrow at a bargain 25€ cant wait to get it
Minato-Namikaze  +   772d ago
Author sounds like he's still butt hurt.
The_Villager  +   772d ago
Butt hurt about what exactly? Wii U version sold more than the other console versions.
LOL_WUT  +   772d ago
Because they had delayed it for the Wii U ;)
Amigaengine  +   772d ago
the whole site is butt hurt lol
The_Villager  +   772d ago
I think you're just butt hurt about the article lol
Knushwood Butt  +   772d ago
I'm currently playing Origins, which is my first Rayman game.

It's good, but sometimes the gameplay makes me think it needed some more polish.

One other thing about this is that the main character is just lame. There's just nothing appealing about the character or the design. It's like they found some school kid's doodle book and ripped it off. Plus, all the additional characters seem to have the exact same abilities, and the palette swaps are even more pointless.

Also, what's the deal where at the end of EVERY stage, your character puts their head behind a drawing of an obese female viking or something?? If it's supposed to be funny, then it's not; not the first time, and not EVERY subsequent time when it happens at the end of every level...

Visuals and music are good though.

Only reason I'm playing it is because it came with PS+.
monkey602  +   772d ago
I love the character design. I grew up playing rayman and i love to see him better than ever. The stage completion screen did wear very thin but i can not agree with it needing more polish it was responsive to the Tee and as for fluid animation its next to none. Everything down to raymans sweepkick looks gorgeous and so smooth. I did find all the teensies alternate costumes a bit pointless but i can understand why each character essentialy played the same.
Knushwood Butt  +   771d ago
We'll have to agree to disagree about the character design.

I agree that responsiveness is good, but still, there are times where I scratch my head, especially when going for the time challenges. Like last night I was playing on the stages where fire heats up the pots, and then the lid of the pot flies up in the air due to the steam. Rayman often gets caught on the top left hand side of the lid and can't move forward. Very frustrating.

By the way, it wasn't me that, 'disagreed' with you.
MegaRay  +   772d ago
Ubi should learn not giving a release date untill they're ready and not making exclusives.
BOWZER35  +   772d ago
Rayman is still a good game, glad I bought it.
skyrimer  +   771d ago
All 3rd party games on WiiU have bombed, I highly doubt an exclusive release back then would have made the game succesful. Even wind waker HD bombed in japan Basically, anyone who thinks this would have sold millions as a WiiU exclusive months ago is dellusional.
Gemmol  +   771d ago
miss the point again by porting everything and adding more development it cost them more bringing it to other systems.....Wii U outsold all those systems so all it shows people just cried for no reason they just did not want Nintendo to have an exclusive and now cause a company to post a lost on a game that deserve better
bulbulito  +   771d ago
It's cheaper for transportation and warehouse logistics to handle one product launch rather than several product launches.
Gemmol  +   771d ago
people keep forgetting if Ubisoft did not port it or add additional development time they would of save money releasing the Wii U version by itself but instead they listen to a bunch of people cries and now lost money doing extra development to bring it to ps3/360 and the other systems
TheGrimReaper0011  +   771d ago
Isnt it obvious that ps3/xbox 360 sold less?
What else came out that wasnt for wii u?
O, right! GTA V!
It's sad, because i have both rayman legends for PS3 and vita and GTA V, all for a deal.
Ubisoft should have released the wiiu version on time and port it to other system. That way, you would have been down faster somewhere in the summer, and people would have bought it as there is nothing coming out then.
I always pray for a AAA game to come out during summer and it never happens!
I really hope there is going to be a sequel
I luv this series
Rayman Origins : I have PS3, PS vita and pc version
Rayman Legends : I have PS3 and PS vita version
Yes, I am that obsessed =P

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