Pachter: Microsoft is "foolish" for worrying about being #1 via OXM Podcast writes: "Microsoft is "foolish" for worrying about being number one in the console war, Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter said in a recent podcast.

"I personally think that, with a lot of respect for the Microsoft guys...I don't mean to diss them at all...I think they're foolish to even worry about who's first and who's second. I think that's just stupid," Pachter said during Future's OXM podcast.

"You can be second or third and still make a buttload of money," he continued. 'I don't ever hear Activision or Ubisoft saying that they just hate being second or third and that they envy EA so much that they can't stand it. They both make a lot of money, and are very happy to thrive.'"

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SUP3R3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

Even though I don't agree with his comments 99.99999% of the time.
I have to agree here.
Microsoft should just focus on getting quality products out, creating a positive name and respect for their brand.

The mudslinging is unnecessary this early in the race.
Not saying you can't take a jab or two every now and then, it is business of course, but the dumb PR statements against the competition and the 'big head' attitude after the last NPD reports were very unprofessional.
Especially for a company that's still, in my eyes, a baby in the industry.

green3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

They should just focus on the positives of the 360, iron out the problems and concentrate on delivering great content year after year and folks will keep supporting them.

All the PR talk from both sides are not necessary since they are all profitable but i guess once your in the gaming industry you automatically become a console fanboy.

ion6663866d ago

eliminate major nelson and trixy and replace them with some smokin hot chicks (achievement unlocked for boner).

ChickeyCantor3866d ago

"Microsoft should just focus on getting quality products out, creating a positive name and respect for their brand"
isnt that a part of being first place?

ericnellie3866d ago

I just wish fanboys on both sides didn't worry so much about NPD numbers =) Patcher needs to convince them as well!

SUP3R3866d ago

I don't think they've done that at this point in time.
The only thing MS can brag about right now is their Live service.

Their hardware still gets red lighted(pun intended)
Their software lineup should have been consistent following 2007.
Their brand still suffers, not only for their console, but also with Vista's performance, or lack thereof.

deeznuts3866d ago

I agree. Sony is no saint by any means, but the recent NPD results paint the picture. MS is about to lose, damage control moments before the NPD numbers come out. Sony loses by 5,000, they dont' make one mention of hte fact they pulled 80GB from the shelves. They just say, hey, look our numbers increased from last year.

ip-student3865d ago

Of course being number one is irrelevant, in and of itself, but the reality is that the number one console tends to lead in development of third party games. And why should anyone aim for the number two spot?

I do agree with his point about wanting to be profitable but beyond that Pachter doesn't seem to know what he is talking about. The reality is that MS is in gaming because PC gaming is fading, sales of OS systems are not going to be as strong in the future (most people buy a OS with a new computer and you don't need to buy one of those very often if you don't game on it), and MS wants to be on every console in the living room. So, IMO, gaming is really just a trogan horse for MS, kinda like hte PS3 was a trojan horse for winning the HD format war for Sony. The only problem for MS is that it is a long term fight but MS can afford it for a while and since MS is making money things are all good for now.

Personally I think MS should drop the price on its console as agressively as possible - those consoles sold start to make you more and more money as people buy more and more games. First one to 10 million is nice but if you make it to 30 million you are doing much better. And 40 million is really a nice place to be.

Lifendz3865d ago

when you read Patcher saying something like "I'm not trying to diss" them? Diss? Patcher, stop with the slang. It always comes off sounding forced and Stuart Scotish. Just give me the news.

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power of Green 3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

Its clear this guy has never understood the gaming market average fanboys know more than he does.

He'll get over it he seems ass hurt for his hit and miss predictions being shown in the spotlight lately.

NO_PUDding3866d ago

Glad we agree POG, that Pachetr doesn't know what he's on about....

Becuase we both know that they should be worrying about being in second place. That's what you meant right?


Real gamer 4 life3866d ago

Are they even making money in europe, with them cutting the price again to 200 which make it cheaper then the wii. And i know for a fact that the xbox 360 has a higer manufacturing cost then the wii.

Richdad3865d ago (Edited 3865d ago )

They should go for it even if there is loss Xbox 1 secured some profit but it never had a fanbase and if they don't have fan base "a miss a mile would be worth a thousand" and then in the next gen they will go more back and back and back and then never come again.

They are doing it right if they stuggle then only they will be at a place near all console, they did it form the beginning so they are here now if they didnt they would have ended even worse than Xbox 1 this time. The prediction was that at end of this gen they would reach 50 million but I think they will be near to 90 million if they keep on going and then they could butter out profit.

The reality is Patcher is not a business man himself he is a employee , although he is fair analyst and is giving correct statement abt earning profit but still he is getting on safe side. He is too theoretical.

DarkSniper3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

Microsoft's foolishness extends beyond them worrying about being number 1. The Xbox division has never been number 1 in console sales nor will it never be number 1. If you want a quality product in the market, history shows in the last 20 years that top product will belong to either Nintendo or Sony. Microsoft is too incompetent to even think of achieving this dream.

Some things in gaming never change, Microsoft's inability to win market share on a worldwide basis is one of them.


Jason 36O3865d ago

I agree with Pachter,very informed analysis.

SUP3R3865d ago

Jason360 agreeing with negativity towards Microsoft???
When did this happen?

JasonPC360PS3Wii3865d ago (Edited 3865d ago )

I have a fan, sup Crazzyman. What happened to the other account Jason 180?