Leaked GameStop Black Friday Flyer Has Xbox One on Page 2, PS4 Page 4, Tons of Discounts on Old Gen

Every year GameStop publishes a hefty flyer for Black Friday, and this year is no exception. Today pictures of the flyer were leaked, and we can show it to you in all its discount-filled glory.

Looks like GameStop avoided the direct confrontation route with Xbox One and PS4, placing Microsoft’s next generation console on page 2 and Sony’s on page 4. Other than that, the flyer is a whopping 12 pages of discounted goodness.


Edit: the site is now back up, enjoy the flyer!

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majiebeast1616d ago

Well people now you can see what not to buy for current consoles till black friday. Lot of new releases discounted.

malokevi1616d ago

Yeah because instead of picking up my console day 1 I would rather get shot, stabbed, and then trampled by a bunch of overweight people.

That's my idea of a good time =D

roadkillers1616d ago

Maybe they want their fruits and vegetables for a good deal...

donman11615d ago

Yep... 100% agree with you. Thats why I do cyber Monday and watch the clowns on Black Friday safely at home and on TV for my amusement. Got to love click and wait 2 days for shipment.

XB1_PS41615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

Wow, they're gonna have to redo the PS4 page. They have Watchdogs right under it, and Driveclub right next to it. It's a shame they couldn't get those games finished in time. I really wanted to get my hands on Watchdogs this year.

VENOMACR12271615d ago

1 word.....Amazon.

The past few years the only times I go into stores around the holidays is to buy a card. Why waste gas sitting in traffic and driving for 15 minutes trying to find a parking space, then walk through an overly crowded store thats 1,000 degrees because there are a million people in the store, then wait in line for an hour, just to walk out and do it all over again at the next store.

Amazon = free shipping, no tax (depending on state), and prices that are already low. And Gamestop, I wouldn't give them $1 of my money to begin with.

FamilyGuy1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

A year of PS+ for $29.99

Dragon's Crown for $30
Tales of Xilia for $20

FF 14 Arr $20 (that upgrades to digital PS4 version for free btw)
BF4 $30
Ni No Kuni $15

BF4 at $30 is a huge surprise, definitely gonna try to get that.

Can't believe this leaked so early, games sales will be down in the U.S. till black friday comes. Can't wait to see the other leaked ads.

Pogmathoin1615d ago

Those black Friday sales remind me of Starship Troopers, when the bugs rip em apart.... Poor walmart door greeting staff....

gatormatt801615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

Count me in for the $29.99 one year sub of PS+, may have to get a couple at that price. Almost perfect timing since my sub runs out on 10/31. Now I'm thinking of just letting it run out until 11/15 since Sony is giving 2 weeks free with the PS4 which would last me exactly till black Friday.

showtimefolks1615d ago

malokevi for all the BF deals online to avoid all those people you said lol.

seriously if you are a gamer and don't visit cheapassgamer than you are really missing out, its a site run by gamers for gamers with every gaming deal on the net or in store

i hope it helps

i know i won't be going into any store, even though i want that psn-plus for 29.99

troncoparati1615d ago

Go for it online...if this is how it looks at GS then Amazon is going to have a good sale too.

guitarded771615d ago

Amazon, Amazon, Amazon... that is all.

These deals aren't that great. $30 PS+ is good, but nothing else jumps out as insane deal. I'll have my ass planted in front of the computer checking the gold box deals on Amazon.

FamilyGuy1615d ago


Sony should have a PSN sale on their digital content for black friday or thanksgiving. They always have sales but something really substantial that rivals or is comparable to these in-store prices would be awesome. It'd definitely be a way to save some people from getting trampled lol.

malokevi1615d ago

Holy crap... I didn't see that. Definitely getting my ps+ subscription on black Friday. That's a steal!

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H0RSE1616d ago ShowReplies(2)
GiantEnemyCrab1616d ago

I will be home playing my shiny new console while the crazies are fighting over the discounts.

3-4-51616d ago

list is kind of weak.

So many things NOT discounted at all.

I thought EVERYTHING was supposed to be on sale.

3DS games $40 ! no way....that is.....the regular price

Sitdown1615d ago

If done right you can get next generation Battlefield 4 for $40.

harrisk9541615d ago

Amazon is the only way to go... daily lightning deals from November through the holidays...

Sitdown1615d ago

Amazon has lightning deals throughout the year...

harrisk9541615d ago

Yeah, but NOTHING like the ones over the holidays. The lightning deals are crazy and most of them sell out within seconds.

showtimefolks1615d ago


you know one other site sales on BF are really good. yes the games are used but you get brand new case,manual plus most of the times like new disk for fraction of the cost

Sitdown1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

Seriously, Amazon has great lightning deals throughout the year.... they peak during the week of Thanksgiving, but outside of that week, you can find similar great deals.

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Jazz41081615d ago

Intersting how the xboxone add takes a stab at the competition with xbox live listed as the most reliable service. I guess that is subjective but it has been very true for me as a multi console owner.

AJBACK2FRAG1615d ago

The space ship in Pikmin looks like a Metroid!!!!!!!

lilbrat231615d ago

I wish GTA would have been there as well.

yeahokchief1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

I actually expected a lot of this stuff to be discounted more heavily. No doubt amazon will have some better deals.

Diablo 3 in particular I don't see holding at $40. I'm not interested in it. I just don't see that price sticking.

Killzone Mercenaries for $20 looks solid.

Altogether this flyer was pretty meh for Black Friday. Then again i guess i'm biased for having a 40 game backlog and not really wanting anything else to begin with. This'll be the first November in at least 4-5 years where I don't buy anything. money in the bank. TY PS+.

IMightBeRetarded1615d ago

Mercenary for $20 and PS all-stars at $10 is very tempting, especially with cross buy.

yeahokchief1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

I actually deleted allstars off my PS Vita because I don't play nearly as well on the vita compared to the PS3. It's a pretty competitive game so I prefer to be playing on the PS3 unless im playing against newbies.

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Snookies121616d ago

Noooooooo, that PS3 deal. Why did my system have to die THIS month and not next month!? D:

I'm so addicted to GTA Online though, I can't wait that long to get a new system.

Snookies121616d ago

If only it were that easy lol.

mikeslemonade1616d ago

What are you talking about? A PS3 trade-in deal?? I don't see it.

Snookies121616d ago

@mikeslemonade - I'm talking about the 199.99 PS3 sale with Arkham Origins and Last of US.

TheFutureIsBlue1616d ago

I know the feeling Snookies. Mine died 2 months ago and I can't buy a new ps3 since all of my money is going towards the ps4. Hurry up Nov. 15th!

Soc51615d ago

What's with all these ps3's dying ? I have an original...hang in there ole Betsy!!!

3-4-51616d ago

60 GB ps2 BC version of PS3 for $150 refurbished at Gamestop.

RiPPn1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

Dat DriveClub and Watch_Dogs...

WeAreLegion1616d ago

I know. :/ I about cried.

xActionBasturdx1615d ago

I thought Drive club got delayed

RiPPn1616d ago

1 year PS+ for 29.99 is a great deal, will defo jump on that.

MNGamer-N1616d ago

I'm going to have to wait for that deal as well.

HugoDrax1616d ago

Definitely getting 2 years of that for my PS4. I'll actually have a gold account and a PS+ account at the same time lol. When will I have the time...

LoveOfTheGame1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

Buying PS+ stacks on to your current subscription right?

Basically if I buy it and still have a couple months left it should add on and not replace correct?

cpayne931616d ago

Same. Hoping for some better deals on games elsewhere tho.

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Crazay1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

Some pretty sweet scores in there...I bet some launch day sales may even take a hit now because of this leak. Publishers are gonna be PISSED

pixelsword1616d ago

I love your comment; it goes along with your profile name very well.

Blachek1615d ago

A handful of retailers actually release or "leak" the Black Friday sales early so people who shop plan around making that stop before a competitor releases theirs.

Crazay1615d ago

yea. for sure...but this is what? 6...7 weeks early? And right before some pretty key titles for this winter season.