Why 'Rock Band' Songs Are All Radio Edits

MTV Multiplayer writes: "It's amazing what a couple of misunderstandings can lead you to.

I interviewed Harmonix co-founder Alex Rigopulos last week about the "Rock Band" downloadable album program launching this week.

Rigopulos told me, the ESRB doesn't factor into Harmonix's decisions about "Rock Band" music.

"By and large we've tended toward using radio edits," Rigopulos told me. 'The ESRB is not, to my knowledge, as sensitive to language in M ratings. The use of radio edits on our part has been our decision, rather than an ESRB one.'"

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Jamegohanssj53888d ago

It's the real thing or nothing at all especially for Motley Crue and Nine Inch Nails; however, there isn't much profanity in NIN.

The Genius has spoken.