Microsoft's free Xbox games with Gold program covers "up to £30 of top titles" each month

OXM UK: "Whilst the news this morning that the Xbox Live service Games With Gold will be extended indefinitely certainly makes us happy, a closer look at some of the terms and conditions suggests that Microsoft has put a price cap on that happiness - £30 per month, to be precise."

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dirigiblebill1645d ago

Somebody list all the XBL games that cost £29 for me.

dazzrazz1645d ago

I think they have mistaken pounds with pennies or our cents ;P

Mr Pumblechook1645d ago

I loved Halo 3 when it came out but it is 6 years old! They could at least try to offer something more recent.

Cueil1645d ago

if you get to keep the titles it's realy fine with me... lots of old titles I never played

aviator1891645d ago

Yup, we get to keep them permanently, even if our gold membership runs out.

lastofgen1645d ago

Lol...I honestly have no idea as to why you received three quick disagrees for stating something true, but whatever.

Saints941645d ago

Out of my 70 friends the amount that even bothered to download the last 3 games WAS.... 5. The games themselves are not enticing even if it's "free".