Kojima: Metal Gear Solid 5 will go beyond the console

Series creator says it will be "playable whatever you want, whenever you want"

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JackISbacK1644d ago

so why not on pc ,is pc not good platform ,it will suit this game the best ,and does not matters to me on what console you bring the game ,at leat bring it on pc ,their are many pc gamers who anticipate your game.

bioflex1644d ago

why so serious? Just kidding. I believe i heard somewhere that its coming to pc though. Cant tell if its true or not but would love for it to be true since i am primarily a pc gamer myself

JackISbacK1644d ago

i also like to play on consoles but pc is first for me because iam having heart connection with keyboard and mouse from which i feel best while playing games ,and also better graphics on pc but my first priority is gameplay ,and i also feels best playing fiest person shoooter and 3rd person shhoter games on pc .

ZHZ901644d ago

How about utilize the touchpad for PS4 version of MGSV as well.

Rynocirator1644d ago

Kojima said before this quote that he wanted to release it on as many consoles/platforms as wouldn't surprise me if they release it on vita and pc along with ps4, xbox one, 360 and ps3.

christocolus1644d ago

i sure hope he uses kinect and smart glass in very revolutionary ways..i remember the original mgs on ps one.where you had to change the controller port to avoid psycho mantis reading your mind..that was so cool..i expect even more now especially with the new tech these consoles are bringing to the table.

Activemessiah1644d ago

"once again alluding to second-screen features"

Sounds like it would've been interesting on Wii U...