GTA V PC Hinted By The Latest AMD Catalyst Drivers

DSOGaming writes: "Guru3D's member 'kn00tcn' has just discovered a profile for the latest part of Rockstar's title in the latest BETA drivers of AMD."

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steve30x1679d ago

There is the possibility of a profile being present as a placeholder. However, this profile was not present in some earlier drivers, meaning that there is definitely something going on in the background. It’s also a strong evidence for the PC version of GTA V, though let’s not forget that Halo 3 was also found in AMD’s Catalyst drivers and is nowhere to be found.

Codey471679d ago

I wonder if the PC version will have a billions worth of sales?

gamernova1679d ago

Comparing what PC can generate vs two more prevalent consoles is pretty stupid. Rockstar knows that there is a lot of money to be made in the PC realm so they are making the game, just like all the other times.

Codey471679d ago

It's not pretty stupid though is it?

Allegedly GTA4 only sold 1.2 million on PC retail worldwide.
They will only make it... if it is profitable to those.

ID software gimped the PC Version of Rage
IE: Making idtech5 use texture streaming on PC when in fact a PC doesn't need texture streaming... an indication that the engine he created was optimised for consoles
That's a PC centric developer who went where the money was.

Why others are dropping new titles for the Wiiu and Vita... because they don't see it as a profitable venture.
Even though the install base is allegedly 5 million each.

gamernova1679d ago

So you're saying people are dropping PC because lack of profitability thus providing logic for Rockstar not doing GTA V on PC? *literally laughing out loud*

There are analysts that claim that a big reason why PCs aren't so easily being dominated by mobile devices is because of PC gaming.

Why is BF4 using PC as lead platform? Why is watch dogs using PC as lead platform? Hell, even consoles are becoming PCs. They have their USB ports and their HDDs (although SSD is becoming the standard for speedy pcs)The architecture of a console even looks exactly the same as a PC. Any console article you see goes on about specs and this was previously a pc only concern. PC is growing. Steam profit is increasing. Hell, even EA is making a killing off of PC digital sales. You think that Rockstar doesn't see it? They're smart people. They want their piece of the pie too. That is why I think the comparison when it comes to revenue is stupid. The PC version will sell well in relation to how many people there are with PCs that can actually play the game.

sorane1679d ago


"Allegedly GTA4 only sold 1.2 million on PC retail worldwide."

Using numbers straight from vga does not make you look good.

ATi_Elite1679d ago

No it will not but Tencent Holdings the Parent company of Riot Games who makes League of Legends Made a Billion dollars in 2012 and are on pace to do the same in 2013 off of the back of PC Exclusive League of Legends.

Blizzard Makes a Billion dollars yearly from World of Warcraft alone.

Nexxon is another Billion dollar company who works only with PC MMO's

Valve makes a Billion dollars from Steam ALONE nevermind any revenue from games it releases.

So AGAIN GTAV PC will NOT Generate a Billion dollars in revenue but remember that's ONE Game across TWO platforms while I just showed you a Billion Dollar Game World of Warcraft on ONE platform.

Oh by the way Smart Pants did Diablo III console sell 15 million copies? HELL NO (500K across two platforms)

Diablo III PC sold 15 million copies so Exactly what was the purpose of your stupid POST?

Some Games do well on some platforms while some games do well on others.

S-T-F-U1679d ago

I think you for this post.

Lon3wolf1679d ago

Who knows what the PC sales could of been vs console if they had actually released it at the same time as the console version. I for one have it on PS3 and will buy again for PC, but I bet a lot of multi gaming machine owners will not. PC gaming is big business, there have been a few articles around about this recently.

steve30x1678d ago

I own GTA V on Xbox 360 and I will buy it on PC if it is released on PC.

SuperBlur1679d ago

GTA III October 2001. PC May 2002 (7months)

GTA VC October 2002 - PC May 2003 (7months)

GTA SA October 2004 - PC June 2005 (8months)

GTA IV April 2008 - PC December 2008 (8months)

GTA V September 2013 - PC ?_?

F4sterTh4nFTL1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )


GTA V (PC) Release Date: May 27th 2014

SuperBlur1677d ago

stop reading my mind!! no you probably work for the us gov who spy on everyone !

KwietStorm1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

This is just going to continue until it's a reality.

Agent_00_Revan1679d ago

They just need to announce it. This is stupid. We all know its coming. stop with the rumors and just announce it. You can't possibly hurt your sales. You've blown every gaming sales records there is.

Codey471679d ago

That's what were said with Grand Theft Horse...sorry Red Dead Redemption despite the online petitions.

I wouldn't build your hopes may end up disappointed.

Just let it come naturally.

steve30x1678d ago

Wrong move Codey. You should never say GTA V might not see a PC release. You know the people who have a crystal ball and that can see into the future know its coming to PC. They will argue that because every other GTA game has been on POC that GTA V will be on PC. I wont hold my breath on a PC release even though I want it on PC because having to use an Xbox 360 controller isnt for me.