GTA V online stimulus package helps Joystick Awards

Product-Reviews writes: Rockstar asked their nearly 2 million followers to vote for GTA V in the 31st Golden Joystick Awards, and with a following like that you can almost certainly expect a positive outcome.

Things could have been very different if Rockstar didn’t offer a make-good for the recent GTA V online problems, so you can expect this Facebook status update to be timed perfectly following patch 1.04 going live and the stimulus package being delivered shortly after.

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danswayuk1465d ago

I will vote for GTA V in the Golden Joystick Awards once my $500K arrives.

GarrusVakarian1465d ago

Really? You would vote on a game purely because they are offering you in-game $$$? I would have thought voting on the actual game would be more fair......

SolidStoner1465d ago


in this world everything works like "you pay, you get", "you dont pay, you dont get"... in EVERY THING... its bad mkey... but it works like that!

GarrusVakarian1465d ago


But this is the golden joystick awards, where you vote on the best GAME of the year, not which game is giving you free goodies.

SolidStoner1465d ago

yeah... you go and tell that to everyone else who be voting... :)

tr00p3r1465d ago

I will vote for Rockstar if they bring my fucking character back from the abyss.

danswayuk1465d ago

I know the feeling, but still loving this game...doesn't even need next-gen.

SuperBlur1465d ago

it does need next gen, silly !

GarrusVakarian1465d ago

Love GTA5 and the franchise, but my vote goes to The Last Of Us.

PCGamingNoobs1465d ago

i voted, didn't pick gta v once although its probably my second place of the year.

it goes to The Last Of Us for me!

SnakeCQC1465d ago

The last of us is such an epic game

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1465d ago

Typical Rockstar. Has to pay people off for good reviews & awards because they know they can't get them legit.

paul-p19881465d ago

If you hate Rockstar so much, why in all the other GTA5 articles do you seem desperate for it to come to PC?

apparently, we're all "beta-testing it for PC", right?

GarrusVakarian1465d ago

Don't mind him, check his comment history, laugh and move on.

paul-p19881464d ago

Oh i have, in fact on most of the GTA5 articles that he comments on i make it my duty to respond and point out his contradictions :)

CheekyBurns1465d ago

Gta v sucks the big one i sold it and bought myself a hamster way better fun

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