Kojima: Metal Gear Solid V won't be an easy game

Although Metal Gear Solid V will add some mechanics to help the player sneak through the open world locations of the game, such as slow motion when spotted and the ability to add markers above enemies, Hideo Kojima assures this does not mean it will be an easier game.

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Nyxus1705d ago

I hope people will give the game a chance despite the gameplay changes, especially since Kojima said he wants to make these things (such as bullet time and marking enemies) optional.

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GuyThatPlaysGames1705d ago

All the MGS games were easy. I believe this one will still be easy, despite what Kojima says.

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1705d ago

Of course it will be an easy game. It caters to casuals. They put in bullet time, seeing enemies through walls, & regenerating health. They also changed established voice actors to mainstream Hollywood ones to further cater to the casuals.

This will be the worst Metal Gear Solid yet (MGS2 will no longer be the king of worst Metal Gear Solid once this releases).

Nyxus1705d ago

If it's as brilliant as MGS2, I'm happy.

GarrusVakarian1705d ago

"Kojima: Metal Gear Solid V won't be an easy game"

WON'T be an easy game, do you even read the titles/articles before you post BS?

Fishy Fingers1705d ago

What does Konima know?? Dante's seen a gameplay video, he knows more.

Max-Zorin1705d ago

I assume you literally did not finish Sons of Liberty simply because you were no longer playing with Snake.

skydragoonity1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

Hope this game is as hard as it gets.. Love difficult games

SnakeCQC1705d ago

yeah hearing snake talk now is going to make me cringe

hazardman1705d ago

Good!! I hate easy games!!

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