An Apple User Tries Ubuntu

"If I'm totally honest, here was my prejudice before I sat down to Ubuntu:

First, I expected it to look pretty bland by Apple standards. No upstart software could compete with Apple's 25 years of design inspiration. Also, I assumed the whole thing was held together by glue and rubber bands; after all, Linux dudes are always talking about "recompiling the kernel" – whatever that means – and some even still use the command line. (The command line? Oh, geez…)

I know Ubuntu is free software, but I don't care about that. It's more important that my system be good, not cheap. (And if it was really that great, they'd charge for it, right?). I also know I can get under the hood of any of these GNU/Linux apps and change them (unlike Apple apps) but I don't care about that either. I'm not a software engineer; if I can't grab it off the shelf, I can't use it.

In short, my expectations for Ubuntu were modest. In fact, they were pretty low."

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Rikitatsu3864d ago

I really didn't like it at all!
its not user friendly (almost every major thing is done via Command line) and its way too slow compared to XP

they really need to improve it

crazy250003864d ago

They have improved a LOT. Its much faster, more user friendly, and its still supported.

The new version will come out in 3 days, you should give it another try.

Farsendor13864d ago

you now have the option of point and click read the full article its a great read. this dude was really surprised by some of the stuff.

Xi3864d ago

have such a badly designed interface.

One of the most important designs flaws is moving menus, anyone who's taken any classes with regards to a UI will tell you, a menu that moves while your cursor is moving is a bane.

not to mention I love the customization on my gentoo(which is dying sadly) and my ubuntu partitions.

Merovee3864d ago

So Ubuntu is superior in every way but the guy decides to stick with Mac, because it's "beautiful." Wow, just when I was convinced the world could not get any dumber.

JoelR3863d ago (Edited 3863d ago )

superior how?
the Mac has command line interface
can use KDE and Gnome desktops
Can use all the software that was reviewed in the article (openoffice, firefox)
but can Ubuntu use: Microsoft Office? Adobe Photoshop? Final Cut?Aperture? Quicken?
no not effectively.

Best to think of the current Mac as the Borg... it's assimulating windows with bootcamp and parallels. It can run damn near everything linux based with a recompile to BSD Unix.

LeShin3864d ago

Using Ubuntu right now! It's brilliant. I made the switch to Linux last month from using XP for years. What made me switch? I got the mother of all viruses, something called "virtuemondo" and thats when I was supposedly "protected" with Sygate Firewall, Spyware Doctor, Norton Anti-Virus, Ad-Aware, Registry Mechanic AND Spybot Search and Destroy!

That was the last straw, so I made the switch and I'm extremely happy! Ubuntu looks flashier than Leopard with all it's effects and rotating desktops switched on and is very user friendly. Also has some great FREE software and most importantly, no bloatware. I'm still learning as I'm new to Linux after all these years with Microsoft. I still need to learn how to install/uninstall applications with the command line and there are a few niggles I need to work out like why the sound in some internet videos sometimes doesn't work, but I'll figure it out in time.

Not trying to convert anyone, that's not my job. I'm just happy I don't have to deal with malware or viruses again. I do a a tiny XP partition now and I only use it to play my old emulators lol.

codeazrael3864d ago

You must have been looking up the mother of all porn!

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The story is too old to be commented.