Xbox One Exclusive Quantum Break: In-Game GIF Show Amazing Graphics, Character Models and More

Quantum Break is an Xbox One exclusive game from The Creator of Alan Wake series, Remedy Entertainment. With Quantum Break, Remedy wants to blur the line between television and gameplay, integrating the two into one seamless, uniquely immersive experience.

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vishmarx1678d ago

holy mother...
even a sony fan can't deny this looks gorgeous
alan wake had one of the best narratives in gaming
can't wait for this to come out.
xb1 seems to have more than enough exclusives for now.
What's worth seeing is how long it stays that way.
rest assured you can count on the ps4 for excellent exclusives anyways.

NatureOfLogic1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

You make it sound like no one is expecting Xbox One to have good graphics. That's not true. Xbox fans are in denial that PS4 can and will have better graphics due to better hardware. No one is saying Xbone graphics are bad. They're just not the best for next gen compared to PS4.

shivvy241678d ago

Graphics are looking great but at e3 all the x1 exclusives were running on high end pcs, Im not trying to bash the x1 but im not expecting the graphics too look like that , I hope im proved wrong when it comes out cause it did look amazing.

ape0071678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

hey nature, look man u can do damage control and twist all u want

but if u are really "nature of logic", then u should be convinced that both systems are essentially the same because a legendary software engineer called john carmack said both systems are almost equal but of course you'll deny it

if you are really "nature of logic" then amazing looking ryse and quantum break easily tell that both systems are on the same level with each other

and finally if you are really "nature of logic" then the identical MGS V gameplay on both systems at TGS should convince you of that

just change your name to "nature of denial"

conclusion : the difference is minimal whether you like it or not

AngelicIceDiamond1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

@Nature "Xbox fans are in denial that PS4 can and will have better graphics due to better hardware."

I would like to know who these Xbox fans are, and who is denying the power of the PS4?

Sounds like to me your trying to start an argument out of nothing. Causing unwarranted fights among gamers.

We need to get you banned from this site, since you contribute nothing but arguments and fanboy trash.

As for Quantum Break looks like its gonna be one of those high fidelty graphical games. I hope to see this game get officially shown off next year with full gameplay at around E3 or so.

NatureOfLogic1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

@ ape007 Graphics, this is where the Xbone fanboys denial come in. This is no Xbox 360 versus PS3 type difference. The PS4 and Xbone difference is even bigger(50% difference), that's huge. PS4 can no doubt look better and perform better than any Xbone game you guys praise. I think the real kicker is, you're paying more for less with Xbone, and if you look at MS track record that doesn't help at all. Seriously, the only ones I see paying more for less is Xbox loyalist or uninformed casuals. I think WiiU will end up selling more than Xbone. I laugh every time some Xbox fanboy say they are equal.

1678d ago
NewMonday1678d ago

in-game =/= realtime gameplay

AngelicIceDiamond1678d ago

@No logic

"The PS4 and Xbone difference is even bigger(50% difference), that's huge."

Source please. Send me a link of devs stating this.

"the only ones I see paying more for less is Xbox loyalist or uninformed casuals."

One of the most stupidest and idiotic statements of the month.

I guess telling you another alternative to why someone would want X1 is for some of the none gaming services wouldn't get through to you.

Or get this. A owner of an 360 who really liked the online services including party chat will opt to X1 because MS is enhancing there favorite features with X1.

Kinect owners, those 24 million with roughly 10 to 5 million people who actually used it and who really enjoyed Kinect 1.0

Quit making it sound like nobody once it besides Xbox fans and some casuals. Maybe in your little fanboy world sure.

None of this is getting to you of course because of your insane love obsession with PS4. And your extreme hate obsession with X1.

But nature guess what these are machines, objects. There not your GF or ex GF or lover, but maybe... to you they are? Yikes

NewMonday1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )


you know your talking about yourself, just sit back and think about it for a second.

while you think your writing a "smart" reply, but in the normal world people are just shaking their heads.

AngelicIceDiamond1678d ago

@Monday I don't wanna hear it your just as bad as Nature. In fact you two are one of the worse Sony fan kiddies here.

Wow, ere I am way off topic and arguing with no life Sony fans instead of talking about the game.

Like I said the game looks great hopefully it plays just as well. Remedy are talented devs and I'm sure Quantum Break will be great.


NewMonday1678d ago


NatureOfLogic was responding directly to vishmarx and he wasn't even being negative, my first comment was directly about the article, you are the one who spouted personal fanboy drivel.

BallsEye1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )


Start expecting it, because Ryse running on XO has already this quality of graphics or even better. I think you've missed the last trailer.


To remind you , they've confirmed (you can read on official website) everything on e3 was in-game running real time.

quote from official site "Xbox One @ E3 event and introduced new material from Quantum Break, running real time"

Judging by your bubbles you are a die hard sony fan, you're just in denial that XO can pull this off.

mhunterjr1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

I haven't seen any xbox fans denying the ps4 has more raw power... just fans claiming (rightfully) that graphical potential isn't everything. Yet also claiming (rightfully) that on day one, there are more graphically intensive games on Xbox One.

lifeisgamesok1678d ago

@Nature of Logic sorry buddy but seeing Ryse, Quantum Break, Forza

There is no 50% more power

NewMonday1678d ago


the same thing they say about the Order and Dark Sorcerer, I give the same response, wait for a playable demo.


look in this very comment section

Freedomland1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

New trailer of Ryse.
This Gif of QB.

Yeah like watching Avatar on Blu-ray without gameplay.

Microsoft just wants to pass time till Nov 22 and they need some positive advertisement and some fanboys to be their mouthpiece.
Remember, fanboys were yapping about some NDA and some secret graphic sauce but what happened, nothing.
Reality will bite on Nov 22 and it will haunt for the rest of the coming years.

black0o1677d ago

not gameply .. move along ppl

VENOMACR12271677d ago

Thankfully you ran out of bubbles because I can only read so much from Sony fanboys. Everyone that keeps using the "Xbone" word, stop trying to act cool, it's old and just makes you sound stupid. The PS4 can easily be nicknamed the POS4. Nothing yells fanboy like "Xbone."

Since when do graphics = better games? PS3 has better hardware then the 360 yet if you compare BF or COD on both system, look identical. And the exclusives on each system both look fantastic. It's not all about graphics and frankly, the exclusives so far on both systems look awesome. Ryse, Forza, KZ, all look great. It's not like the X1 has 360 graphics. Get over the specs already.

SilentNegotiator1677d ago

Let's wait to see actual gameplay, with certainty that it's running on an Xbox One, before judging the graphics.

P0werVR1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Is this GIF from new trailer?! Never payed attention to this game.


Oh, I see what this is. nvm

Mystogan1677d ago

PS4 graphics will not look miles and miles better like you PSfanboys like to believe. The truth is, the difference will be minimal at best.

CC-Tron1677d ago

Denial? No. The burden of proof in terms of graphics power at this point rests on the shoulders of Sony's PS4. From E3 to the present, X1 has been in the lead for graphics between the 2 consoles.

I said it 3 months ago and I'll say it again. Prove me wrong Sony. I'm still waiting.

black0o1677d ago

Numbers don't lie
1.85 >> 1.31 (1.12 acutal)

what's their to not get .. using cute-scene can simply be called in game footage
Ryse trailer and this gif

u see those so called Sony fans never made gifs out of dark sorcerer or Driveclub intro ... etc

ShinMaster1677d ago

Looks more like a cutscene than in-game or gameplay running on XBO...

H0RSE1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Sony enthusiasts can quote spec sheets all day long, but it really isn't enough. See, the argument isn't about whether or not PS4 has more powerful hardware than X1, the argument is what does that amount to? If the PS4 is boasting 50% more power, is that going to amount to 50% more graphically impressive and better performing games? Likely not.

Sony fans love to post spec comparisons, because the numbers paint PS4 as the clear winner, but it doesn't factor in a lot of other variables, like the extreme amount customization MS has put into the X1's hardware, or the potential that Azure has, making flat out "numbers games" not really that accurate. There's also the fact that the skills and competence of developers is going to have a much larger effect on how well the hardware is used and the quality of games that gets released, than just hardware specs.

And save me the "powa of teh clowdz" remarks. Azure is an impressive technology, much more so than Gaikai, and it's already been shown to be able to help alleviate processes off the X1's hardware or help devs dedicate tasks to the cloud, resulting in some sort of improvement(s) to games, perhaps even if it is extra content.

The bottom line is this - there has been zero games that have been shown on PS4, that make it seem as though it is clearly the more powerful system. Until you can compare a game side by side to a run-of-the-mill consumer, and they can pick out the PS4 version due to a substantial improvement in quality, your "better hardware" arguments mean little. As it is now, *any* sort of improvement, regardless how negligible, is enough for them to stroke their epeen.

black0o1677d ago

^^ haha at less we are not using some cut-s gifs to show off :P

isn't that just pathetic!

scott1821677d ago

This looks like a cinematic game like heavy rain and others... Of course the character models will look great, as to be expected for next gen. This does look very good to me.

scott1821677d ago

You may want to read what the need for speed devs recently wrote in that case... Obviously PS4 has graphical advantages for devs to take advantage of, with need for speed being a good example. Not saying I care, I still play chrono trigger from the PS1....

P.S. the cloud compute is to be used in multiplayer games, for some small CPU calculations, not GPU calculations. Which means graphics in multiplayer games will not be affected, but how they run could see very minor improvements. And this is years down the line they say.

NewMonday1677d ago


people in the real world already see PS4 games as the most impressive graphically

but the personal distortion field XBone fans have set up around themselves is proving impenetrable by logic, it is like a console war version of "Good Bye Lenin"

FANTA11801677d ago

youre talking nonsense about stuff you have zero solid knowledge about , you dont work nor do you even own either console , youre just assuming and reading into internet stories that hype up eachothers consoles ...period.

enjoy whatever console youre getting and stfu.

you just sound like the biggest fanboy on earth otherwise.

games are games ..omg your game isnt native 1080p .. who the hell cares , a badass game is a badass game regardless of the slight difference in resolution ..

JokesOnYou1677d ago

hmmmm specs, OK but proofs in the pudding I see KZ SF and Ryse both launch games, both look great but Ryse looks better. I see Driveclub struggle to hit 60 fps with less impressive graphics and features than Forza5 @60fps. I see Knack which honestly looks no better than Kameo launch game on 360. I see micro out showing and giving more details on the console than the competition who releades earlier and supposedly is easier to dev for.

X1 is walking the walk.

NewMonday1677d ago


the MS "talk" is nothing but spin, if they give straight honest answers they wouldn't need to constantly explain themselves to the gaming community.

as for your opinions on graphics quality excuse me for calling the honesty of your judgment into question, non of the XB1 games are setting standards, and most are merely 720p, the games setting the benchmark for consoles are KZ:SF, inFamous and BF4, Ryse could have made it if they improved it instead of downgrading it, to bad the XBone couldn't handle it. I like how you try to put a brave face and repeat what you say day after day in a failing attempt at making it catch on but the real world doesn't work that way i'm afraid.

ShinMaster1677d ago

""Specs don't matter""

Of course they don't when you're using a gif from a cutscene to pretend that it's in-game graphics.

kickerz1677d ago

My iPhone can't handle this gif. Too much awesomeness

MorePowerOfGreen1677d ago

"You make it sound like no one is expecting Xbox One to have good graphics"

No... People are saying XB1 is capable of graphically unmatched games when it was supposedly weaker! according to certain people. People are saying the PS4 spec rhetoric isn't the whole picture and leaves things out like XB'1 supercharged faster CPU, more Ram bandwidth, custom chips and Direct3D 11.2 etc.

JokesOnYou1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

lol, newmonday "spin" really? nah, you can find all the spin you want in a "Driveclub Delayed bu bu bu.." thread....I'm not hating on the game, I'd prefer not even getting into that but lets be real everybody knows if it were the other way around we'd have tons of news with you guys flooding X1 threads saying the console was rushed. Although I really do think there are some early issues for ps4 its normal and eventually sony/devs will get everything ironed out, micro are also NOT without some issues so it happens early on still I'm sure both will be helluva consoles but the reason I point out the great tangible things I'm seeing with X1 and that's why its actually walking the walk instead of just talking in terms of delivering the goods at launch is because despite all the BS we hear daily from sony fans and even like we see this awesome gif of Qauntum Break you guys still come here to hate, no matter what, you would think it would be more beneficial/logical if you sony folks focused a lot more on whats going on with ps4.

Meanwhile its sony who already had a weak launch lineup, they've been lacking in details about the console, theres news of Kiosks in sony stores but the demos are of non AAA games, their UI vids all seem like off screen fan stuff where nothing really is shown or it glitches and now less than a month from launch their lineup gets even weaker with DC's delay, lol yet you sony folks have the nerve to come to a X1 thread and talk shiii, man its just embarrassing, really salty sounding comments too. lmfao

UltimateMaster1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

"Ah man, I hate Cinematic games!"
-Goes off playing Beyond 2 Souls or Heavy Rain.


It could also be vice-versa.

: )

Either way, you can't deny that it looks good.

Facts > Your Opinion

If only you'd look how many PS4 games are native 1080p compared to the games like Killer Instinct being 720p, Ryse being 900, and other games struggling to get that 1080. I really would just stop talking as you're just spewing nonsense.
So far the ONLY X1 exclusive that has 1080p IS Forza 5 and nothing else.

4Sh0w1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Actually UltimateMaster your case is weak, X1 has more 1080p launch games than you think:

Crimson Dragon is 108Op
Zoo Tycoon is 1080p
Lococycle is 1080p
Forza 5 is 1080p

PS4 only has knack and KZ SF launch exclusive games at 1080p, and knack isnt impressive at all.

But 1080p is only one piece the puzzle because Lococyle has nothing on this:

If the only measuring stick for graphics is res, then wii u should be awesome for you or hell I guess micro could have played it safe and launched with a bunch of games like knack running at 1080p= Hell no, KI, DR3, definitely Forza 5 and especially Ryse crush knack graphically and only Forza5 does it with 1080p so go ahead keep talking spec sheets, I prefer the games do the talking:

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snitch_puck1678d ago

Can you people just shut the hell up with comparing exclusives or what's the best next-gen console to play on for now?? What's important is this Quantum Break game looks promising and beautiful and no doubt Remedy will maintain the strong narrative and gameplay it gave Alan Wake. God knows how I loved that game. And this is coming from a fan of good classic horror novel reads from stephen king to anne rice. MORE PLEASE REMEDY!!

NewMonday1678d ago

Alan Wake was a nice try but spread to thing, keeping interest throughout the game was difficult, hope Remedy listen to constructive criticism on that front.

IRetrouk1678d ago

Alan wake was a good game but a wee bit overhyped, hopefully this expands the mix of a good story and intresting gameplay that alan wake had, looking forward to this game, looks promising.

WitWolfy1678d ago

Interesting fact.. Did you know Alan Wake was originally planned to be open world then later made more linear?

Alan Wake could've been a lot more than what we we got in the end.

Beastforlifenoob1678d ago

WHy is everyone hating this game because its on XBOXONE im buying PS4 but seriously lets stop hating the XBOXONE so much. The graphics are very impressive and please dont try to deny it, its definately not the best weve seen but still very,very nice.

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Thatguy-3101678d ago

let's judge when we see the game running on a stage presentation or something.

Beastforlifenoob1678d ago

LEt me guess because its on xbox one if it was on PS4 people would go apeshit nuts insane saying its amazing.

black0o1677d ago

^^ u sound as PS4 camp said the dark S. is gameply footage

Deathdeliverer1677d ago

I agree DB. The game looks good but let's wait till we see some actual gameplay interfaces or how it works. I like when people come up with new art styles like auto moddelista did on ps2 back in the day. This looks like live Acton motion captured and cell shaded with realistic tones vs the cartoony style that's usually used with cell. Thing is unlike alot of you guys I haven't figured out how to play graphics. The game is definitely on my watch list but God I won't go arguing about it when, without a clue how you interact with it. For all I know it could be a great looking game that has GAMEPLAY that looks boring as hell. Hopefully the gameplay matches the graphics and until we see more... .. calm the hell down.

Hellsvacancy1678d ago

"alan wake had one of the best narratives in gaming"

Your probably the only one who thinks that

Dread1677d ago

I also think that Alan Wake had one of the best naratives in video games, so your wrong.


Mystogan1677d ago

Judging by your disagrees. You're wrong.

Jazz41081677d ago

Alan Wake was awesome easily one of my favorite 360 games next to lost oddesey.

BallsEye1678d ago

First new Ryse trailer which blown everyone away, now this...I'm stunned. I refuse to believe XO is such a weak console as everyone in here claim. It's just impossible...look at those games!!

black0o1677d ago

we already saw this lvls on ps3 nothing to be waaaowed about

take a look

Magicite1678d ago

any news about release date? Im sure closer to release we will see real graphics, Im not saying X1 isnt capable of this, but so far nothing has proved it is.

CrossingEden1677d ago

Evidently you haven't seen the new Ryse trailer.

Deathdeliverer1677d ago

Ryse always did look good graphic wise. The gameplay is what looks weak in my humble opinion. I'm still going to wait for demos or reviews. Until then I'll stick with dead rising and KI at launch.

assdan1677d ago

You think Sony people think the x1 is incapable of having good graphics. When what we're saying is the ps4 simply has better. If quantum break were on ps4, it would probably look even better. I'll just get QB on PC when that inevitably happens. And I would say Alan wake was average in almost every way tbh.

Hercules1891677d ago

This game right here looks just about equal to deep down, maybe even better. If this was exclusive on ps4 it would look the same.

assdan1677d ago

You have to consider how much it's processing as well. It's not really known how strong the AI is or how much physics is running. Some games are easier to run than others. Beyond two souls looked really good, but there's also not very much ai either. And who knows if this is even running on Xbox one at this point. Microsoft has given me no reason to believe any of their demos are legit.

Ashby_JC1677d ago

I usually dont get into this whole back and forth my game for my preferred system looks better but I just SMH when I read...

"If quantum break were on ps4, it would probably look even better." AssDan

That takes the cake on things I have read. No matter what the XB1 puts out...your answer is....BUT it would be better on the PS4. Why are you even in this article commenting?

I bet when the PS4 and XB1 are out and this so called plus 50% power never matter what you will all be in denial.

assdan1677d ago

The reason I say that is because the ps4 and xbox one literally work on the same architecture, and the ps4 simply works on faster architecture. The ps3 was theoretically stronger than the 360, but the 360 was so much easier to use that it made almost no difference. But the fact that they work almost the same way means that the one that's faster in almost every single way means that it should be it almost 100% of the time in a direct port.

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humbleopinion1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

This is indeed the best looking next-gen title I've seen so far. The Division is also an excellent runner-up, but the visuals and amount of details in Quantum Break are simply astonishing.
And knowing Remedy from both Alan Wake and Max Payne, we're also expected a huge treat gameplay wise.

And the best news? next gen is just getting started.

Ausbo1677d ago

can we just ban newmonday already??????

EVERY FREAKIN ARTICLE he just trolls. Go to the sony articles and praise the graphics there.

H0RSE1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

His biggest downfall, like many of the more "extreme" fans, is he is more concerned with being anti xbox than being pro PS4. Being a fan of something is fine, but when you spend more of your time criticizing the competition than showing excitement for what you love, it does a lot to tarnish your image and credibility - This goes for all fanboys.

Ashby_JC1677d ago

It makes me wonder really....why do you care so much about what your NOT getting?

I own a HONDA sportbike...but I dont go into the BMW forums or similar bashing them saying HONDA is better.

Its just scary and entertaining this ..what are they called....fanboys!

Salooh1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

This game always got my attention . Any one with a good taste won't deny how good is this when he play alan wake :P . I am looking forward to play it on pc XD . We all know it will release in pc eventually .

X1 is forbidden in my house because of kinect . Even if they remove it i still won't buy it , why ?. Because MS are a lot more greedy then sony + they have bad history with exclusives + No excuse for the people who say xbox have better multiplatform versions ( even though i never cared about that )

DoubleM701677d ago


They are both companies the object is to make a profit. If you don't make a profit your company will go under.... OMG! You guys take this way to personal. My PS3 RROD a few months ago and Sony wanted to charge me $150 bucks to get it fixed. My Xbox360 RROD it twice Microsoft fixed it free of charge. Hell they even through in a free game. Even though Sony didn't fix my PS3, which they should have. It's not stopping me from buying a PS4.

Salooh1677d ago

I got RROD on 360 and microsoft didn't replace it to me. So i had a different experience then you. When i bought another 360 they started focusing on kinect . So i sold it with lost again.

I'm not like you , i don't handle losts like that. I don't care if their goal is money . I care about what i get. What i get from microsoft does not worth the money i spent on their product.

So yes , i take it personal when they fool me .

Donnyskillz1677d ago

I hope to god nothing happens to your ps4 and and sony doesn't fix it because then you wont have anyone to run to for a titty to suck....oh maybe Nintendo, but the way you talk if your done wrong by a company you wont buy their product anymore.....people are so funny lol