Price of Playstation 4 Around The World

Sony's next-generation Playstation console, Playstation 4 will launch on November 15 in North America and on November 29 in Europe and other parts of the world (in total 32 countries).

In North America, PS4 will carry a price tag of $399, but what about the price of console in other countries like Canada, Argentina and others?. Take a look at image below showcasing PS4 price in 17 countries.

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Magicite1618d ago

Canada will run out of stock confirmed :D

shivvy241618d ago

Here in au ps4 is $549 and x1 is $579-599 (free fifa with preorder)

abzdine1618d ago

here in Denmark PS4 is 3499DKK.

NewMonday1618d ago

cost in SA $480, not bad since we are basically based on EU prices.

SuperBlur1618d ago

im from canada , have yet to see a ps4 at that price.

I swear it's a troll article , "In North America, PS4 will carry a price tag of $399, but what about the price of console in other countries like Canada"

Canada is freaking part of North America. -_-

dpwg1618d ago

I think they're converting everything to USD. Since the American dollar is worth marginally more than the Canadian dollar, it pushes the relative price down.

SuperBlur1618d ago

the lowest i managed to snag my launch console for was at WalMart for 399$ even then with taxes and environmental fee , the cost raised to 458.7(?) $ + a 59.99 plus taxe game and you're at 527.something $ + import fee for another 50-60$

that sure doesn't look like savings to me lol

Beastforlifenoob1618d ago

Yeah americans, be happy you get everything so cheap hear in australia games cost $118 a pop (when they release) and the median salary is less (median is not influenced by the outliers i.e. rich or poor so syaing there is a lot of rich kidos in america wont serve your point.)

YEAH The price ranges from $399-$1800 Lets be honest: They are milking us.

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RBlue_Desire1618d ago

Since most of the playstation consoles here I guess are russian imported, I think my country (india) will be going at that price.

PS. All my PS3 were russian, so was that psp and vita.

GreenRanger1618d ago

They forgot to add Europe.

GreenRanger1618d ago

Looks like I missed Europe in the list. Thanks for pointing that out, ignoramus.

n4rc1618d ago

What the hell!? Lol.. Why does Canada warrant being included? Its naturally 399 here too....

And both are set to sell whatever they can manufacture. Preorders are going out in waves as they get more made.. And selling out again and again.. Looks good for both.. I'm hoping for a clean launch by both with no nasty surprises

MasterCornholio1618d ago

Yeah I sincerly hope that there isn't a repeat of the RROD issue with Microsoft's console. I'm not really worried about the PS4 because Sony consoles are usually very reliable and they shouldn't have any issues at launch. With that said I'm pretty sure both consoles will have a couple of duds at launch which will spark a new wave of childish bickering by N4G fanboys.

off Topic: Didn't you have 6 bubbles before?

Nexus 7 2013

Beastforlifenoob1618d ago

LOL what you dont realise is they converted it to USD, 399 Canadian dollars is about 385 USD.

n4rc1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

I'm lucky I have 3... Lol.. Had to start ignoring some people because constantly poking holes in their lies was hurting my bubbles :p

And I saw that... Its still 399 here.. Don't know where they get 385 lol

I'm sure there will be a few DOA.. All these preorders at Amazon are going to lead to ups guys kicking or dropping a few

Bathyj1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

Holy crap. WTFs wrong with Brazil?

Is this the price in American dollars cos in Australia it's au550.

WarThunder1618d ago

"Holy crap. WTFs wrong with Brazil? "

Government Taxes.... :\

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