5 Reasons why Watch Dogs was delayed, probably

MMGN: While the unfortunate delay of Watch Dogs is worst for Sony, due to launch bundles and exclusive content, it’s terrible for everyone. Watch Dogs was one of the most promising Wii U titles of the year — not that competition was fierce — and, if we’re honest, it was one of the most promising games in the Xbox One’s repertoire as well.

Everyone’s very angry with the Frenchies for ruining, or delaying, their fun. Why have they done this to us?

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Army_of_Darkness1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

Yeah, i bet watch dogs world isn't even half the size of what gta5 is and its a current gen game!

Ezz20131378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

i don't even like GTA5 that much and it's not my GOTY
but when i saw the news about Watch_dogs delay
all what come to my mind was this:

*Ubisoft dev : we played GTA5 and sh*t our self*

it's really hard for them to do well in a year that have two of highest rated games this gen that already contenders for GOTG not just GOTY
(the last of us and GTA5)

abzdine1378d ago

i think competition will be insane this holiday with all software coming out.
PS4 buyers will do it mainly for Killzone.

WarThunder1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )


But i think their biggest reason is to avoid competing with themselves.

Ezz20131378d ago

or this

"6. To remove half the game then release it as DLC."

Sideras1378d ago

Whatever the reason it will never hurt to delay the game. But yeah, I was wondering why they'd release their two biggest titles on the same day a couple of months ago.

MYSTERIO3601378d ago

*sigh* i would of hoped assassins creed 4 would of been delayed then this, i was so looking forward to it

Noctis1378d ago

these five reasons are facts, probably

dcj05241378d ago

Too much competition. Like 10 big name games are launching. No room for new ips.

kidhero991378d ago

Lambent azure optics narrowed into slits as he pulled against him by the shirt. "Well, why wouldn't I? Coming here dressing sexy like that." In tone, his digitals tapped along the uniquely grafted flesh in which she'd use sit on, the thought of such the perfect option came to play.

DestinyHeroDoomlord1378d ago

Wait a second... "as he pulled against him"!!

Themba761378d ago

wow whats next they delay metal gear 5 because of GTA 5 ?

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The story is too old to be commented.