DICE Considered Delaying PS4/Xbox One Versions of Battlefield 4

We’ve been very aggressive with Battlefield 4 in that we want to be out at launch with the next gen consoles. I think people might not grasp how hard that is, to develop a game at the same time as the hardware. We’ve been struggling quite a lot to keep up with the changes we’ve seen – both sides need to adapt and you end up being late. Everything is very complicated. Battlefield itself is a really complicated game, so it doesn’t make our lives any easier.

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black0o1679d ago

i think we should thx activation ..

DarkBlood1679d ago

theres no wrong spelling when it come to that company lol

NewMonday1679d ago Show
lsujester1679d ago

Could be, or could simply be that they have to make versions on consoles that have finalized their specs less than a year ago. I imagine it was a lot of work, even if the PS4 is easier to program for. I'm a bit worried that there won't be a beta for those versions. Day Oners might have to be the guinea pigs to a certain degree.

As for Watch Dogs, I could honestly see Ubi delaying it so it doesn't interfere with ACIV sales. I personally was going to buy Watch Dogs at launch, but with the delay, I might become a pirate instead.

But in the end, who really knows but them?

Legion211679d ago

@newmonday I like how you come up with these theories out of nowhere. Having one map/level running doesn't mean the game as a whole is running perfectly. And Ubisoft already said they're delaying Watch Dogs to make sure it's the best game they could possibly make so it can reach its sale target.

NewMonday1679d ago


the XB1 development kit issues are the talk of the gaming community, even Crytech admit it.

and proof is in the pudding, almost all 3rd party launch games are demoed on the PS4 and just 1 or 2 on the XBone and only recently.

falviousuk1679d ago

I see the tin foil hat brigade are out and about

ZodTheRipper1679d ago

@newmonday: lol right :D

I guess I really have to skip BF4 then - I don't want a rushed port and KZ:SF is enough FPS for me. I also dislike the business model DICE started with BF3 on consoles ...too many mappacks & annoying private servers just ruin it for me ...even if the game itself looks good.

Legion211679d ago

@newmonday they're actually mostly demoed on PC, because PC obviously is the strongest of the 3. I'm not saying the xbox one didn't give them problem but like they said it's hard developing for a console that's still in development, both the xbox one and ps4 were changing over the years. If the PS4 version was fine then they could just delay the xbox one version.

memots1679d ago

Please don't delay it because of one console.

NewMonday1679d ago


no multiplatform game will get delayed for the XB1, especially a game with exclusive marketing.

and sure BF is a big "PC first" franchise, I kinda wish the main game stays for the PC and give consoles Bad Company.

nukeitall1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )


That is funny, I recently heard rumor of a game called Driveclub being delayed. It was only 40% finished at E3 this year.

Maybe that was the Xbox One fault too?

edit: Driveclub being delayed is NO LONGER A RUMOR and CONFIRMED TRUE:

Must be that Xbox One!

NewMonday1679d ago


the problem with DC is the game code, Evloution are making a game different from MotorStorm and are starting from the ground up.

the XBone problem is from the console API that is giving everyone a bad time, even 1st party developers.

so if you have no idea about the difference then that is bad, if you do know and your just trying to spin then that is even worse.

Saviour1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

@newmonday - really? if that's xbox causing problem why is Driver club whichis exclusive got delayed??? And why Ryse,Forza DR3 all coming on launch since they are xbox exclusive? And to clear ur fanboy comment about Crytek admitting the code issues, its because ryse was xbox 360 game so they have to rewrite it for xbox one since both are different. It'snot that xbox one has any problem it was because ryse was transfering to xbox one from xbox 360. lol just read the article and the reasons are obvious its not xbox/ps4. luckily its not delayed!

BigShotSmoov0071679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

Newmonday-unless you have proof of what you speak, then it will only and should be classified as fanboy rhetoric. I guess it's just hard for you to comprehend that it is hard to develope and finalize a game for a console or consoles that don't have final specs yet. I guess you being a game developer, "or lack there of" can't wrap your mind around that. Show us a quote somewhere, anywhere that Ubi blamed the xbox for the delay, take your time I'll wait. Fact is I knew this was going to happen with some games cause these are consoles that aren't out yet. Drive Club got delayed also, I guess the Xbox has something to do with that also huh? Try and spin that delay on MS also.

If the XBO was the problem and causing problems because of their, "development kits" like you said, how come Assassins Creed 4 still coming out? Maybe, just maybe and brace yourself, it had something to do with the game itself and nothing to do with the XBO or MS, blows your mind doesn't it.

BX811679d ago

@newmonday Lol. I see some of us are still at it. The dev team is causing the development problem. It's their job to develop for that console if they want to. Like he said they had hurdles with both consoles to overcome and they did. This is what happens when you have new consoles coming out. If you would like, I can show you to the new kick ass Ryse trailer so you can full fill your desperate need to keep the Xbox One coming out of your mouth.

:0 <====XBOX ONE=====

NewMonday1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )


"sources from two very large global publishers (one French and one American) emphasize meet current problems with the drivers for the next gen console from Microsoft"

Ubisoft is the big french publisher

queue another round of denial

humbleopinion1679d ago

Tinfoils indeed...

There are zero games delayed on the Xbox one, be it games coming from first party or third party. Yet somehow Playstation 4 exclusive games are being delayed and the fanboys blame Xbox devkits.

If Xbox One devkit experience is so bad, I would have expected to see more Xbox one launch title games being delayed from their original announcements. But it seems to strike harder at PS4 exclusive - with games like Driveclub announcing delays less than one month from launch.

NewMonday1679d ago


Because Sony know they have a tough crowd that don't buy shovelware like the XB1 launch linup.

BigShotSmoov0071679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )


I take your article says absolutely nothing about watchdogs and give you this article

Along with this

There can be a few reasons why watch dogs was delayed and none of them has to do with XBO, "dev kits" as you put it. Why delay the game for everyone if it's the, "XBO dev kit" thats the problem. Why delay it for current gen including the 360/PS3 when they have nothing to do with next gen. With GTA V out they don't want to compete with them right now especially with people still playing GTA online in the millions. They don't want to compete with COD, Battlefield the as far as sales cause chances are they would be in a distant 4th place cause GTA is still going to be selling will into the holiday season, hell them may not sell more than Batman. Makes perfect sense to delay the game to put a little more polish on it for ALL systems plus they wouldn't have to compete with any other game at that point so they can maximize there sales with no real competition. Plus the fact that it's a new IP they really didn't have much of a chance to sell well with the likes of the other games I just mentioned seeing that everyone is going to pick those games mostly this holiday rather than pickup up Watch dogs. This isn't the first time a game was delayed for this reason and won't be the last. It's very smart for them to delay the game for this reason and has nothing to do with the, "XBO dev kit" that you just made up and threw out there cause of your fanboy thinking. Plus you made it clear of your intention by saying sony doesn't sell, "shovelware" like MS does? C'mon son.....Ryse is shovelware? You call Dead Rising 3, Killer Instint, Crimson Dragon, Forza 5 shovelware? What is the definition of shovelware, wouldn't all those indie games that Sony selling shovelware? What about Knack, wouldn't that be shovelware? It's fanboys like you that makes this website amusing and entertaining but also for very sad at the same time.

webeblazing1679d ago

How does this dude have all these bubz

NewMonday1679d ago


it should be obvious no publisher will openly say anything negative about any console and will put together "politically correct" statements.

I gave you a source of information that IMOO fills in the blanks, information combined with other facts like majority of 3rd party games demoed on the PS4 only(the most telling is BF4 first on the PS4 despite exclusive marketing with MS), and thus I came to a conclusion that a majority of the gaming community share, and like anyone here I discuss my opinion in the open comment section, some disagree with most launching a personal attack.

VENOMACR12271678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )


LOL PS fanboy much? You have zero proof, yet it's obvious that it's the X1's fault. Did EA tell you directly it was X1's fault? I read a lot of stupid comments on here, yours is now #1 for stupidity, congrats.

I'm sure the X1 was the reason the government shut down too and there is war in the middle east. X1 = root of all evil. PS4 = double rainbows and unicorns.

FlyShootRaceSims1678d ago

@ Newsmonday: isn't trolling very taxing or you're just natural at it? You either need to stfu or gtfo already, it'll make this site a little more tolerable. Please.

humbleopinion1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

@newmonday, apparently not only do they buy shovelware, but they are also praise them and blame the competition for the games being delayed.

Both sides have their own share of ridiculous fanboys, but you my friend are a new breed.

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badboy7761679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

GTA V PS4 Confirmed!

RBlue_Desire1679d ago

Is this the new Half Life 3 confirmed?...oh god what i have said.

Deadpoolio1679d ago

I can't wait till it doesn't come out.....Rockstar has said like 15 times now NO NEXT GEN VERSIONS...NOBODY who is secretly doing something comes out that quick with a response, yet they ummm ummm about the PC version

Magicite1679d ago

First Watch Dogs, now BF4. If there will be any more delayed games, we might just have no launch games for X1/PS4! /s

RegorL1679d ago

You need to read the title and the article again...
"considerED" not "considers"

Haules1679d ago

I don't think so. Maybe it has something to do with game to run better on both consoles.

BallsEye1679d ago

No problem, will be playing the crap out of Ryse, Forza and DR3 on launch. I can wait a bit for bf4.

HugoDrax1679d ago

"obviously it is the XB1 version causing the development problems, the PS4 version was up and running since gamescom,"

Is that so? Explain this public competition on November 1st? Since you say it's obviously XB1 holding things back, yet not a single XB1 game has been delayed.

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EcoSos31679d ago

Hey where I work we're printing the flyer for GameStop's blackfriday it has battlefield 4 for ps3 and 360 for $29.99 Friday only lol.

WeAreLegion1679d ago

What else ya got on there?

EcoSos31679d ago

Assassin creed 4 for ps3 for $39.99

obelix011679d ago

That's a crazy day. You have to prepare yourself for the hell that's Black Friday. Its deals like the one you mentioned that causes people to absolutely loose it.

Majin-vegeta1679d ago

No shart shirlock hence the reason it's a "BETA".Still dont know how people cant get this through their thick skulls.

RickHiggity1679d ago

They think it's a fancy word for demo. The sentence I've always hated is "I'm not impressed with the beta" No fucking shit you aren't. The only reason you're playing the damn thing is to make sure things are working properly.

annus1679d ago

Beta is the final stage of development, which is mainly polishing. It is mainly designed for stress testing, fix major balance issues and find any major bugs before release. There is usually only minor changes to graphics and gameplay, so it's usually pretty safe to say that if the beta sucks the game will suck.

I've beta tested so many games, and almost none of them have any noticeable change in the final release, apart from games that do rolling releases from beta.

Beastforlifenoob1679d ago

Everyone hated the shits out of battlefield 3 beta.. Game was good was it not?

Drewminati1679d ago

go ahead,, i'll have enough to play on nov22

adventureghost1241679d ago

And I'll have even more on 15th :)

ape0071679d ago

i hope they delay it to optimization it better

bigboirock1679d ago

and to add a hardcore mode

Allsystemgamer1679d ago

There is a hardcore mode dude....

Mega241679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

What's with the misinformed people these days, you got to do research before running you mouth on a matter you don't know, BF4 will have HC mode just as BF3, BC2, BF2, BF1942, BF2142, and Vietnam Had...

bigboirock1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

i cant find it then ill just look harder.i just bought the game for my lil bro bday we most play cod in my house just wanted to try it befor i bought bf4

Beastforlifenoob1679d ago

You can just "edit" the comment, this may seem like a foreign concept but you can change something on the internet no need to repost a comment.

Haules1679d ago

Maybe they will fix their probs. Cause the beta had plenty...