First screenshot of crossover from PS3/PS4

First screenshot of a user playing Killzone: Shadow Fall on PlayStation 4, seen on friends list on the PlayStation 3.

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joeyisback1614d ago

our friends on PS3 can we what we are playing on PS4 cool i wonder if u can send each other messages

Fireseed1614d ago

I would imagine so, seems simple enough.

Tooly1614d ago

you can the ps vita can

FamilyGuy1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

wtf, it's just an image, shouldn't junkiemonkeys be the "source"

OT, very simple but at least it shows something, my vita playing friends don't show up at all. Has to message me just so I know they're actually online.

UltimateMaster1613d ago


I'd figure it was something like this.
It's far from being as impressive as the PS4's interface.

Gaikai will be released on PS3, maybe they could enhance the look a little. I doubt it tough.

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mxrider21991614d ago

you can send msgs but thats it and play watever games offer cross plat play

evilhasitsway1614d ago

should be able too because with the vita you can so I don't see why you couldn't from ps4 to ps3.

xtremeimport1613d ago

I wonder how they will specify which console you're playing on for games that are out on both. Just a simple PS4 or something id assume.

I hope they do that, just for convenience. Unless you can play with friends who are playing on Ps3....which would be awesome.

Gardenia1613d ago

It looks exactly the same. At least they could have changed the controller icon

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Mr_cheese1614d ago

Thats cool, would be nice if it said PS4/ PS3 next to the title as well when it comes to the multi plat releases.

Thehyph1614d ago

Might make the little dualshock icon look slightly different.

Like how you can see the little vita instead if someone's on vita.

JKelloggs1614d ago

That would be a neat touch tbf

dumahim1614d ago

Is that how it's supposed to work? I have a friend with a Vita and when he goes on his Vita, his name gets all messed up on my friends list. It'll either disappear completely or will be at the bottom of the list, stuck with a spinning circle. Doesn't fix itself unless he doesn't sign in to the Vita for a while.

I thought it might be something wrong with my PS3 but it died and I got a new one, which still does the same thing.

Sephiroushin1614d ago


Players on PS3 cannot see what their friends are doing on the PSV, but players on PSV can see what their friends are doing on PS3 but their is a priority if they are also logged on the PSV at the same time then you wont see what they're doing on PS3 just on PSV ...and theirs a DS3 icon for PS3 games and PSV icon if they're playing PSV games

asmith23061614d ago

Surprised if you are playing a Vita game that it doesn't show up on PS3.

FunAndGun1614d ago


It will be interesting to see how many people on everybody's list upgraded on day 1.

Killzone and Resogun, can't wait!!

305LoneWolf1614d ago

It would been great if it could of say ps4 next to the game tittle so ppl won't think u still on ps3

Mikelarry1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

show off! so that the dirty ps3 peasants can feel bad for not owning a ps4 :)

Dark_Overlord1614d ago

I was talking with a friend about this last night, and I'm hoping you can video chat cross platform (ps3/ps4) :)

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The story is too old to be commented.