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Xbox One's Zoo Tycoon is a Timed Exclusive for Walmart

If you're planning to get Zoo Tycoon for the Xbox One, you'll only be able to get it from Walmart in the next months. (Xbox 360, Xbox One, Zoo Tycoon)

aceitman  +   405d ago
I don't think any game at any new system launch should be exclusive to one store, that's what exclusive dlc is for , I feel bad for the dev. bad move ms , if the sales for this game are bad ,don't blame the game, blame ms for this dumb move .the game deserves the same spotlight as the rest.timed or not.
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rainslacker  +   405d ago
While I agree with you, Walmart is one of the largest sellers of video games in the world. Think they are now third behind GameStop and Amazon.

I'm sure for many, this is the kind of game they can wait on, or make a trip to wal-mart if they really want it that badly.
MiHX2  +   405d ago
In the Halo for Xbox One description(Walmart)-Halo 5, a Microsoft console exclusive, is a pre-release general shooter game to be released in December of 2014.
More information is on the way! Check back soon!=RELEASE ON DEC 2014?
rainslacker  +   404d ago
Never said they were the most knowledgeable about games, just that they sold a lot of them. Most Wal-Mart descriptions are pretty lame, and generally only list what the manufacturer puts on there as selling points. Since MS hasn't released any selling points, I guess they just put in whatever they use to classify their merchandise.
camel_toad  +   405d ago
You said it - I feel bad for the devs too. It'll definitely impact the sales to some degree. The devs put in all the work and then somebody else pisses on them.
robotgargoyle  +   405d ago
Yeah, it sucks on many levels and I shop at Walmart too. If Gamestop had a certain game exclusively, I'd be pissed too. When one retailer has all the copies, what happens when they run out? Wait til next Tuesday?

Well, at least it's just Zoo Tycoon. Maybe a sleeper hit, but I doubt it.
2cents  +   405d ago
I agree aceitman.

I don't even like the idea of DLC being unique to retailers. It's annoying, these extras should be available to everyone not just ones who buy from specific retailers. What if you want everything the game has to offer, do we buy every version from each retailer to get the full set of gubbins? What happened to cheat codes? To being rewarded for completing the game with additional skins for the character? Lame.

Now with this news things are only going to get more annoying. Well, at least we now have same day digital releases so I guess that's the route I'll take to avoid this stupidness.
Dlacy13g  +   405d ago
What about digital download? Pretty sure MS said all games will be day one digital on One.
aceitman  +   405d ago
it will be.
Bigpappy  +   405d ago
I am betting this game will get some really high reviews and Xmas sales.
WeAreLegion  +   405d ago
Probably. The team behind this one is one to watch out for. Absolutely love their work. I advise all Xbox One owners to purchase this one. :)
matrixman92  +   405d ago
lobocob  +   405d ago
what if i told you that zoo tycoon is essentially an orwellian take on the whole wal-mart experience... would it's exclusivity make more sense?
rainslacker  +   405d ago
It would make sense if most people here knew what Orwellian meant.

Off-Topic: I find great deals on clearance games at Wal-Mart Sometimes. Target as well. Picked up FIFA13 today for Vita for $4 brand new tonight.
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creeping judas  +   405d ago
LOL lobocob, how true!

"Somehow it seemed as though the farm had grown richer without making the animals themselves any richer— except, of course, for the pigs and the dogs."
Naga  +   405d ago
Makes me wonder what they got from Wal-Mart in return.
RickHiggity  +   405d ago
Real system seller right there.
JediDiah  +   405d ago
So they will translate it into Spanish?
Riderz1337  +   405d ago
God dammit Walmart you moneyhatting Microsoft haaard!

Trekster_Gamer  +   405d ago
The game looks fantastic and will be a lot of fun to play with my kids.

I wish there were more young kid launch titles.
WeAreLegion  +   405d ago
Awesome game. Why are they doing this? That's so stupid.
Waller  +   405d ago
This would explain why I haven't been able to pre-order from GameStop.
hazelamy  +   405d ago
strange how some months ago they were actually going to block preowned games because of "the greedy retail stores" and now they're doing exclusive deals with them.

but then the publishers have always done deals with the stores, even while pretty much accusing them of stealing from them with preowned sales.
SaulGoodman  +   405d ago
One thing that I'm looking forward to with this game, is being able to throw my feces back at those damn monkeys.

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