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Submitted by RyanDJ 840d ago | opinion piece

The Gamer's Guide to Obamacare

Ryan Johnson | GoozerNation

As gamers grow up, we find ourselves face-to-face with those big person things. Right now, a lot of us are wondering just what's going to happen with healthcare in the United States. Will the Affordable Healthcare Act actually be affordable? Ryan Johnson at GoozerNation recently did a run with the Affordable Healthcare Application Website. After a 9 hour stint, he left weary, worn, and bruised. In order to help his fellow gamers, Ryan brings to you the Gamers Guide to Obamacare, so you can enter the battle more prepared. (Culture)

Deadpool616  +   840d ago
When the government gets involved with anything their solution turns into a messy pile of garbage we have to sift through. I don't really like talking about politics, but if you want my opinion they're all just babies parading around with false maturity.

Oh well, time to chip away at the ever growing Trillions and Trillions of dollars. *facepalm*
SilentNegotiator  +   840d ago
That's okay, we can just make up more dollars. /s

A large number of gamers will be affected in a negative way by these changes, since your plan must include maternity care and basic pediatric stuff, even if you're gay, unable to have children, or have zero sexual/impregnation intentions (the only way to solve this issue is to start asking people's sexuality, which would be a major invasion of privacy, or drop those two insane requirements)...and young adult males make up a large percentage of gamers.
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prodg52  +   840d ago
That's not a very good argument because we already pay for schools even if you don't have kids, roads with no cars and military when you're against war.

Everyone talks about strong communities, but when they ask you to pitch in a couple extra dollars so that EVERYONE can have basic healthcare we forget about neighbors helping neighbors and return to "every man for himself".
SilentNegotiator  +   840d ago
Sorry, but my personal insurance policy isn't public roads or schools.
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Sarick  +   840d ago
illuminati modus operandi ordo ab chao - Order out of Chaos.

Another unfunded laibility

Look at that money fly.

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ChrisW  +   840d ago
With America being ranked #38 in the world for health care... The Health Care Game, even metaphorically as a horribly broken game with an abysmal 10/100 score, is a massive improvement!
Sarick  +   840d ago
True but at what cost. Should we pay with our freedoms or the eventuality of presumed economic collapse. What becomes of a system if people start to riot.

Constitutional laws may already be superseded by presidential decision directive 51 followed by NDAA executive order 13603.

Even now advancements toward Agenda 21 escalate without substantial administrative checks. Hidden agendas are no longer threatened as whistle blowers are removed from collusion of information shifts.

The recent crisis in Washington shows evidence of political intransigence at the expense of freedoms. Some of these violate constitutional rights at the highest levels. What if there was a default over it and a crash of the dollar followed suit.

It's very clear civil disobedience exist in crisis and civilians must be subjugated to protect the nations property, security and interest. This falls under the department of homeland security to enforce though FEMA.

The Obamacare system although helpful can also be harmful. It directly relates to a form of mandatory involvement. Now consider the political brinkmanship in congress complied with its uncontrolled spending. What checks are really being made to insure the heath and wealth of the nation if it's divided?

While we talk about toys could we even truly recognize a system most of us have never read or could even understand?

Take a fraction of your time to investigate these things (especially the laws) and decide for yourself. There is a wealth of information out there.

You wouldn't just sign a contract without reading it would you? So why should you believe everything someone tells you.

It's in our best interest to explore and research things for ourselves not just blindly listen to a single man, a politician or the media industry views. To simply ignore those rights is sacrosanct as such undeserving of both our security and/or freedoms.
prodg52  +   840d ago
Ok so you're saying that after 2 houses of congress (elected by the people) passed a bill, the president (elected by the people) signed the bill into law, and the Supreme court upheld the law as constitutional that the end result (after following the constitutional process) is somehow unconstitutional?
Sarick  +   840d ago
@prodg52 Where have I heard that before. Oh yea the mainstream media made that same scripted comment multiple times. Several political figureheads also made that same statement.

I specifically said not to listen to me or the mainstream media. I said look at these things yourself. Let me reiterate.

"It's in our best interest to explore and research things for ourselves not just blindly listen to a single man, a politician or the media industry views."

The argument you posed is acting in good faith that what you've been told by someone else is an effective bullet point. I encourage you to take a DEEPER look at my words.

The representative who made that speech says about the same thing you did with good argument. He then points out the the damaging aspects within the system itself. It doesn't matter if I support obamacare or not. From my perspective it's the civil split correlates within the very system of corruption we've given so much trust in.

The essence of its meaning gos far beyond the scope of ACA. Start doing some google searches. Honestly, I leave it up to you to argue your own point of argument. I'm not throwing pixy dust around. I'm telling you to do your own research.

I think I left a lot of key information that has masses of information. All you need to do is spend about 5-10 minutes of your time. If your research comes up with something other then a prescribed comment given by a politician then you've moved one step closer to greater understanding.

I have the absolute faith that if you take the time to look into a few of the things I touched on in my previous comment you can make a self educated determination under your own terms of interest not some other persons words. I do however, doubt you'd do that because the consequences of realization could harm your understanding and the good faith you've placed in that belief.

In an objective view I deem myself extremely stupid. I can only compound the complexity of this by saying after doing research I wanted to debunk them. The problem was as I researched the result only intensified the negative results deeper. I did so with good faith but severely failed every single attempt.

Here let me help you.

Just a few random videos. Seriously I could post these all day but that would serve no purpose. The common sense they represent are simply ignored if the rationalization behind the viewer isn't welling to see past their own perceptions.

As always I welcome opposing views. Perhaps these views can educate a deeper understanding that will elevate my research and debunk the negative things where I've failed.
Sarick  +   840d ago

Is clearly a planted hoax this is why you can't listen to everything you see or read. Again I state research everything.
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cl1983  +   840d ago
@ prodg52 the health care law was passed by a lameduck session of congress after the republicans won the house (had not been sworn in to office yet) The supreme court ruled that until the law took effect that they couldn't rule on the legislation. Now what we know as facts admitted by congress and the President, is that the only people that are being affected by the law, because they have delayed parts of it, are non union, small businesses, and normal citizens due to unions, medium to large companies and all congressional, presidential staff personal.

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