Batman: Arkham Origins - 40 Minutes Of New Gameplay Footage

DSOGaming writes: "Batman: Arkham Origins was showcased at Nvidia's event yesterday and YouTube's member 'MKIceVsFire' has managed to capture 40 minutes of new gameplay footage."

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gamedebater1645d ago

SoooOOOooooOOOOoo how's this different from the 1st game?

Bathyj1645d ago

Hopefully the stealth is more fleshed out.

It the first game it was just, you must use stealth here, you must use action here.

The second was better but still lacking.

Are_The_MaDNess1645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

both a still the two of the better games this gen IMO.

there is alot of things different from the other games. gameplay is faster, you have more gear and there is a new story.
but really the highlight of the batman games is the lore and all the little things you can find all over the place.
love to just walk around and explore and find little parts of lore and story.

gamedebater1644d ago

@ Are_The_Madness

Oh.... well i play games for the gameplay. I'm weird I guess. I don't care how good the lore is, if the game makes no effort to make mechanics "better" like the stealth and action I'll be sure just to give it a lil rent. Since they dont deserve my monies.

MidnytRain1645d ago

The first game was waaaay smaller than this game. Asylum didn't give Batman all the abilities he's given in this one.

nick3091645d ago

Hows are killzone ,cod,bf any different? I rather play a batman game than the same shooter with better graphics.

Crazyglues1645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

@ gamedebater

yeah I didn't want to say it but it looks exactly like the last game...

Looks like ever since Call Of Duty started doing it every year, these companies have decided they don't need new engines, or new graphics or new gameplay- just recycle the same product with a new name...

Sorry I'll pass - let me know when they make a real new game that's on Next Gen
This Sh*t Looks like it could have been a DLC pack IMO.

||.........___||............ ||

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lobocob1645d ago

no one actually want's prequels... well obviously some do, but no one prefers prequels over sequels unless youre george lucas

young7yang1645d ago

I am sick to death of origin stories. I will ultimately skip this game.. This looks to much like the first two games. Seriously! The main plot point seems really lazy. Assassins are out to kill him. Come on. The Joker does not give a shit about money and he certainly is not out to assassinate Batman. The Joker simply wants to F&*k with the bat.

Pintheshadows1645d ago

And that is why the Joker isn't one of the assassins in Origins. You call the plot lazy yet it is clear you know nothing about it.

Heisenburger1645d ago

Tired of people overusing "milk".

It is so friggin' obnoxious.

OT: I'm very excited for this release. It's the perfect game to play whilst awaiting the ps4.

I have the platinum for both of the other Arkham games. I really hope that the collectibles are as challenging as they were in Arkham City.

Speaking of the collectibles, by the way, is anyone aware of what the collectables are?

I don't believe I recall anybody mentioning riddler trophies explicitly.

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The story is too old to be commented.