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Xbox 360 sales reach 80 million units

Life-to-date global sales reach new milestone; September's $401.2 million in US Xbox 360 software sales was largest ever and most for any console (Xbox 360)

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xHeavYx  +   554d ago
You'd think the main title would be related to what they left for last
"Notably, Sony's PS3 was the top home console overall in September, breaking the Xbox 360's"
nukeitall  +   554d ago
and next month we will just be back to the status quo when the GTA hype dies off.
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xHeavYx  +   554d ago
You are crazy funny. This month starts total domination for Sony, the ball will keep rolling next month with the PS4
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MysticStrummer  +   554d ago
Status quo is PS3 outselling 360. Did you know that?
Godmars290  +   554d ago
Worldwide. Which is why most sites report US sales only.

Though that means if the 360 hit 80 and the PS3 recently matched that, then the PS3 has likely outsold it on all counts. And Gamespot is showing bias.
zeee  +   553d ago
I am glad that I supported both sony and ms this gen even though I used my ps3 hell lot more, I still had a good time gaming on 360. competition is good. congrats to both sony and ms for their achievements but having said that I do not trust ms anymore and I will not purchase x1 at all. it will be ps4 all the way.
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XisThatKid  +   553d ago

Lets look a this stuff now...
_QQ_  +   554d ago
And PC's outsold both PS3 and Xbox360 LOL!!!
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xHeavYx  +   554d ago
Just go away dude, come back when you can pay TLOU or Halo on PC
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Moncole  +   554d ago
Those are called exclusives and every system has them so don't make like only PS3 and 360 have exlcusives. PC has the Stalker series as an exclusive and will get Star Citizin. The Wii U has Wonderfull 101 and will get Super Mario 3D World.
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The Great Melon  +   554d ago

Well I own Halo and Halo 2 on the PC...
rainslacker  +   554d ago
And tablets outsold PS3, 360, and PC combined. Doesn't mean we give a rat's ass.
_QQ_  +   554d ago
@ rainslacker and thats the point i'm making.... someone gets it.
XisThatKid  +   553d ago
All this other stuff being said PC game sales don't sell as much as console games. your point....null
_QQ_  +   554d ago
Why tell me to go away? you are the one trolling an xbox article... i think you should go away, come back when you can play SC2 or Rome total war 2 on consoles.
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GrizzliS1987  +   554d ago
LOL what a fail. compare gaming PCs to consoles plz.

I dont care how you look at it, having a maxed out rig is the biggest waste of money youl ever see, and youre only cool among your PC gamer crowd, while normal people look at you like your an idiot for spending that much on a few extra frame rates.

fail is a fail. sorry.

go out, spend 200 bucks on a ps3 and play some games that won countless awards for the games that they are, not how many frames they pushed. you scrubbbb
_QQ_  +   554d ago
Sorry if you have a teacher's salary....
don't take it out on people that can afford their hobby.
Should shooters just buy pellet guns to save money?
Should archers just buy wooden bows to save Money?
Should movie enthusiasts not buy Bluray or large HDTV's to save money?

Also countless awards? Video game awards are a joke as of now.
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The Great Melon  +   554d ago

My friend bought recently built his new PC for just under 600 dollars. He plays most games at 1440p. I agree that maxing out a rig is wasteful, but you don't have to break the bank to have a more than capable PC that does more than just gaming.
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mkis007  +   554d ago
@ The Great Melon

Uh something you may not be telling us because I am running a gtx680 which i paid around $600 for by itself. He runs at 1440p? does he turn all the settings down while he is doing that?
The Great Melon  +   554d ago
He may not necessarily be on Ultra settings for every game, but everything is typically on high. Regardless, my point is that you can exceed PS3 and Xbox 360 graphics considerably with very average graphics cards nowadays. Sure he might have to turn stuff down to 1080p in the future, but it will easily exceed PS4 and Xbox One graphics.
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vividi  +   554d ago
I kinda miss the Microsoft team bragging about the US sales, something does not feel rigth LOL
aceitman  +   554d ago
im sorry but ms needs to stop , they cant say there the number one selling console in sept , so they say Microsoft said the Xbox 360 remains the number one selling console in the US for 2013, and I thought ms doesn't like to say they shipped , what happened to we sold. ms get over urself ur running out of bragging rights, ms acts so snub that's what got them in such a mess.
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InTheLab  +   554d ago
It's just business. You never admit or even acknowledge your competition. Why should MS congratulate Sony for doing in one month what they done all year?
aceitman  +   554d ago
@inthelab lol sony doesn't need ms to congratulate them . u act like I said that, hell sony has done worldwide what ms has done in the us only so , sony has this one(worldwide which is better than just the us) sony is going to sell not ship 80 million this week. and sony has topped worldwide preorders including the usa , so with no head start and a higher price sony has this one in the bag, ps2 day bag. and to get my point across ms needs to get there head out there arse and learn its there turn to wake the hell up and know there not on a high horse.
InTheLab  +   554d ago
Preaching to the choir dude. I'm a sony guy all day but I can at least acknowledge that Microsoft's US dominance without bringing up Sony's accomplishments.
aceitman  +   554d ago
practice what u preach these are ur words -why should MS congratulate Sony for doing in one month what they done all year? u metion sony 1st facepalm dude.
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fhizikz  +   554d ago
Lol haters man. Xbox brand come and took market share in a sony dominated market. Good job ms
B-radical  +   554d ago
Agreed MS did great with the 360 The 360 has made xbox a legitimate console competitor
4logpc  +   554d ago
They went from selling 24 million a generation, to 78. If that isn't impressive, idk what is.
WeAreLegion  +   554d ago
What about 0 to 80 Million? Because someone did that.
dantesparda  +   554d ago

Having sold over 100 million on your first system and then selling over 155 million on your second system. Heck, even the so called failure (PSP) has sold over 76 million. That's even more impressive
4logpc  +   554d ago
this has nothing to do with Sony...no one said a thing about Sony...
AceBlazer13  +   554d ago
how about 0-100 on your first 2 consoles.
DanielGearSolid  +   554d ago
Shouldnt it say 360 ships 80mil
GrizzliS1987  +   554d ago
considering 30% failed rate, and the problem being fixed at around 60 million, your looking at average of 20 million units red ringed, in which you subtract at LEAST 10 million from the overall sales of 80 mil, putting the box at about 70 mill total.

ps3 somewhere around 75 mill
IcicleTrepan  +   554d ago
You know they fixed most of those for free, I seriously doubt the Xbox repair team adds repair/replacement jobs as 'new units sold'.

Don't be an idiot. They would be into some very serious accounting fraud if they tried that.
Hicken  +   554d ago
Given that they never even acknowledged the rate of failure, how you can say what percentage were fixed for free?

Besides, it's not like they reimbursed people for the systems they had to replace out of pocket prior to the extended warranty being enacted, some 18 months later.
GrizzliS1987  +   553d ago
thats why instead of subtracting 20 mill, i subtracted 10 mill. I gave the other 10 mill as a replacement, and the 10 mill i took off was for the people who went out and bought a new one
fhizikz  +   554d ago
Even if they haven't been 1st for a while they are nearly matching sony sales I think that's not bad at all. Everyone jus knew sony was gunna dominate this gen I still think they did ok
DanielGearSolid  +   554d ago
I remember a few users getting on Sony for only sharing shipped numbers... Funny how MS chose to do it this time, especially after the npd report
TechMech2  +   554d ago
Xbox 360!!! Best system of all time!!!!
fhizikz  +   554d ago
Haha no. my launch 360 died in 30 days. Christmas holidays that really sux I had 4 replacements since then but MS did okay
dantesparda  +   554d ago
I had 4 replacements to
karl  +   554d ago
u make me feel a bit of nausea
TechMech2  +   554d ago
Xbox 360!!!!! Best system of all time!!
karl  +   554d ago
thumbs up for not getting mad...

it was a good system
KwietStorm  +   554d ago
No console this generation is the best of all time, not even close.
MysticStrummer  +   554d ago
"Xbox 360!!! Best system of all time!!!!"

You must be new to gaming.
TechMech2  +   554d ago
Xbox 360!!!! Best system of all Time!!!
Neo-Axl  +   554d ago
PS2, Best system of all time dear sir.
rainslacker  +   554d ago
And yet it was outsold by the Wii, in a shorter amount of time. Go figure.
Bar_Brothers  +   554d ago
80Milion holly sh**
They just took 80 milion gamers from Sony, that should be about over xyx bilion in Money that Sony didnt made.

Xbox was a hit in the West and Wii was a huge hit aswell, this Gen was crazy and turned everything around, lets see what next gen holds.
Shuyin  +   554d ago
Lol if you think that every one of those shipped 360s goes to a different individual. Many people had multipile 360s due to the RRoD fiasco.
I'd say MS took about 30 - 45 million gamers from Sony's camp. A huge chunk.
But nowhere near 80 million.
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fox3   554d ago | Spam
karl  +   554d ago
u also need to add a new generation of gamers that just werent around on the ps2 era...

every gen millions of kids gets their first console..

the 360 did ok .. but sony lost that piece of the pie cuz of their own mistakes.. they came out with the ps3 a year later .. and the marketing was all wrong..

and the price was not competitive...

i really cant give much merit to ms.. when with all those advantages they ended up in third place this gen..

it shouldve been a clean win for them..

anyway.. glad to see sony has learned from their mistakes.. and we can finally see this two companies launch their console at the same time.

we will see who does better
4logpc  +   554d ago
Many people had multiple ps2s as well... Those things broke after a few years as well.
IcicleTrepan  +   554d ago
Again you are being foolish if you really think that units that were replaced or repaired under warranty count towards total units sold. Use your brain.
TheFallenAngel  +   554d ago
The 1 year head start and cheaper is what helped ms. I have heard countless times people saying that they got a 360 Cuz it was cheaper then ps3. They did good no doubt. Also they didn't take 80 mil from Sony. More like 30 mil from Sony, there were like 30 mil Xbox fans already from the first Xbox. Then you have the Wii that probably took more gamers from sony then ms.
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fox3   554d ago | Spam
KwietStorm  +   554d ago
So not one of those 80 million have a PS3 as well? None of them?
dantesparda  +   554d ago
I bought a 360 first and then bought a PS3
scott182  +   554d ago
Both Sony and Micro did really good this gen. It will be interesting to see how it goes next gen for both.
mcstorm  +   554d ago
All 3 did well this gen people keep forgetting about the wiiu too.

I hope all 3 do well again and looking at the games line up on all 3 I think they will.

100 million Wii's sold plus 80 million pa3 and 360s sold that a more in total than the total of last gen. People keep saying home and handheld consoles will die out but I don't think they will and over the next few years I see all 3 doing well again.
scott182  +   554d ago
True that, Nintendo is always a major player. I wish Nintendo would go back to the system style of the N64 era (more powerful of course) with a similar controller design and game designs... Maybe that's just my nostalgia talking, but that was my favorite system I have ever had.
Hicken  +   554d ago
So you know, for a FACT, that those 80 million sales were ALL Sony sales, and not Nintendo's or Microsoft's?

Yeah, sounds legit.
rainslacker  +   554d ago
Means there are more gamers this gen than last. Market share shifted because market share is a percentage thing, but doesn't mean MS stole those gamers from Sony. I'm sure they got some from Sony, but you are stretching this news a bit to serve an agenda.

Lets turn your argument around a bit. Nintendo sold over 100 million Wii units this gen. Does that mean they took all those buyers from MS with their original Xbox? Certainly not.
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Volkama  +   553d ago
360 owners and PS3 owners are not mutually exclusive groups. A huge chunk of people own both. Besides which, units sold is only one part of the equation here.

If you are interesting in measuring the performance of the companies for some reason then games and services sold are more important than units shipped or sold.

If you are just interested in playing games then play games. Congratulations on doing the hobby right.
XisThatKid  +   553d ago
first of all Sony sold the same amount as of 2 weeks ago and also did it occur to you that some people have both or more consoles?
CarnageXB  +   554d ago
People will hate but that's a great number. Congrats to MS. Putting aside the problems. Like rrod (which MS fixed and made up for) and the lack of exclusives in the later years. I say this was a successful generation. I was a Sony fan with the ps1 and 2. But the 360 was $200 cheaper and came out first so I got that. I'm glad I owned a xbox 360. I played some great games. I was a big halo fan. And made a lot of friends. Good luck with the the Xbox one. With that said, I'll be enjoying my ps4 next gen, hopefully.
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rainslacker  +   554d ago
No doubt. Software and hardware sales have never been higher. Most people overlook that the whole industry has done well, with some peaks and valleys over the last 7 years.

When the next, next gen rolls around, we'll look back at this gen and remember the good times much like we do for the prior gen now. I've played a lot of great games this gen, but still think that the PS2 gen had more memorable moments. Maybe I've just become more cynical with age though.
yewles1  +   554d ago
NOW we jump for joy over shipped? XD

Haules  +   554d ago
Yeah!lol Back In 2012 PS3 reached 80.4 million.
I bet the PS3 now is around 84-85 million.

Congrats to MS for being in last place :P
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badboy776  +   554d ago
Not to mention the average 360 consumer has purchased 2 or more consoles due to RROD.
SoapShoes  +   553d ago
Yeah Sony hit 80 million last year. After Black Friday they'll probably be over 90 million.
iistuii  +   554d ago
However people want to spin it, Microsoft took a massive chunk away from the competition with the 360. Like it or loathe it, they took on the Japanese gaming giants & succeeded in bringing an alternative to gamers. Xbox live was a great help in doing so. Year start or not, they did exactly what they set out to do, & good luck to them. We all need competition & alternatives & that's what we have now.
Kakashi Hatake  +   554d ago
Of course Microsoft did, Sony made it easy for them with the horrible launch of PS3.Not happening this time around. Sony is back in the drivers seat.
#11.1 (Edited 554d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
IcicleTrepan  +   554d ago
Way too early to tell. We're at year zero of next-gen and although Sony appears to be doing very well, let's wait at least a year or two.
rainslacker  +   554d ago
By massive chunk you mean PS3 being only about 6 million less units sold than the PS2 in the same time frame? That's about 7%. Massive? And how do you know that MS took them from Sony? Maybe Nintendo took them from Sony as well. Assuming an equal split, that means they both took about 3.5%. You're whole argument is based on the premise that Sony would have sold an additional amount of PS3 units equal to the 360 sales. Any lick of common sense would make that obviously untrue.

Pro tip. Anyone that wan't to discuss market share and YoY comparison data should go look up the terms and figure out what they mean.

Otherwise, I do agree that MS had a successful generation and achieved a lot of good things. I hope they can manage to do it even more next gen as well.
iistuii  +   554d ago
I didn't say Sony. They took customers from the Japanese giants is what I said, Nintendo & Sony are Japanese I take it.
rainslacker  +   553d ago
Your argument still doesn't track because Nintendo sold over 100 million consoles. You said massive. While I'm sure there are people out there that opted for MS over Sony or Nintendo, the fact remains that the market exploded this gen, so there were more buyers to go around.

Only thing I agree with in your statement is they set out to do what they wanted to do. They achieved a lot, sold a lot of consoles, and became a household name. I give them credit where it's due, but all these comments about how MS stole away all these users from the competition is plainly false no matter what business terms people use, or no matter how they try to rationalize it. Sony is down 7% in the same time frame from the PS2. Nintendo blew everyone out of the water, although they tapered off quickly. MS tripled it's install base. Sony is the only one that has a negative, but given the circumstances of the start of this generation, they did remarkably well overall.
LEOPARD1030  +   554d ago
Congratulations micro :D
4logpc  +   554d ago
Great generation for Microsoft.

going from 24 million to 78 million and still counting.

And some people on the Microsoft board think they should sell the Xbox brand....idiots!
Insomnia_84  +   554d ago
Obviously they know more than you do about those numbers. They spend so much money on marketing, timed exclusive whatever, paying websites etc that they don't really make much and it's more of a struggle than a success amd seeing how things are going now, the Xbox is gonna have a hard time this gen. They are not releasing alone in the market and most importantly, most people already know what they are about and their practices, their lies, people is tired of getting their wallet raped by M$.

Actions always prove why words mean nothing.
#13.1 (Edited 554d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
mrpsychoticstalker  +   553d ago
here you come again trolling about Microsoft, even though you own their products. you are absolutely correct, actions always prove why words mean nothing, which is exactly what sony is all about, have you heard of the DRM policies coming to Ps4? or how they took the Eye out right after MS put the price at $499? and now they screamed out loud months ago about the number of Day one AAA games they were releasing... which looks now like hundreds of indies.
Actions always probe why words mean nothing
and this is true for all those big companies that rely on advertisement and marketing to succeed. perhaps you should stop playing your ps3 for a day and read more about marketing practices. instead of blasting a big corporation that takes all the heat for innovating ideas while others take credit from their failures.
DEEBO  +   554d ago
maybe,just maybe they can actually win a console generation not just market share.i mean the ps1 or two didn't settle for market share they won two in a row.and buy the looks of the reserved ps4's,sony seems to be in the driving seat again.
Funky Town_TX  +   554d ago
Give props where they are due? Sony is king for consoles and only a fool would argue that. The 360 was called the new Dreamcast when it launched.
BobBelcher  +   554d ago
by who?
Funky Town_TX  +   554d ago
3 x increase for previous gen!
XisThatKid  +   553d ago
Yea The original Xbox only had 4 full years on the market and MS doesn't consider it a success in any territory aside for a that foot in the door it achieved to make The 360 acceptable. 360 had better marketing worse competition more money longer time on the market and only got 3X with all the advantages it had on its older brother.

I'm glad they actually made it in all and never want XBox brand to go under but it just isn't a legit win
badboy776  +   554d ago
The Average 360 consumer has purchased 2 or more consoles due to RROD. so that brings the total to really about 55miilion.
ground_beef  +   554d ago
I hate gamespot, it used to be a cool site, but now it's like a third world country government. Gamespot is corrupt, it's ruling it's community with total dictatorship and hard line laws, and it couldn't care less about the users, they want money. It's a shame cause I used to be a huge fan and follower of gamespot, it was a wonderfull site, but nothing stays the same I guess. Also n4g kicks ass, love the community here, more tolerant and laid back.

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