Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson Talks About Hypercars in New Forza Motorsport 5 Video

Today a new video of Forza Motorsport 5 was released, starring Jeremy Clarkson as he talks about hypercars like the Pagani Huayra, and the McLAren P1 in the upcoming racing game by Turn 10.

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WeAreLegion1615d ago

:/ I wish the Top Gear guys would work on Gran Turismo. I absolutely love Top Gear. As an American, I apologize to all other countries for the American version of Top Gear. Sorry, everyone...

toddybad1615d ago

Don't worry, you've far more to apologise to the rest of the world for than just that...

WeAreLegion1615d ago

Sorry for freeing the Jews and killing various dictators/terrorists.

Computersaysno1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

Take sole credit for freeing 'the jews'

And America only ever disposed of murderous dictators and never backed or even installed a bunch because they might be more favourable to American interests? The Shah of Iran, Mobutu, Pinochet, Stroessner- just a few that spring to mind.

Nice rose tinted glasses you got there WeAreLegion

Team America world police, some people think it's a documentary...

WeAreLegion1615d ago

Not sole credit. We were just the brunt force behind ending World War II. Might I add that we did that BECAUSE of the help of a Jewish person: Einstein. America isn't great because of patriotism. It's great because it embraces every culture, country, race, and creed...for better or worse.

Team America: World Police is hilarious. I get that it's digging at those types of people. What you didn't get, however, is that the movie is a fight between two sides of American politics. Both are needed because both are important to keep each other in check. Just like the rest of the world. We all need each other. America isn't evil. No country is evil. So stop looking at America like it makes collective decisions. No country does that.

Computersaysno1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

America wasn't even interested in World War 2 while Europe and Asia took up the brunt and worst of it for years. America didn't even care for years while Europe was basically destroyed by the worst war the planet had ever seen. It's easy to wear the rose tinted glasses and take so much credit when so many things were allowed to happen as long as it was oceans and thousands of miles away and seemingly not that important for the homeland which never gets a scratch on it because of the distance.

It's downright sad Americans believe most of the credit should go to them for saving jews or ending the war when in reality the platform for the assault was held out by the British alone for years and the incredible and desperate Soviet war effort turned the focus of the war allowing an invasion to be possible. These are just two critical components out of many.

It's the same kind of attitude that rides around posting comments that America 'saved' the jews or the highlighting America only killed bad dictators and governments rather than actually supporting and installing probably just as many terrible ones.

No wonder most of the world doesn't like America because it is largely just that attitude that annoys people, ignorance and self serving....

Animal Mutha 761614d ago



You just made me nearly spit out my breakfast.


JOLLY11614d ago

First off, I think our country (USA) does have rose tinted glasses on. I feel like most countries have their own rose tinted glasses. I always wonder what other countries "history books" read like. I guarantee they won't read like the ones I read in school. I'm not going to say any are correct or incorrect, just a different point of view. I really wish the US would stay out of the rest of the world. I wish people here would watch "The world without Us" on Netflix. I just don't know what the answer is, even after watching that movie

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black0o1615d ago

no need buddy i stopped watching it after the 1st episode

Haules1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

Their latest episodes were boring to be honest...And they keep showingoff their country the best of the best!

GT doesn't need Top gear. It is Top Gear.

showtimefolks1615d ago

Turn 10 it's next gen could we get realistic we ather affects along with day and night cycles please

How is it that those things are possible on current gen with GT5 and now GT6?

Step your game up, it's not all about how great the game looks

aPerson1615d ago

> could we get realistic weather affects?
> it's not all about how great the game looks


Abriael1615d ago

weather and night/day are gameplay elements, not just graphics.

gameboy11131615d ago

right i think hes confused lol

Naga1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

Given the meticulous attention to detail Turn 10 has applied to accurately simulating things like tire physics, modifiable aerodynamics, tire deformation, etc... it's understandable that they would want to take their time before muddying the waters with the complications of weather effects.

It's more than just a visual thing - it's dynamic physics. When Turn 10 eventually does it, it will be fantastic. But it's quite an undertaking to physically simulate that in a way that is accurate and up to the same standards they have for the other elements of the game. They aren't going to half-ass something like that just to be able to say they have it.

As for the day/night cycles... I would really like that. I'm not sure why they haven't done it yet, honestly.

Hercules1891615d ago

Maybe,just maybe, they might patch that stuff in down the road. I dont think theyve denied it yet and with the cloud it shouldnt be too hard.

beebap1614d ago

Yea that stuff about freeing jews is just type of thing I sick of people taking more credit than due.It was the red army russia that freed the jews and were first into Berlin. After years fighting on all fronts sea air europe africa. Britain held on.Have you seen our size of land amazing shows what air and sea power can achieve.Then america came in and helped us win the war but really should thank us for holding on that long. This makes me think of movie that can out were americans pow escape from German prison but in actual history it was the British that escaped while americans did not risk it at all. Sorry not gaming related or top gear but think wearelegion was forced to defend this country but please never use freed the jews again