PS4 and Xbox One Collectors Edition Games Guide

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One release is just on the horizon. If you happen to be interested in one of the few collectors edition titles being offered then this guide will be quite useful. What all do these collectors editions include and are they worth the extra cash?

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TechMech21618d ago

I kind of wish Xbox one launched in 2014 with Halo 5 as a launch title

GameBlinx1618d ago

The only problem is that it would give the PS4 a huge lead.

Frogman1618d ago

Not very interested in buying a collectors edition for the first set of games at launch. They can only get better from here.

GusHasGas1618d ago

Already pre-ordered the AC4, Watch Dogs, and inFAMOUS Collectors Editions. Hopefully, Destiny and Titanfall CE's are made - I'd love to add statues of a Titan and a Fallen to my collection.