PS3 outsells Xbox 360 for the first time in almost three years

Examiner: "According to NPD, Nintendo's 3DS has long been the best selling piece of hardware, but right behind that the Xbox 360 has been leading the console race for 32 straight months. Until now. Gametrailers' Geoff Keighley is reporting today that the PS3 outsold the Xbox 360 in September."


The NPD Group only reports US sales.

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Abash1405d ago (Edited 1405d ago )

Well Microsoft should start getting use to this when the PS4 is outselling the Xbox One, since it has so many pre-orders. Sony really deserves the success so Im glad to see them as the top selling console maker again in the US. This is just the beginning

darthv721404d ago (Edited 1404d ago )

Wasnt this to be expected? It took longer than sony hoped but...we all knew it would happen.

Even super nintendo eventually outsold the genesis. Does that make the genesis any less respected as a console?

edit @hakeem. that is an 'interesting' perspective. Meaning those (in the US) that already have a 360 are now buying into the PS3 because of its sizable library in comparison to if they waited a month to get a PS4.

I dont think they are waiting to get an XB1 but you never know. Getting a PS3 now or in the near future is a smart move with all the still to come great games as well as back catalog of titles.

hakeem09961404d ago

The new Consoles are a month away I think it's a bad sign that a lot of people are buying PS3's .That's just mean that they won't be getting a Next gen console anytime soon .Someone could say that the low numbers for Xbox means that people are waiting for the XboxOne to come out and the high numbers of Playstation 3 sale is indicative that a lot of People are sticking with the PS3 for now instead of buying the PS4 .

B-radical1404d ago (Edited 1404d ago )

Microsoft still have done very well considering the 360 is only there 2nd console

.......I lift

Omegasyde1404d ago


If MS doesn't hit their sales goals, then that means a price drop. Same goes for Sony.

That's a win/win for gamers. I will more than likely pick up a Xbox1 a year or two from now if they keep their word on policies and if the price hits the 299$ point.

b163o11404d ago

Look I know the RRoD is wayyy behind us, but how many people had to go out a buy new 360's cause of that fiasco? Does anyone ever factor on those numbers. Just saying...

UltimateMaster1404d ago

Well, the PS3 has been outselling the Xbox 360 Globally for many years.
But this chart is for the US only.

mikeslemonade1404d ago

Yep.. Eat crow. Jokes and Bloodmask and Markxboxkings. Haha!

SITH1404d ago

How long has the 36o outsold the ps3? Have the ps3 do it for the same length of time then I will start clapping my hands. Playing catch up is all.

zero_gamer1404d ago

"Microsoft still have done very well considering the 360 is only there 2nd console

.......I lift "

Impressive, however Nintendo and Sony were more successful with their first two generations than MS. MS has yet to win top spot the whole decade they've been in console gaming business.

Allsystemgamer1404d ago


guess u been clapping your hands for years as the ps3 has been outselling the 360 GLOBALLY for years now.

This chart is US ONLY.

Way to look like an idiot.

miyamoto1404d ago (Edited 1404d ago )

Also in 1994 PlayStation completely destroyed something evil-the Nintendo video game industry monopoly and saved gamers and developers from Nintendo.

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3-4-51404d ago

PS3 still has good RPG's being released....hence the increased sales.

black0o1404d ago

dude this US not jp or M.E

indysurfn1404d ago

3-4-5@ Your right, and it does not have to be Japan or M.E. to have people that love RPGs Plus there are a LOT of people from other countries that live in the US. Plus there are people that will get a console JUST for RPG's. In Japan RPG's used to take up 30% of sales. Now it is close to 50% of sales. So it is not Japan but it does not have to be.

I didn't like PS3 of xbox360 but was FORCED to buy a PS3 for RPG's because after the first two years RPG's slowed down on the360 and speed up on the PS3.
Ps I will not have that problem this time. Because I'm not selling out to Microsoft which tried to take my ownership rights away and PLANS publicly to wait until the time is right to do it.

Mystogan1404d ago

After 3 years xD

and btw. This is Microsoft's second console. And they managed to more than hold their own against two veterans.

Xbox FTW;!

Bathyj1404d ago

I dont know why people use that caveat about Xbox.

"It was only their 1st console, it was only their 2nd console."

What did PSOne do against established industry veterans on their 1st go?

They dominated them and changed the industry forever making gaming cool and not just the domain of kids and nerds. There wouldnt even be an Xbox if MS hadnt seen what Sony had done before them.

Not knocking their success. Just saying you dont have to make that excuse of being the new kid.

buynit1404d ago


You are knocking their success.. The ps2 completely dominated last gen and that's no longer the case on ms's second console its not so much as an excuse as it is a fact.

You sound a little butt hurt, their probably wouldn't be a playstation if it wasn't for nintendo or sega so what was your point with that Comment?

rainslacker1404d ago

Yeah, after 13 years, and being one of the biggest corporations in the world, you really don't get to play the underdog card. MS had a lot going for it with the original Xbox, and it was actually a very good system for it's time, but PS was dominant. MS got out early on the 360, and Sony made a lot of mistakes at the start of this gen which MS capitalized on, and that's how they went against two industry of which was practically an afterthought because of Sony's dominance after 2 gens.

MS did good this gen. I give them props. They made some mistakes, but pushed the system to be better and delivered some fine content. They've been somewhat lackluster lately, but I will give them props for a gen well played.

fsfsxii1404d ago

Except that MS didn't do anything good for the industry like Sony did with the PSone

SilentNegotiator1404d ago


"It was only Microsoft's third console!"

nypifisel1404d ago

PS3 have always sold the most in the rest of the world. And yeah like everyone else said, what about PS2? 150 million.

indysurfn1404d ago (Edited 1404d ago )

@Bathyj You beat me to it! To back you up, yeah PS1 was Sony's first machine and PS2 was the second. And they BOTH came in FIRST place.

Also When Atari came out it dominated. When Nintendo came out, it dominated. When Sega came out (first 3 years) it didn't just lead it dominated. When Sony came out it dominated. When Microsoft came out it, it did not dominate, but it did....come out. Microsoft has not done what others did in their first attempt!

kenshiro1001404d ago

Call me back when they manage to reach the numbers of the PS2.

You're just bitter. It's okay.

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dale_denton1404d ago

yeah, and whens the last time 360 outsold ps3 worldwide as well? never!

xDHAV0K24x1404d ago

U live in AMERICA. The F u care about worldwide?

paul-p19881404d ago

@xDHAV0K24x because some people like to look at the big picture.

America does not = World....

dale_denton1403d ago

Why do i care? Because you have a halo avatar. Thats why. Also, your grammar and spelling is horrible.

Anon19741404d ago

Has anyone sent Aaron Greenberg a card or flowers or something? This was seriously the only thing he's had to beat his chest about in his PR releases for years, and he never let up. Every month you'd see his release "Wooooo! Xbox, U.S.A.! 30 consecutive months! Wooooooo!"

Now what's he gonna do? You cruel bastards took away the only thing the man cared about! Is there even going to be an NPD response from Microsoft going forward?

Dan_scruggs1404d ago

So Sony and Microsoft are still fighting for second place huh?

Anon19741404d ago (Edited 1404d ago )

Not really. The PS3 has been outselling the 360 worldwide since the start and overtook the 360 earlier this year in worldwide sales according to reports. 360 sales, according to Microsoft, have fallen off sharply year over year and continue to do so, so there's not much chance of them finishing anywhere but 3rd place worldwide.

The PS3 on the other hand saw only a nominal slowdown the past year and just recently released a PS3 unit breaking below the magic, $199 mark which will no doubt spur sales. They sit somewhere around 82 million PS3's currently compared to the Wii's 100 million sales, and it's no secret that Wii sales have almost stopped dead compared to even the year before.

With the PS3 finally below $199 and with Sony committed to supporting the console until 2015 and possibly beyond, even as PS3 sales slow we could still see them break 100 million, and with Wii sales at a virtual standstill, this gen could possibly go to the PS3 in terms of outright, unit sales. The PS3 is certainly the underdog in that race (quite amazing when you consider the historical price difference between the PS3 and the Wii, or the PS3 and Xbox 360 for that matter) but it's not inconceivable. The forecasts are calling for 10 million PS3's sold for fiscal '13 putting the PS3 at around 90 million by March.

So really, it's more like Nintendo and Sony fighting for first place this gen. It could be close when the dust finally settles.