No micro-transactions for Guild Wars

NCsoft has told Eurogamer that it has no plans to force its freshly-invented NCcoin system into MMOs with an incompatible business model, like Guild Wars.

NCcoins are paid for with real money and let you buy special items and equipment. Currently they're only available in MMO Exteel, but the publisher is looking to include it in as many other games as possible.

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DarkLegion3893d ago

i have heard about that on the E3 event a couple of years ago but i have seen it on another site its called they have it there and its up and running but i havent tried it yet im going to next month but if thats any help with the update on this comment i'de be much of any help so yeah but other than that they should be trying to put it in for the time being so yeah ive heard of them announcing it on guild wars updated news but wasnt sure exactly so i ignored it thought it would be interesting though so yeah!