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Thursday Throwdown: Would a Driveclub Delay be a Huge Blow to PS4 Launch Lineup?

"Another Thursday, another Throwdown where the Stealthy Box staff ponder a topic concerning the goings-on within the games industry and offer their individual takes on the situation. This week brings a high-stress topic for those picking up a PS4 on launch day: What would a rumored delay of Sony’s racing title Driveclub mean for the launch lineup?" (Driveclub, PS4)

BoriboyShoGUN  +   655d ago
I think it would seriously hurt. I've been wanting to get my hands on Drive Club just as much as BF4 and Killzone. It was just that game I needed for a change, when I didn't want to be online shooting people.
M-M  +   655d ago
Sure, but I still wouldn't be concerned. That's the problem with the entrance into next generation, people are more worried about launch lineups than what lies ahead. 2014 is going to have some great announced and unannounced games, and 2015 is going to be even more amazing.
Viking_Socrates  +   655d ago
Have they actually confirmed that Drive Club isn't going to be a launch title?
Steven21  +   655d ago
Yes. Its supposed to be released with PS+. It would be a huge blow if it was delayed. I believe its a first party game so a delay seems rather unlikely. sony will definitely get this out. There is no way it gets delayed.
Destrania  +   655d ago
No, it has not been confirmed if Driveclub was pushed back. Still waiting to hear from Sony and Evolution on the matter.
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123pol  +   655d ago
still not comfirmed.. if i was sony i would release a driveclub beta or a demo that was playable at launch IF and i say IF the game is delayed.
mushroomwig  +   655d ago
'still not confirmed'

Exactly, these articles are such a waste of time.
Destrania  +   655d ago
A beta actually might not be a bad idea IF it is delayed.
carlingtat  +   654d ago
It has been confirmed by Sony that it will be delayed
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jukins  +   655d ago
I don't think its a blow at all. It may be a PS exclusive but it was never a system seller. I think the thing that got a lot of ppl interested was when it was announced it would have a PS+ version.
dcj0524  +   654d ago
I've been itching for a semi realstic arcade racer. Not Gran Turismo realstic but not super arcadey like need for speed. Add that with tge cum-inducing graphics and you got a good game
TechMech2  +   655d ago
I think it would. Xbox one would suddenly have a better launch lineup, and turn the tide a little bit toward Xbox one for some gamers. I think regardless Xbox one will sell great in America, considering how popular xbox is here.
Belking  +   655d ago
xbox already has a better lineup with drive clb not being delayed. This would definitely hurt sony if its true. People better hope its just the game and not the hardware itself. Sony has been awfully quiet lately.
patsrule316  +   655d ago
Of course it would be a blow. It was THE promised free game with PS+ at launch. If they are empty handed for PS+ at launch, combined with the delay of Watch Dogs, some customers are either going to hold off or get an XB1.

Personally I was going to get a PS4 with Watch Dogs as my launch title, then hang on to Drive club as PS+ and get a few indies. My next major release purchase would be Infamous. It would be hard to justify buying a PS4 in November only getting Contrast and Octodad (and Resogun IF they decide to make that PS+ in North America, no chance I pay for it) and the Free to Play launch games before February. I may give in and get Killzone or AC4, but those were not in my plans a week ago at this time.
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WeAreLegion  +   655d ago
Unfortunately, yes. Then again, I think Sony learned that compromising quality is simply not an option. They're obviously ahead. So, as much as it hurts me to say...this is probably for the best.

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