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A Sneak Peak of How to Swap in an HDD on the PS4

Angie Santiago of SpawnFirst reports: "German tech site Computer Bild has gotten their hands on a PlayStation 4 console and show us all how to open it up to swap out the HDD via a few pictures. It seems like a simple enough process and there is also a fancy, customized PlayStation screw that has the Square, X, Circle, and Triangle symbols we all know and love. The HDD is under the piano black plastic and it seemingly pops right off to allow users access to the internal workings of the PS4." (PlayStation, PS4)

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MultiConsoleGamer  +   267d ago
This is one of the best features of the PS4.
minimur12  +   267d ago
I've got a 1tb hdd on standby right next to me to switch out. I plan on installing every game on the HDD, plus whatever digital games I buy - along with later in the ps4's lifecycle when PS Plus picks up even more.

But I must say, that is the most ingenious way of 'hiding' the HDD, and that screw is awesome xD

It does look like it would void the warranty however, it seems like it gives you access to alot more that what you'd want if you were to just swap it out. What do you think?
Stsonic  +   267d ago
Do you manually install games to the hard drive on PS4?
Steven21  +   267d ago
It would not void the warranty. Sony allows it on ps3 and they have said it would not as well. I believe I saw a tweet about it a few months back.
PeaSFor  +   267d ago
getting a sshd(hybrid) into my ps4.
KwietStorm  +   267d ago
It doesn't void anything since that's the only way to access the drive, which Sony even suggests you do. Changing anything else, well that's at your own discretion.
Narutone66  +   267d ago
Have you guys seen the screws used? Nice design touch.
LOL_WUT  +   267d ago
Good to see Sony offering an internal HDD with ENOUGH space. ;)
harrisk954  +   267d ago
Swapping out the HDD DOES NOT void the warranty. Where do people come up with this stuff?
0ut1awed  +   267d ago
@minmur 12

This will more than likely NOT fit 3.5" desktop HDDs (which seems to be what you are talking about).

Now I'm not trolling, so please read ahead before you go into fanboy mode and immediately disagree with me. It actually has some serious pros because of this.

If it's like the PS3 then it will only take a laptop sized 2.5" hdd. This makes total sense too because if they allowed a standard 3.5" drive it would take up considerably more physical space in the console, therefore making the console much bigger.

One of the images looks to confirm my theory too. Check out how tall the drive is in comparison to his thumb. It's defiantly not a full size 3.5" desktop drive.


The good thing here is all SSDs are 2.5" sized therefore you can pop a SSD in there and have blazing fast performance.

@ harrisk954

Because it doesn't void the warranty? What else do you want to hear?

You're not hacking open the PS4 (or the PS3 for that matter) and installing aftermarket modded parts.

The console is designed around allowing the user swap out a HDD. You pull off a cover, remove a screw, slide the drive bay out and install the new drive and slide the bay back in.

Why it might not be as straight forward as the 360 drive swap, it's still a function designed for the user to do at ease.
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solid_snake3656  +   267d ago
Now we just need to know what kind of an HDD it uses. Hopefully its the kind used for the ps3, Cuz I have a 1tb sitting around.
0ut1awed  +   267d ago

Really? I don't want to be rude but the answer to that is in full detail directly above your comment.
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abzdine  +   267d ago
HDD voids the warranty? :) nice one!
XB1_PS4  +   267d ago
Wooow, I reeeaaallly like this.
solid_snake3656  +   267d ago
I have a question, the site mentions that it requires a 2.5" "HGST" 5400 rpm. I have my 1tb from my ps3, will that work as well?
minimur12  +   267d ago
What i meant by my commentwas, on the super slim/pphat when switching the hdd all you can see is the HDD space. However on this it shows circuitboardry and it seems you could actually access more of the consple if you unscrew some stuff.

I may be wrong but hey, also regarding the size of the hard drive size, im positivethat it is 2.5 being as 3.5 is bigger and thicker than you think, and judgong by the size of the console, its definitely 2.5.
Mystogan  +   267d ago
That is pretty handy. I'm gonna have to buy a 2TB external one for my X1
black0o  +   267d ago
brick! and ex-hard_drive! ..

the fact that xbone is bigger in size it amaze me, man those engineers took the easy way in designing the box
nunley33  +   267d ago
You may be able to movies from that on x1, too you can't change the hdd in it like ps4.
MasterCornholio  +   267d ago
What if your internal hardrive breaks after the warranty expires?

Nexus 7 2013
nunley33  +   267d ago
@master its like sending in an out of warranty ps3 now,they'll fix it but it'll cost you a flat $150
MasterCornholio  +   267d ago


And I only paid 60$ for my 1TB in my PS3........ And its a bloody good drive since it barely makes any noise.

P.S If the HDD breaks in my PS4 I'll just replace it with my 1TB HDD that's in my PS3.

Nexus 7 2013
humbleopinion  +   267d ago
But they cost around the same, when you buy the external 2TB drive on the X1 it means you don't have to throw away the 500GB internal hard drive.
harrisk954  +   267d ago
The One Box is the 3, minimum box: External HDD, Power Brick, Cable box.
harrisk954  +   267d ago

"its like sending in an out of warranty ps3 now,they'll fix it but it'll cost you a flat $150"

Ummm.... has MS announced that? Who knows what MS's customer service plans are if that issue arises. The $150 fix for Sony is for pretty much anything that breaks -- it has nothing to do with the PS3 HDD. For MS to charge $150 (if that is what it ends up being) to replace broken HDD would be almost gouging.
Mystogan  +   267d ago

At least we're not hearing X1 having overheating issues and freezing.
boneso82  +   267d ago
It won't work, external drives are not supported on X1, and you can't change the internal. Sorry I have to lol
Muerte2494  +   267d ago
Now if only this site will give us an actual walkthrough of the PS4's UI.
Tsar4ever  +   267d ago
This is one of the best features of the PS3 also. DUH!
warczar  +   267d ago
Man, I was hoping I could buy an oversized, overpriced piece of proprietary shit.

Oh wait, I must of been having a flashback to when I tried to upgrade my 360's hard drive.
Animal Mutha 76  +   267d ago
Was that necessary?
warczar  +   267d ago
I saw an opportunity and I took it. I didn't mean to offend anyone, except maybe Microsoft executives.
Animal Mutha 76  +   267d ago
Yeah I like that they give you the option and the method of entry looks quite funky as well.

I guess over time owners will be able to stick in massive drives.

Do we know the file system support for this console yet? PS3 was fat32 I think and had limitations for file size and external drive partitions. I liked putting video onto my PS3 but didn't like the 4.3gb restriction.

One feature that I wish xbox had kept. Not sure why they would want to remove a handy feature like that. Now I know that an external USB 3 drive could in some cases be faster than an internal but I prefer to have the choice. 500gb just won't cut it for very long ms and cloud isn't a realistic large storage medium.
SpitFireAce85  +   267d ago
Whats a good 2TB HDD to swap i would like to get
one but just unsure which one.54000rpm 7200Rpm ?
Jazz4108  +   267d ago
they both will be fine. XBOX Is requiring all games are installed so I am sure they have a very easy alternative for more storage and I expect the cloud to also alleviate storage on the internal drive. I sure do like that sony has left it up to the user. I do however think that its not fat32 so the old drives most likley will not work anymore.
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FamilyGuy  +   267d ago
you format the drive the second you put a new one in so it wouldn't matter whether it's Fat32 or any other format.
karamsoul  +   267d ago
I agree. 3TB drive HERE I COME!
coolasj  +   267d ago
It won't fit. The platters stack it's too thick. 2.5" only too. Laptop HDDs.
karamsoul  +   267d ago
watch what happens in one more year. 3TB-2.5-inch-laptop-HDD-that-f its-in-a-PS4 HERE WE COME!!!
nunley33  +   267d ago
There are some 2.5 hdds that won't fit either so gotta check the dimensions and if online,look at the comments.
iamnsuperman  +   267d ago
It looks a lot easier and more convenient than it was on the PS3 (which was still easy anyway). I really do like this feature. Also that screw head. Weirdly cute.
rainslacker  +   267d ago
Don't damage that screw. One day when Sony wants to cut costs they'll go to a generic screw and this screw will become a collectors item.:)

I agree though, it's a nice touch, kinda like Sony saying, "hi, yes you can do what you want with me".
prodg52  +   267d ago
Yeah the "blue screw of death". It was easy to strip in the PS3. If anyone is attempting it, I suggest using needle nose pliers from the start.
richierich  +   267d ago
I hope that they aren't using them screws that they used in the PS3 the heads of those were too easily damaged.
Deagle  +   267d ago
Yeah, that damn blue screw was a pain in the ass too take out too.
NaAsAr  +   267d ago
trying to get a better look at the pcb configuration. ;)
Saithraphim  +   267d ago
Love the details on the screw head! Im going to find the biggest SSD i possibly can afford and drop it in asap
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cell989  +   267d ago
im going with a TB day one, my only concern is if I should go with a 7200rpm
KillrateOmega  +   267d ago
What are the PS4's default HDD specs? I know that it is a 500GB HDD, but what is its rpm?

I want to know, so that I can try and get an all-around better replacement.

Also, does anyone know if the PS4 is compatible with a SSD? I believe it is, but I'm not sure.
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KwietStorm  +   267d ago
Go with a SSHD. Best of both worlds. The rpm won't even be a concern.
Truehellfire  +   267d ago
Got with the 7200rpm or one of the hybrid drives. A 5400rpm will increase loading times too much. I do remember hearing that the stock PS4 HDD is 7200rpm also.
mistertwoturbo  +   267d ago
Looking to throw in an SSD once some people test it out.

It made a significant difference for GT5 and GTAV for me on the PS3.

Hopefully the PS4 is coded to utilize the R/W speeds of an SSD better.
cell989  +   267d ago
I keep hearing hybrid drives are useless, ugh decisions decisions, and I don't want to wait till people start testing out what's the best HDD option. I want to start downloading day one and installing games. Guess I'll have to re-download and install everything again if I choose to wait for test runs
phallusitator  +   267d ago
I want to get a bigger HD too but I'm going to wait to see what the best option will be. I heard the faster HD speeds were wasted on the PS3 (7200, 10K). I don't think it'll be a problem with the PS4 the way they've optimized the rest of the machine.
I wish Sony would officially announce the compatible HD specs (SATA version) so I could have one waiting.
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crs353  +   267d ago
Thats my issue too. Finding a good reliable 1tb 7200 rpm. I have ssd's and idk if im ready for that switch in a playstation, and the hybrid drives are garbage their slow in my experience and people with in my work group say the same thing.
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rainslacker  +   267d ago
Really wish 1TB SSD Drives didn't cost more than the PS4 itself. Maybe next year they'll come down.:)
M-M  +   267d ago
That's an interesting place to keep the HDD lol, I thought it would be on the bottom like the PS3.

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USMC43  +   267d ago
I assume you must switch the HDD before powering on the system for the first time, no?
GribbleGrunger  +   267d ago
I think so.
isarai  +   267d ago
Well that would make the process easier but you don't HAVE to, just backup your data, swap the HDD, then restore the data back onto the new HDD
NoMercyOnlyRage  +   267d ago
kind of disappointed they do not have 3.5 hdd bay

i have all these old 3.5 hdd that i piled up over the years "just in case" something went wrong with the newer ones

i can always buy external enclosures , speaking of which .. do we know if we are allowed to save our footage to external storage by default?
cell989  +   267d ago
The thing about technology is that what is useful today in a year it's obsolete :( I had a bunch of first gen flash cards with 32mbs of storage, useless by today's standards
JunkieJedi  +   267d ago
So, with the top of the console 'popping off' to replace the HDD - who's betting they start selling different colours/designs to replace the stock piano black plates with? Maybe even including some with 'limited edition' games - much like the 360 did? There's money to be made and the more customisation options the better!
rainslacker  +   267d ago
I hope so. Plus I can paint these myself without having to tear apart the whole system.:)
KwietStorm  +   267d ago
THANK GOD. My TB SSHD is doing the happy dance.
superterabyte  +   267d ago
That's a 3.5" drive. I don't think the PS4 will support these drives just like the PS3 didn't.
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ninjamonkey1982  +   267d ago
:( Ah well i will still be getting a big HD :D
ShwankyShpanky  +   267d ago
Meh... you could do it janky-style with a cable running out of the PS4 to the drive. I recall there being some little kit to do it with the PS3.
patsrule316  +   267d ago
Would the Seagate 1 TB SSHD 2.5 inch drive work? ST1000LM014

crs353  +   267d ago
Thats only 5400 rpm.
dontbhatin  +   267d ago
Its a solid state hard drive hybrid. it will work faster than 5400 rpm. thats just the HDD part of the drive.
crs353  +   267d ago
I dont see how 8gb ssd storage is going to make everything faster than a normal 5400 rpm drive. 8 gb is nothing it would be filled up from 1 game. maybe im miss understanding how these things work. lol someone feel free to inform me.
hobohunterz  +   267d ago
The 8gb of solid state is used to hold the files that are being used most frequently at a time so it really does make a noticeable difference. There is a video on YouTube of one in a ps3 that halves the loading time of dragon age 2. http://youtu.be/Jb-OMi6RWpY
WarThunder  +   267d ago
Yea it works!
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MAULxx  +   267d ago
Yeah, I'm trying to decide on a HDD for PS4.
Are SSHDs really worth $40 more than traditional HDDs?
I mean if you want performance wouldn't you go with a smaller compacity SSD?
IDK how much SSHDs will improve PS4 game performance.
Wouldn't a 7200rpm traditional HDD perform on par with SSHDs?
How much would a SSD improve performance over a traditional 7200rpm HDD & would it just be for load times?
itisallaboutps  +   267d ago
it goes like this

HHD<Hybrid Drive<SSD

type this into youtube "ps3 ssd vs hdd rage"

it shows all three of the drivers at work SSD being the best one just super expensive.
ShwankyShpanky  +   267d ago
Now take apart the rest of the case!
KontryBoy706  +   267d ago
nice ;) I'm glad this feature remains in Sony's next console.
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nosferatuzodd  +   267d ago
wow that screw is nice
Akuma2K  +   267d ago
Yea, i'm looking for hdd to upgrade my PS4 on launch day as well.
meatysausage  +   267d ago
Can anyone help me by telling me what exact hardrive i am looking for if i want to replace it for a bigger one?

Im worried ill get the wrong thing
warczar  +   267d ago
I'm not exactly sure what the PS4 has in it but the PS3 used a 2.5" SATA laptop HDD. It's been awhile since I replaced mine but I don't remember there being too many 2.5" laptop HDD's to choose from. I'm assuming that the PS4 has the same size HDD as PS3.

You should wait as long as you can to buy a new hard drive, not only will they come down in price but it's not that hard to transfer one HDD to another at least it wasn't that hard with a PS3.
meatysausage  +   267d ago
Cheers, yeah Im looking to put in a 1TB regardless.
Do you know if you can install the full game content on the HDD so you dont need the discs to play?
erick21093  +   267d ago
WOW did you guys see the unboxing video the site made of the dev ps4 console they got ?

That Piano finish and DS4 controller looked GORGEOUS!!! xO


Matt666  +   267d ago
Will it delete the data when swapping HDD from one ps4 to another like it did on the ps3 or have they got around that
majedx9  +   267d ago
What is the best 2.5 2TB HDD in the market to punches?
NobleRed  +   267d ago
Most people here should inform their selves before posting bullshit about sshd drives.

I read on computerbild that the ps4 has a boot time of 21 seconds.

So if you use a sshd or an ssd the data from the os is on the flash part of the sshd.

This means if you use a sshd drive the console boot times are shorter and if you often play the same game the loading times are shorter too even if the game is 50gb huge.

I have already bought a Toshiba SSHD Drive because the standard drive of the ps4 is crap.
problemchild84  +   267d ago
Man even the screws on the PS4 are awesome!
Lulz_Boat  +   267d ago
kingPoS  +   267d ago
Anyone notice that the hdd is right on top of the bluray drive. I wonder what is on the flip side?

Custom panels for everyone!!! (I'd go for a midnight metallic silver)

edit: I do hope that the PS4's hard drive controller is sata III capable.
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OmegaShen  +   267d ago
4tb or 5tb is what I need for PS4, heck I need 4tb for PS3 right now.
kingPoS  +   266d ago
1.5tb is currently the highest capacity that can fit in the PS4's 12.5mm HDD inclosure. Anything larger would cost more than what's reasonable.
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OmegaShen  +   266d ago
So, I have plans to just buying a bigger hard drive for it.
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