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Tonight: Exclusive Killzone Shadow Fall Footage

In anticipation for tonight's game trailers blowout of the killzone shadow fall campaign, here is a sneak peak into the new footage! (Guerilla Games, Killzone: Shadow Fall, PS4)

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Xsilver  +   585d ago
Can't Wait.
starchild  +   585d ago
Yeah, it looks awesome. I can't wait to see more either.
pyramidshead  +   585d ago
true next gen awaits, I can't either >_<
Wizziokid  +   585d ago
Damn this game looks amazing, bring it on!
Walker  +   585d ago
Wow looks insane
Majin-vegeta  +   585d ago
Foshizzle my nizzle can't wait,
DoomeDx  +   585d ago
It starts in five hours, correct?
Majin-vegeta  +   585d ago
It's current;y 2:43 P.M. PST time and it starts at 1 A.M.PST
DoomeDx  +   585d ago
Good lord! Ill watch it tomorrow then haha

Emilio_Estevez  +   585d ago
It's on 1am EST, not PST, that would be 4am PST.

Still don't understand why a new show starts at such a ridiculous time though.


I must need more coffee...

It's on 1am est here (I checked) which would be 10pm pst of course, but I don't think it's actually on TV at 10pm pst. So by the time 1am (or maybe 12?) pst rolls around it will have already played a couple of hours ago on the east coast.

Check your local listings, you can probably catch something about it online before you can watch it in the pst.
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KwietStorm  +   585d ago
No, it doesn't come on that late.
Majin-vegeta  +   585d ago
I have no idea how that got past me sorry guys >_<.
Emilio_Estevez  +   585d ago
Check my edit, Kwiet is right if he was replying to me.
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tigertron  +   585d ago
UK time?
boneso82  +   585d ago
I was going to ask myself but I thought why bother, it's tomorrow morning so ill just watch a replay in work
Dlacy13g  +   585d ago
UK time should be 5hrs ahead of EST...so if its 1am EST, its 6am in the UK.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   585d ago
I should have bought the bundle.
brometheos  +   585d ago
Looks really promising, definitely going to be my first game on PS4
king_george  +   585d ago
Anyone know when it airs in new york? Too lazy to google it lol. Gotta say, this is simply BEAUTIFUL :) love the art style and amount of detail. Hope the story is really good too

Edit: nevermind my first two sentences lol
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BABY-JEDI  +   585d ago
Aaa argh it's 12.13am. I clicked this for some Killzone magic after playing KZ2, just, just to realise I cannot stay up till 1am.
: (
That's my sad story for today thanks.
Bathyj  +   585d ago
Extra excited for this now that Watchdogs is delayed and I dont know what else to get at launch. I could get AC I suppose but Im not that interested and thats what Ubisoft want me to do so screw them.
Dlacy13g  +   585d ago
Killzone was already shapping up to have really good numbers for the launch. Now with Watchdogs delayed I think Killzone should expect to see a bump in sales for launch.
king_george  +   585d ago
Oh wow Dlacy13g ur right i didnt even think of that. Thats awesome for Guerilla games :) it'd be cool if it got or was atleast nominated for shooter of the year at the vga's too
christrules0041  +   585d ago
Since Sony owns Guerilla games doesn't Sony get the money snd they pay the devs. They might get a bonus if they hit xxx amount of copies sold.

Also before sony said they are expecting to loose $60 for each PS4 sold but if makes up with 1 game sold.
Campy da Camper  +   585d ago
I feel the same but then I remember that it has whales. WHALES.
Bathyj  +   585d ago
Well the naval parts were the only thing I enjoyed about AC3 so maybe it will turn out alright. Im just burnt out on that series and pissed off that they delayed WD over AC4.
QuantumWake  +   585d ago
Excited to see some new footage of Shadow Fall! Probably one of the best looking launch titles at the moment. It's a shame they have to show it so late at night though. I'll probably catch all the footage when I wake up in the morning.
JackISbacK  +   585d ago
truly i think you are exited only for its graphics ,believe me it is having very boring gameplay ,i will prefer to order other 3rd party shooters and infamous ss,if you order it you will feel that what i said ,dont close your eyes ,look the gameplay its very simple and unintrresting like evry other fps in market ,it will be good to exited about cod,bf4and tittanfall,destiny also ,which games looked much better.cod ghost is having better gameplay then kz shadowfall ,tittanfall loks like god and plays asswell.
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QuantumWake  +   584d ago
I'd be lying to you if I said I didn't want this for it's graphics. It's true. But this being a launch title, I really want to start experiencing some next-gen looking games. Time to move away from these current-gen looking games and finally start playing games that will take advantage of my HDTV.

I've played Killzone 2 and 3 (haven't played the first one yet) and it's not bad really. The gameplay is generic but I gave it a chance and ended up liking both games. Shadow Fall will most likely have the same problems with being somewhat generic and bland, but as with KZ 2 & 3, I'll give it a chance.
JackISbacK  +   584d ago
you are also having point if you realy like the series ,then you can go with it at least it will not get you boared for some time because dc have also delayed and their is shortage of big titles to sony ,may be you can bring some fun out of it ,yeah it have some true next gen graphics for that you can be exited.happy gaming!
isarai  +   585d ago
Hopefully it's the latest build cause this build looked fantastic compared to the older builds but was captured off screen with cam

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n4rc  +   585d ago
Eek... Just watching now...

Seems like frame rate drops quite often.. At first I thought it was a slo mo effect while ads.. But did it again while just walking...

The multiplayer footage looks to run way better tho
speed389  +   585d ago
post a link. I cant find it :/ ... I feel dumb right now lol
kidhero99  +   585d ago
Happened while Geoff was babbling
n4rc  +   585d ago
Its on my DVR.. Was on spike at 1am est here in Canada at least
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speed389  +   585d ago
n4rc  +   584d ago
Love how I get a disagree simply for saying what time it was on..lol
JackISbacK  +   585d ago
when i played the game i was not empreseed ,it feels like every other game in market with new amazing graphics ,i think gorrila needs more than amzing graphics but waiting war infamous ss and order ,waiting for xbox one games too.
KHATL66  +   584d ago
The graphics look amazing. Maybe this will hold me until it's released.

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